Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rain in Singapore for F1

Just received an text message from my friend...

Rain in Singapore for F1

Now that's Rain, as in the Korean singer and not rain, as in the weather (though that might make an appearance as well). Anyway, that got me interested. I hadn't heard any news about this. I kept hearing about all the other artistes like Travis, Chakka Khan, Neyonce, Jacky Cheung, A Mei, Backstreet Boys etc, but no one mentioned anything about Rain leh. (see SGF1 and F1 Rocks for artistes line up)

So I did a quick google search. Hmm...still not very much news....
According to my friend- it's for F1 party
According to Poparazzi, he's here as part of F1 Rocks presenter.

Hmm.... maybe he's here for both? I hope my source will be able to enlighten me soon. Does anyone know?

Besides, Rain, I'm wondering if Ryu Si Won will also be here.

His drama, Style ended early (16 episodes instead of the orginal 20), which means he will be free to attend F1 this weekend. I haven't watch the last few episodes yet but apparently, it slided downwards for lack of clear plot direction. Sigh...I think that seems to be the problem with most K dramas. Still, it was a rather respectable ratings of about 17%. Hmm...maybe, it ended early because he wants to be in Singapore for F1? hehe! Afterall, he is known to be a racing buff.

Anyway, from next year onwards, he won't have to be here to watch F1 already coz it will go to kimchiland in 2010 (read the BBC news here)

Well, I'm going to watch the F1 action this weekend too. Am looking forward to it. Hmm....wonder if I can spot Rain.....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lee Min Ho & Etude House

By now, those are in tuned to K entertainment news would have known that Lee Min Ho aka Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers (꽃보다 남자) is scheduled to be in Singapore in October for Etude House's new store in ION. According to press release, he will be in Singapore for two days/one night. Originally, it was supposed to be 10th October but that seems to have been changed now from the 10th to the 24th October (according to news posted on soompi). But then again, I wouldn't bet on the date until it is really, really confirmed with a press release. October is too far away.

Etude House is the new kid on the Korean cosmetic chain block here in Singapore. I'm not sure when it appeared on the Korean scene. According to their English Global website, it was established in 1995. But I became aware of it only in 2006 during my trip to Korea. Two of my friends, had by coincidence, asked me to buy things back for them from Etude House. That of course raised my curiousity.

I remembered thinking how girlish Etude House was when I first visited their store in Myeongdong. The whole store was decked out in pink and it was very frilly. It was so obviously targeting the women or rather girls. I wasn't too sure what to make of it and didn't buy too many products from them (there were more than enough cosmetic shops to visit- The Face Shop, Missha, Skin Food, Beauty Credit etc). But I did try out the products that my friends asked me to buy:

Bright Eye Patch

I'm not too convinced about it although my friend swears by it as she said her eye bags disappear the very next day. Anyway, it seems this is not available any more. At least I can't seemed to find it on their Korean site. Although, they do have the following the Collagen Eye Patch. And I just found out that I have a sample pack and I'm going to try it out tomorrow night. Hehe!

Lavender Mask

Now this I like, especially the smell.

So during my trip to Korea in 2007, I went back with a bigger shopping list. I can't remember exactly all the things I bought but one of them was the Speedy Total Make-up Balm
I like it for the fact that it's SPF50 and it works well enough when I want a simple make-up base. I bought one for my aunt as well coz she wanted a all-in-one. ^^

Like I said, I can't remember what I bought, but it must been alot coz I was given lots of gifts. I love shopping in the cosmetic shops in Korea. They are really, really generous, unlike their counterparts here in Singapore. :(

Travel set

This is rather useful but I'm still working through my pile of samples and haven't had the opportunity to use this yet. Hmm...maybe can bring it along for my next holiday in December.

Hand-held mirror

Don't laugh. This mirror cost US$4.99 according to the Etude House USA site. But I haven't had much use for a hand held romantic mirror so far leh.


This cute elephant is very comfortable and cute. But again, not sure what to do with it. Maybe can let baby M play with it. She'll probably grab the nose. wahaha!


Like I said, all their things very frilly lor, which is not me. I'm guessing though bb might.

Now why the sudden spotlight on Etude House? Because of this boy of course:

Yes, yes, that's how he appeared in the latest CF for Etude House together with Park Shin Hye. You can watch the CF here.

But he can go the other extreme. The Cass CF is totally different. Btw, if you are like me and watched the shorter version first, you wouldn't get the story. But the full length one makes the story clear.

I rather like these two photos

Now will he create a wave when he comes to Singapore. I suspect so.

Just in case you want to contact Etude House Singapore:
Plaza Singapura branch: 68 Orchard Road #B1-26 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Tel: : 65-6341-9139
ION branch: ION ORCHARD, #B2-54

You would probably get more updated infor by logging onto their facebook and twitter account.

Alamak...just look at the time. Now I will really need that eye patch tomorrow.

Saturday, September 05, 2009



Kim Hye Soo - Park Ki Ja (박기자)
Ryu Si Won - Seo Woo Jin (서우진)
Lee Ji Ah - Lee Seo Jung (이서정)
Lee Yong Woo - Kim Min Joon (김민준)

SBS Korean official site
thread on soompi
Javabean review

I was going to write about 'Brilliant Legacy' when I started watching this, and now I'm rather hooked on the show, so I guess I'l talk about this first.

'Style' is based on a novel (yes, another one!) and is supposedly the Korean version of the 'The Devil Wears Prada'. Now I can't make a comparison since I haven't watched the movie (yeah, yeah, I know it's good but I missed it lor). It is also a little similar to the HK drama with Lisa Wang in it- '野蛮奶奶大战戈师奶' but without the MIL/DIL parts.

The Women

The Men?

Anyway, Park Ki Ja (Kim Hye Soo) is the editor (after ousting the prevsious editor) of the fashion magazine, Style. She is not pleasant. You can even say she is scheming or worldly (which is probably a nicer word). And very direct, though won't classify her as bitchy. Think the writers have not given her much bitchy lines (or maybe I've seen really bitchy people in my line of work. hehe!) She is very, very focus on her job as she has given 10 years of her life and sacrificed alot to be where she is today. She must really love her job.

Lee Seo Jung is the new kid-on-the-block, who's been assistant editor for more than a year. She is full of energy and ideas as she's still new to the job. But precisely because she is new, she tends to create quite a few disasters and problems as well, as she has yet to learn the art of PR and personal skills.

Seo Woo Jin, a chef, is the son of the orginal founder of the magazine but he is ostracised by his own step-sister because his mother (a good friend of hers and a model) had an affair with her father. And before he died, he left Woo Jin in charge of the magazine, as the magazine was created for his mother. Although Woo Jin is reluctant to take on the job as he has no interest in fashion, he does it anyway for the sake of his mother. Hey, this is K drama, so of course, got this kind of plot lah.

Kim Min Joon is the ex-boyfriend (?) of Park Ki Ja. Now, I put a question mark because, according to the character description, he is supposed to be gay/ bi-sexual. Anyway, whatever it is, he came chasing her all the way from London. But in some strange twist (not in K drama though), Lee Seo Jung ends up his house-mate. And oh yes, he is a brilliant photographer and works for the magazine.

What do I find interesting about the show? hehe! Because I find it rather fascinating to watch all the negotations, deadline and scheming that's done behind the scene. Probably because I'm also in the same line though thankfully, I don't do fashion magazine. I just wish they would concentrate more on this aspect instead of the relationships. And of course, many aspects in the drama are exaggerated... but they do have some truth in them.

But the one big reason to watch this drama (at least for me) is the fashion. I don't think Kim Hye Soo has worn the same outfit twice. And she is not known for her sexy figure for nothing. As a woman, even I find her absolutlely jaw-dropping. Now she is what I call a real woman (even if some parts of it may or may not be enhanced....hahaha!)

These greeted us in the very 1st episode. I like...especially the sunglasses. But how does she walk in those killer stilettos?

Just look at her clothes...and figure...

But I wish they wouldn't so much focus on her ample assets. I mean, you can hardly missed them so is there any need for zoom-in? I swear I could ee them heaving away..

And just look at those legs and shoes. She actually went jogging in them in that episode. It's suicidal to stand in them already, let alone run in them.

But some clothes I do find a bit strange. Why would anyone wear this for a meeting, even if the meeting is with a key personnel from a top fashion brand. mama-san leh.

What do you think? Think got enhanced or not huh? hehe! Me so mean....

Seriously though, she is a rather good actress. But then, of course she is veteran already.

The other person with a style that I really like is Lee Yong Woo's. Rather drool-worthy I must say. I can only hope that he is not really gay/bi-sexual in the drama. Because if he is, that he would be targeting Ryu Si Won, which I think would be such a waste. Lee Yong Woo, as a model, is very new in the acting scene. This is his first drama but he has appeared in MVs before.

Check this he hot or what?- dance at the club

And this scene reminded me so much of Chun Jeong Myun in 'Fashion 70's. Actually, rather erotic...ooops... changing room scene

Lee Ji Ah has been very lucky...though a relatively new-comer, she has been the main or semi-main lead in all her dramas, alongside big names like Bae Yong Joon in Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi aka The Legend and Kim Myung Min in 'Beethoven Virus. I was rather impressed with her in 'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi aka The Legend' but this has not been the case so far in this drama. In fact, she was outright OTT in the 1st 3 episodes. Thankfully, the writers stopped the 'I'm-young-and-cute-so-I-must-shout-and-scream' actions in her character. Her dressing has also changed for the better in the later episodes as her character matures and learns what it is like to be in the real world. Will she get better in her acting though?

Finally, Ryu Si Won. Like Park Yong Ha, he has based himself in Japan for the last few years and is immensely popular there. Unlike Park Yong Ha though, who blew me away in his comeback drama, 'On Air', Ryu Si Won still doesn't get me excited. I'm sorry, fans of Ryu Si Won, maybe it's just me. But he still seems the same as he was in 'Beautiful Days'. And what were the stylist thinking of when they dressed him? I mean c'mon, suits with shorts?, cowboy tie? huh?

But on a personal level, I heard he's really, really nice. He came to Singapore for the F1 last year and had an informal fan gathering. I was told he was totally without airs and very friendly. Wonder if he will come again this year. He's very much a racing buff. And oh, he also sang one of the song in the ost with Seo In Young. You can listen to it here, with clips from the drama.

I don't think I can end this very, very long blog without talking about Kim Hye Soo again. Bae Yong Joon fans will be familiar with her as she co-starred with him in the 1999 drama, 'Did We Really Loved?'. Although it didn't achieve high ratings, many of his fans (me included) see this as one of his best drama. But anyway, this was how she looked then in the drama.

Guess I'll continue with this for awhile.

So what are you all watching?