Friday, October 30, 2009

Kim Ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan's departure schedule

Hot off my phone!

Don't know how true but here's the latest update on their deparure schedule

Kang Ji Hwan- Phuket
MI754, 1320, T2

Kim Ha Neul- Incheon
SQ602, 2350, T3

Apparently Kang Ji Hwan will leave hotel around 11.30am.

Ok...hope everyone gets to see them before they leave. Good uck!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kang Ji Hwan & Kim Ha Neul- brief look

Just got back from the press conference and super tired now, so will upload these 3 photos first as I'm sure many are waiting to see their photos.

Poor Kim Ha Neul has sty, an eye condition. I heard about that she went to Mt Elizbeth hospital yesterday after touch down to have a clook at it. Her condition hasn't really improved from yesterday, so she's still wearing her big sunglassses. Poor girl. Kang Ji Hwan was fine. Clothes worn were way better than last night's. Guess he was trying to be matching with Kim Ha Neul but somehow his didn't quite come off well. Sorry fans of his.

Anyway, will write more about it later.

In the meantime, enjoy. I'm sure more media will be out soon with their pictures and video clips.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lee Min Ho Press Conference- of moisturiser and mascara

What a weekend it has been for Lee Min Ho's fans. First the anticipation, then the disappointment. But you can't deny there were lots of excitment from his whirlwind 24 hours trip.

I decided to give the airport a miss and headed for the press conference at Raffles Hotel directly. Seeing the crowd there from the various clips, I'm glad I did not go to the airport, or I would have ended seeing his fans instead of him ^^. I heard from L that one of the railings fell. Thankfully, no one was hurt. There was already a group of fans at the hotel when I reached there at 2pm.

Hey! They actually got food and drinks for the media which was great as I was really, really hungry.

All set up....

Finally, the 'Flower Boy' appeared.

By now, most of his fans would have known what were the questions asked during the press conference...

His impression of Singapore? The trees and the greenery gives him a resort feel (does that mean he wants to come back here for a holiday? hehe!)
Would he still choose to be Gu Jun Pyo? Yes, because he wouldn't be where he is today if he didn't take on that role. (but I really hated the curly hair)
Which flower would represent his character? Red rose- as it represents youth and passion (Passion yes, youth? Red rose represent youth meh? hmm....)
Loss and gain of his popularity? His loss of freedom and busy schedule...but gaining lots of fans everywhere. ( can't have fans everywhere and still be the same as before)
How does he feel about representing Etude House, which is cosmetics for women? He has gain more knowledge about cosmetics and does not think it is strange for men to use it now. In fact he uses bb cream (fans, take note...)
Is his friends surprised about his sudden fame? No, not he has known them for a long time...but they do look at him strangely sometimes. (maybe they were looking at the bb cream. hahaha!)
How to win a girl's heart if he has no money? Sincerity, honesty and being nice to the girl would be enough. (but having the money to buy presents helps too. Though I'm sure there would be lots of girls who would love to be his girlfriend, even if he's not rich. They would probably buy presents for him instead. hehe!)
His secret to looking good? Excercising, drinking lots of water, resting....and playing golf. (he got time to rest meh? He has been getting CFs non-stop since the drama ended)
The most romantic thing he did? Lining up the pathway in church with 200 candles and putting a ring on his girlfriend in celebration of 100 days (hmm..what would he have done if it was 100 months?)
If he was as rich as Gu Jun Pyo...? He would use the money to help those who are in financial difficulties and sick. (this was really nice of him)
His good and bad points? His smile (obviously) and the fact that he can't think of his bad point...that's bad (now this answer may seemed rather arrogant, but he was really, truely stumped for an answer. I don't think he has been asked such a question before)
What Etude House products would he recommend to his girlfriend? Moisturising cream and mascara..because natural is beauty. though he is ok with some make-up (why mascara? Hmm...does that mean he likes looking at eyes?)
Which product best describe him? Moisturising cream.

Here's a clip of the interview. It's the question about what products to recommend his girlfriend. Watch it here

Throughout the whole interview, he answered questions sincerely, without any hesitation. Well, except for one question- the one about his bad point and good point.

I watched Boys Over Flowers but was not crasy over it. Oops! Do I hear cries of incredibility? Well, I wasn't crasy over the Taiwanese and Japanese version either. So not surprising that I didn't go 'goo-goo gaa-gaa' over the show or any of the boys in the drama. That is not to say though I dislike the show. However, I did dislike Lee Min Ho's or rather Gu Jun Pyo's mop of curly hair.

BUT, at the end of the short press conference, he came across to me as a very nice, next-door kind of boy. Those type that you can bring home safely and your parents wouldn't object. Whilst I wouldn't say he is naive, but he still seems rather 'untainted' by world of entertainment. Will he remain so in the years to come, well, I guess only time will tell.

By the way, he seems to like adjusting his hair. He was constantly touching his hair throughout the interview. Maybe can get him a comb/ brush as a present. wahaha!

OK, here are the various faces of Lee Min Ho, espcially for those who didn't managed to see him at Plaza Singapura.

Couldn't resist taking a shot of his legs.

And all too soon, it was over...time for the photoshoot with the requried Etude House backdrop. Bur first, a final touch-up...need to adjust that tie and hair. ^^

Hmm...he hunches a little... a very common problem with tall people, in this case...185cm. Sigh, he's a good 40 cm taller than me.

Which was his glass? I think the one in the middle. Maybe I should have taken the glass home and auction it off on ebay- The glass that Lee Min Ho's lips touched. Think should be able to get a high price for it right? hehehe!

I must say, I rather like this boy....

Will cover the party next....hopefully tomorrow. Otherwise got to wait until weekend liao coz got to cover Kang Ji Hwan's and Kim Ha Neul's visit the next 2 days. ^^

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kang Ji Hwan & Kim Ha Neul's secret schedule

I was going to finish my story on Lee Min Ho's press conference but guess I'll have to do it later as I've been getting quite a few enquries about the next guests to our little red dot- Kim ha Neul and Kang Ji Hwan.

As I've posted earlier here, the movie distributors- Encore Films and Cathay-Keris Films did not want to release the flight information as they are afraid of creating chaos at the airport (well, I guess Lee Min Ho's visit to Singapore last Saturday was pretty scary). But then again, I think it would be a little sad if there are not many fans to welcome these 2 A-list veteran artistes during their first visit to Singapore. It really isn't too difficult to guess...afterall, there are only that many number of flight from Hong Kong to Singapore in the afternoon. Some kind souls have given me the possible flight details. But please don't throw bricks at me if it's wrong.

28th October
Arrival- SQ859, 1420. Will have to check if it's T2 or T3 tomorrow as SQ flights can land at either terminal. Please note- this is not confirmed.

Gala Premiere- there will be a private cocktail session at 8.45pm followed by a stage appearance at the Gala premiere of the movie at The Cathay, Hall 1.

There were some giveaways for the tickets by Korea Tourism Organisation, KBox, St James Power Station and The Hereen. But I'm not sure how many pairs were given away. To those who did manage to get your hands on these elusive tickets- congratulations!

29th October
Press conference- 10am, Movida, St James (Yup, 2nd visit within a week)
There will be various individual media interviews after look out for the various magazines and newspapers. The usual lah. (I can only say that all entertainment media has been kept extremely busy this past one week with all these stars arrival).

Mall appearance- 6.30pm, The Hereen. There was a contest held last week on the radio station, Yes93.3 from Monday till Friday. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if everyone knows about it...Anyway, these 5 contestants will get up 'close and personal' (I quote the press release) with the 2 stars. Hmm.... how close har? ^^ They also stand to win $1,500 trying to be an agent. I'm sure it's not going to be too hard. I remember one of the question last week was- 'If you are a secret agent, what profession would you choose in order not to arouse suspicion from your partner'. One of the answer was a nurse. The explaination was that as a nurse, she would be able to work late hours (I thought it was pretty good). In the movie, Kim Ha Neul's character is a tour guide. ^^

30th October
They leave for Korea in the evening, so it could be Singapore Airline, Korean Airline or Asiana Airline. This was the flight guessed by a 'source'. Don't ask me which source ok, coz by the time I get the's already from a source of a source of a source. So again, please don't throw bricks at me if it's wrong.

Departure- SQ602, 2350 * no confirmation!!!!!

The rest of the day, they are free. I'm guessing they may go to SG Flyer...maybe...Would they go try out our famous chilli crab? They really should.

Hotel- ???
I really don't know. But my guess is- it would probably be one of the hotels in the Marina site.

Happy searching!!!

And in case you people forget, the movie opens on the 5th November hor, which really is the whole purpose of this visit.

Will post about their press conference later.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lee Min Ho's day

Too tired to write anything now. Too many photos and videos to look through and edit so will just post these 2 at the moment.

Will post more later when I've recovered..

For those fans at Plaza Singapura, I feel really sorry for them. Hopefully, as he promised, he will come back again....this time for a longer time, with better organised schedule.

Press conference @ Raffles Hotel

Fan meeting @ St James Power Station

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lee Min Ho schedule in Singapore

Well, al Lee Min Ho fans in Singapore are on an overdrive now...counting down the hours, the minutes, the seconds till he arrives tomorrow afternoon. For those still searching for information about his very, very short visit... here they are again...

BR 225 (Eva Air)
12.00 at T1, Changi Airport

Press conference-
14.30 at Raffles Hotel

Appearance at Etude House-
16.00 at Etude House, Plaza Singapura (B1-26). And yes, he will go to the shop itself. The event does not involved Plaza Singapura, so his appearance will take place at the shop. Got photo taking with that 2 lucky winners. I can only imagine how chaotic it will be. Let's hope there won't be any accidents....

Fan meeting-
16.30 at Movida, St James. Press release state that Lee Min Ho is expected to arrive at 17.00 and no entry for those who arrived after Lee Min Ho. So those of you with tickets to the fan meet and plan to be at Plaza Singapura as well, take note hor. You maybe be able to get in if you are late.

MI 336 (Silkair)
12.50 at T2, Changi Airport

He will have 3 days of activities in Malaysia. From what I've been reading, think the schedule and venue for public appearance better leh.

Anyway, though I'm not a huge Lee Min Ho fan, I must say I like his casual looks. This was taken just yesterday at Incheon Airport, on his way to Taiwan. Poor guy, every night sleep in different cities. Wonder if he will look just as fresh tomorrow when he arrives.

Picture lifted from soompi and credit as listed on the photo.

BYJ in The Face Shop, Singapore
Finally started to see his pictures in the store. But have yet to ask if there's any giveaways. Must go call on Monday. ^^ So nice to se his pictures up.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kim Ha Neul & Kang Ji Hwan in Singapore- can you find them?

Well, it seems that the details of their visit has been pretty much worked out. But hor, they are refusing to release the infor for their flight details and hotel due to security issues. So, for fans of both of these 2 artistes, if you want to see them, then you will have to become secret agents yourself liao.

28th October:
Arrive in Singapore from Hong Kong. I believe it's in the afternoon. Hmm...wonder if they will be flying by Cathay or SQ. I haven't check out flight scehdules for that day. Anyone knows?

8.45pm- Gala Premiere at the The Cathay Cineplex. There will be a private function. When I say private, it's really private lor coz this will be for the sponsors.

29th October:
10am- Press conference at St James, Movida. Looks like the press is going to there twice within a week as Lee Min Ho will also be holding his fan meet there.

6.30pm- The Hereen. They will give prizes to the winners of a secret agent contest. 5 finalists will try their hand at being secret agents. Think Yes93.3 is running this contest as I heard it on the radio yesterday. But I don't have the full details yet, so will update when I do. Hmmm....But Yes93.3 only say possibility to take photo with Kim Ha Neul leh. Then what about Kang Ji Hwan????

30th October:
That means no official activities, so fans should keep a look out for them on the streets and malls. hahaha!

Actually, they seemed to have a rather leisurely schedule, compared to lots of other Korean artistes. But I think it's also good, as it will give them a chance to see Singapore....hopefully. So people, remember to give them some breathing space ok, in case you scare them away and they don't come back. hehehe!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Out in your local video stores (19th October 2009)

Out in your local video stores now.

Briiliant Legacy/ Shinning Inheritance
English/ Chinese subtitles

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sundown Festival 2009 ticket sales

Have just received text message that ticket sales for the Sundown Festival will start on 9am, 21st October 2009.

Here's the website for Sistic, click here

Here's the official website for the festival-> Sundown Festival
(Hmmm.... it says still under construction)

Korean magazines out- October

Some of you may be aware that I bring in Korean magazines and books. The magazines are on sale at Kinokuniya Takashimaya. The magazines will be available today. You can check out my Tiffany's Attic to find out what are the titles that are in this month. The magazines are limited in quantity, so do go down and get them if you are interested. For Junior and Asta TV, they are also available at Comics Connection and Poh Kim (from next week).

Lee Min Ho in Singapore
Ok, a little update about Mr Go Jun Pyo aka Lee Min Ho. The people handling this event seemed to be a little disorganised. Maybe it's the first time they are handling such a big artiste? Or maybe got communication problem? Hmm......

Anyway, you should know by now that you can get the scratch cards from both stores (Plaza Singapura and Ion Orchard. Also, the promotion is on until 23rd October. From what I've read on the forum, don't think there are many winners yet and definitely got no winners for the VIP cards yet.

I spent about $30+ and got 2 'Sorry' cards. My friend had 3 'Sorry' cards. Hmm...someone raised a question that I was thinking about since the launch of this promotion...what if all the tickets are not won by the end of the promotion. How ah? The staff go? Lelong? Auction off?

And this is the latest schedule for him. Credit: nickwest_joic @ soompi

And yes, he is scheduled to go KL after Singapore. Supposedly for 3 days but hor...again, no official release yet.

Sundown Festival 2009

It's seems to be raining K news these few days. Remember in my earlier post, I mentioned that a little bird told me that there might be a concert coming up? Well, it has just been confirmed.


Sundown Festival 2009

I don't have the exact detials yet except for the date and the artistes who are coming. But I do know that fan meetings are being planned. Will write more about these artistes and the programme later when I have additional news.

Hmm..... FT Island must have liked Singapore. I guess they were encouraged by the turnout and response during their last concert here. It will be good to see them as I missed their concert here then.

And oh....I think ticket sales start only next week. Now, don't ask me how come the VIP tix already sold out even before the sales starts BUT, I guess there are quite a few sponsors. Besides, if it's going to be open to have VIP seats har? But I do like the idea of open air concert. Reminds me of the concert I attended for April Snow in Korea plus all the other concerts I attended at Fort Canning Park.

Ok, now let's cross our fingers that it doesn't rain on that day. ^^

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Secret agents in Singapore- Kang Ji Hwan & Kim Ha Neul

Some days, you feel that every Korean artistes are going to Japan (which is true), Thailand and Taiwan but just not Singapore. And then suddenly, they seemed to be pouring in, which of course, I'm not complaining. This month alone, we will see not 1, not 2 but 3 Korean artistes coming to this red dot of ours.

Of course, we all know Lee Min Ho will be in Singapore on 24th October (see my posts here and here. But I just received confirmed news (after flying rumours for the past few weeks) that Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ha Neul will be in Singapore on the 28th October! Wow!

They are of course in town to promote their movie- My Girlfriend is an agent or 7th Grade Civil Servant.

My Girlfriend is an Agent (hmm...title reminds me My Wife is a Gangster. Think I prefer 7th Grade Civil Servant. ^^) has been compared to Mr and Mrs Smith BUT I think the only similarity is that the couples in both the movies are secret agents. Oh...there were also rumrous of Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ha Neul being a couple after the movie. Will they end up like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Who knows?

The clips and reviews I've read so far have pointed to it as a pretty decent rom-com. It did pretty well in Korea too. Of course, as I've yet to watch the movie, I can't really comment too much.

Of course, it's not the first time they've acted together. They first acted in the drama, 90 days to Love and their chemistry was pretty good then. I started to take note of Kang Ji Hwan after that drama and was thorougky amused by him in Capital Scandal. As for Kim Ha Neul- I was really, really impressed by her acting in On Air".

They will be in Singapore from 28th to 30th October. Schedule as follow (though not totally comfirmed)

28th October
Arrival from Hong Kong
Evening- Gala premiere at The Cathay

29th October
Press conference
Evening- publicity event (I heard it will be at The Hereen)

30th October
Depart Singapore



Here's the trailer, click here
Here's a little teaser clip, with BTS, click here
And here's the official encore site, click here

Ok, will update more later if I got news. Remember to mark your dates people.

Spsstt.... a little bird told me that there might be a couple of concerts coming up at the end of the year. Watch this space or follow my twittter for updated news. Shsshhhh...

Friday, October 09, 2009

Lee Min Ho in Singapore

After days of speculation and rumours flying around faster than you can say F4, they have finally issued an official press release and details of his schedule as well as the Etude House promotion to his fan meet.

24th October
12.30- Arrival
14.30- Press conference
16.00- Visit to Etude House and Plaza Singapore (B1-26)
17.00- ETUDE House Party (fan meet) (Moivda @ St James Power Station)

About Etude House Party
By now, most LMH fans would have known that there was an initial promotion whereby a purchase of S$200 worth of products would have entitles you to that elusive fan meet ticket. This method was similar to The Face Shop's Kwon Sang Woo's visit some years ago. But I guess it may have just occured to them that there is this possibility that there would be thousands of fans (I read there are quite a bumber of fans flying over) and no venue to hold it. Afterall, they were still sourcing for venue last week. So this has been stopped. But for the lucky first 50 fans who did buy S$200 worth of products inittially, they will become the VIPs at the fan meet.

In place is a scratch-and-win card thing. For every purchase of S$15, you will be given a card. And if you are lucky, you get to be among the 100 fans to see Go Jun Pyo aka Lee Min Ho.

Now what is not clear is.......does that mean:

1) S$15 and above in a single receipt = one card


2) S$60 in a single receipt = 4 cards

Hmm.... I guess we will know soon as the promotion starts from today, 9th October and lasts till 16th October...only at the ION Orchard branch.

Just a little note about ION Orchard branch. I spent a total of 30 minutes trying to find this store the other day! Almost gave up liao and had to actually ask 2 people before I found the shop finally. The address is really, totally misleading (see my previous post on the address). Anyway, the easiest way- just head towards the 7-11 store, which is near the mrt ticket sales counter. It is along the passageway leading to Tangs. I must say though that it was very nice to see the familiar small basket with the box of free facial pads being given out. So far, I would think this is the only Korean cosmetic chain that follows the same practice as in Korea. All the other chains here- The Face Shop, Missha, Skin Food have totally cut out this practice. :(

Anyway, I think it's going to total chaos the next few days.

I know L is going to be making multiple purchases. Good luck, L!