Friday, October 24, 2008

Korea Festival 2008- Korean music concert

I guess most of you should know by now that there will be a Korean Festival in early November. For such a major event, you would have thought that it would have been all planned and organised long ago. Sigh...still, the website, Korea Festival 2008 is finally up and about. With less than 2 weeks to the event, it's about time too.

There are various activities being organised- from movies, to singing contest to cultural dance and even a golf tournament. And then, there's the concert. A proper K Pop concert. Ok, so it's not Superbowl or Seoul concert but still, to have any Korean pop concert here at all is already a big deal. So obviously, that's the one event that has all us excited and hyper. seems near impossible to get hold of the tickets. The organiser, The Korean Embassy has decided that the tickets will not sold. Rather, they are being distributed via the sponsors and various media contests like the Korean radio channel- Cool K Time and the newspaper like My Paper. Maybe they feel that it would reach out to more people this way?

I'm not against getting the tickets via the above methods but seriously, it would be so much easier for everyone if they just sell them. For most of us who are working, where on earth do we find the time to look out for these contests? Besides, it doesn't guarantee me a seat at all.

Sigh...guess I'll just have to wait to see if there will be a miracle for me. Of course, I can always 'buy' the tickets. At the last check, these 'free' tickets were going at $300 for a pair. For those of you who have already managed to get the tickets, I am so jealous...especially as there are a few artistes I would really like to watch like VOS, Kim Joong Wook and most of all, Jun Jin.

Looking at the list of artistes, most of them are very young, and many of them are new or up and coming. The few veteran ones are Chae Yeon, Andy, Jun Jin and Jewelry. In fact, some I've never heard of before until this concert. Did anyone notice that they are all below the age of 30?

Andy Lee

Andy will be hosting the concert together with Park Jeong Ah of Jewelry. He released his very 1st full album at the beginning of the year. Amongst all the Shinhwa members, I have the least impression of him, and err.... his song didn't make much of impact on me either. But he is surprisingly, one of the most active, acting in dramas, theatre stage play and hosting music shows. But I still prefer Jun Jin. Hehe!

Propose mv from his album Andy, The First Propose

Jun Jin

Jun Jin was the first Shinhwa member to capture my attention in the drama, "Legend of 9 Tail Wolves" and as a result, I became interested in the group. I was really thrilled to have watched them performed live last year. Jun Jin also released his 1st album this year and created a stir because his WA mv was banned on air (I think....did it pass through in the end?).

WA mv from his album Jun Jin Vol 1, Toegether 4ever

Wonder Girls

Truth be told, I was never keen on Wonder Girls. But then again, I was never keen on most of the girl groups. Their style seemed similar to me (the same can be said about many of the boy groups too). Under JYP management (who used to manage Rain), I must say The Wonder Girls have been making much progress. And I certainly like their current hit song, 'Nobody'. I especially like the mv. ^^

Nobody mv from their album Wonder Girls: The Wonder Years- Trilogy

Chae Yeon

A singer, who's known for her sexy image (actually, almost all the female singers seemed to portray either a sexy or cute image..depending on their age). I know quite a few Korean men like her. Chae Yeon has been around for a long time, though Lee Hyo Ri seemed to be a little more prominent than her. But that's just my own personal opinion. Can't say I've really noticed her songs before, so this concert would be a good time for me (and certainly many others) to get to know her better.

My Love mv from her album Chae Yeon Vol 4- My Love


This girl group can be considered as a veteran already as they've been around since 2001. But out of the 4 original members, 2 of them have been replaced twice. Only Park Jeong Ah and Seo In Young are the orginal members. It's really difficult to stay in the entertainment scene. Park Jeong Ah will be hosting the concert together with Andy. Actually both Park Jeong Ah and Seo In Young have their own solo careers, just like the members from Shinhwa. Seo In Young is currently hosting KBS' Music Bank show (err...don't hit me but her hosting skills leave much to be desired) and I believe she also has a song on the music chart. Park Jeong Ah has released one album so far but she seems to be venturing more into acting. From what I read, she's rather popular, so it would be interesting to see her host the concert.

One More Time mv from their album Jewelry Vol 5- Kitchi Island

Kim Jong Wook

Not to be confused with Kim Jong Kook (Gosh..all these artistes have similar names!). Kim Jong Wook also released his 1st album this year. But he seems to be doing quite well and has even teamed up with SG Wannabe to sing the theme song for the hot drama, 'East of Eden'. I rather like his voice and am definitely looking forward to watch him perform...if I can get that elusive ticket.

Only You mv from his album Kim Jong Wook Vol 1- For a Long Time


This is not a new group but I only took notice of them recently. Probably because their first 2 albums didn't produce any hits for them. But they are solid singers, and it would be fantastic to watch them perform live!

Beautiful Life mv from their album VOS Vol 3- Wonderful Things


Originally part of a big (13 members!) boy group under JYP, 2Pm debutted this year (actually, literally a couple of months ago). Not sure why there is a craze for big groups now in Korea. Just like Super Junior, this has been split into 2AM and 2PM. Errr...I'm assuming they are called 2 o'clock if all 13 performed together. Anyway, there are 7 members in 2PM. And from what I see from their mv for their 1st single, all super hyper and all super young- which made me super dizzy.

10 points out of 10 mv from their single 2PM- Hottest Time of the Day

U Kiss

Didn't know about this group until this concert. But then, it's not surprising as there are 1,001 singers in Korea. The competition is really tough and often, many of them spend years training before the they even debut. And some of them may not even make it too. 2 of the members from U Kiss were orginally from the group, Xing (another boy band lah). Don't ask me which 2 coz I am totally having a headache with all these groups. The boys all look alike to me leh.

Not Young mv from their single U Kiss- N Generation


Again, another new singer, well at least to me anyway. From what little I know (which is very little), I think he grew up in Australia. Makes a change as most of the Koreans seems to grow up in the States.

Showman mv from this album Peter Vol 1- Show Man

As the concert date grows nearer, I'm beginning to see some trickling of the tickets being offered by various media. But hor, like they say, there are about 6,000 seats available, but most them seemed to be offering only 5 pairs per what's happening to the rest of the tickets. And though sponsors like LG are offering the tickets if you buy the phone, I have yet to see any strong promotion from them about my question many phones will they be able to sell in the end?

Anyway, just to note, the radio station, Yes93.3 will also be giving away tickets. It should be this Sunday on Li Yi's 哈本营 at 10pm.

Kozine, the Korean/ English magazine is also giving away free tickets. You can check out more details on their website here here. There are only 5 pairs good luck!

I'm going to be really crossing my fingers and toes....

pssst... I heard Jewelry will be having a fan meeting. Crossing my fingers for the others too. There is an ongoing forum at soompi here

Friday, September 05, 2008

오래간만이네요...Long time no blog

오래간만이네요...Long time no blog..

It has been more than 2 months since my last entry. Have been really busy and haven't had much time to keep up with Korean entertainment news....Actually no time to keep up with any news at all. But thanks to my 진구, I still get updated with interesting news.

So, I did know that Kwon Sang Woo is planning to get married, that Lee Eon (the goofy muscle man in Coffee Prince Shop No 1 met an umtimely death in car accident, that Bae Yong Joon is finally going to film a new drama and is also planning to produce a travel photo book on Korea. And of course, Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin are now in Singapore somewhere..filming (they were somewhere in Boat Quay).

And I also discovered that the much anticipated drama, 'East of Eden' has started. Starring Song Seung Hun in his first comeback drama after military service, the drama also has a strong cast with Yeon Jung Hoon, Lee Da Hae (finally, a role that doesn't require her to act cute) and Han Ji Hye as the other leads.

I've only watched snatches of the 1st episode, so I can't comment but from the ratings, it is almost 18% for the 3rd epsiode and very likely to go beyond 20% once the adult actors appear. I'm not sure if I have the patience to watch all 50 episodes though...

Looking at Song Seung Hun now, he has definitely changed alot since his early days, and I can only say it's for the better. There is a matured look about him and of course, being in the military has also toughened up his body. Which is probably why all his works (CFs, MVs, movie etc) so far has err...focus quite abit on his body. Not that I'm complaining. Now, I know many women are 'butt' watchers. Me? I'm a chest watcher. That's why Lee Byung Hun captured my attention in 'Beautiful Days'. And that's why this has my thumbs up. ^^

Compare this to his earlier drama, 'Happy Together'...You can catch a short clip here.

Heard 'Fate' didn't do as well as expected, so I hope 'East of Eden' will be the come back hit for him. No matter what, the theme song has already won me over as it's sang by SG Wannabe and Kim Jong Kook. ^^

Song Seung Hun and Park Yong Ha did some mvs for 연가 2008, which is a compilation of some of the more popular songs recently. One of these song was from SG Wannabe. Lots of bare chest because of the boxing match...hehehe!

Park Yong Ha is another actor who has morphed into a 'butterfly'? I couldn't stand him in 'Winter Sonata'. Wanted to strangle him most of the time. Of course, it was a tough fight against BYJ but I didn't really like him in 'Loving You' either. But he totally changed my opinion of him in 'On Air'. Then as I was going through my stack of old magazines, I found this!

Doesn't he look pink? Wahahaha! Park Yong Ha was the special guest at the Z Pop concert in 2003. I guess he can be considered as the first Hallyu star to come to our shore? Too bad I didn't go and see him then as I really wasn't too into things Korean though I did like 'Winter Sonata' very much. In recent years, quite a few Hallyu stars have set foot upon on our tiny island- Jang Dong Gun, Bae Yong Joon, Lee Byung Hun, Won Bin, Lee Dong Gun, Eric, Kim Jae Won etc...but not Song Seung Hun. He was supposed to come here to promote 'So Close' many years ago but backed out last minute. Caused much unhappiness back then. Wonder if he will ever come here (there were many rumours about this since last year).

Anybody who hears any news, let me know ok? : )

Read that Kwon Sang Woo is finally off to his honeymoon and I'm still not sure if his wife is pregnant. But seiously, who long as they are happy, we should wish the best for them isn't it?

Speaking of pregnancy, this is the reason for my absence. I'm afraid I have not had much time for any entertainment, unless you count the number of times I have to feed and change her entertaining. But then...hehe, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The battle of summer dramas 2008

There was a battle last night with 2 dramas starting at the same time. Next week, the competition will intensify with MBC joining the battle.

After a derth of interesting dramas in the 1st half of the year (only 'On Air' was of any interest), it seems the competition has started to heat up recently and will continue in the next few months to come until the end of the year.

SBS: Mon/Tue, 17/06
Kim Rae Won, Nam Sang Mi, Kwon Oh Joo, Kim So Yeon
thread on soompi
SBS official site

This is probably one of the most anticipated drama for now, if only because of the storyline and theme- food. The movie version, 'Le Grand Chef' did very well in the box office. The drama version should have more opportunities for character development and a chance to look at the Korean gourmet. I know I was salivating when I watched the movie. hehe!


Of course, many people will also be looking out for Kim Rae Won, as he hasn't done anything since 'Which Star are you from?' in 2006. This young man has come a long way since his 'Plum Blossoms' days. ^^ Wonder if he's still as shy since the last time I met him in Singapore.....

But besides Kim Rae Won, I am also looking forward to Kim So Yeon. Remember when I was blogging about 'All About Eve'? Kim So Yeon was so good at her character that I could not bring myself to hate her, and I think alot of people felt the same way too. I've not seen her drama for a long time and I'm really looking forward to it.

'Strongest Chil Woo'
KBS 2: Mon/Tue, 17/06
Eric Mun Jung Hyuk, Goo Hye Sun, Yoo Ah In, Kim Byul
thread on soompi
KBS official site

This is Eric's 1st saegeuk or period drama. As I was telling someone the other day, it's kind of difficult to imagine him in such dramas as I kept thinking of him as a rapper in Shinhwa. Still...his acting skills have been pretty good so far. I'm sure there will be much comparisons between 'Iljimae' (starring Lee Jun Ki and doing very well currently) and 'Hong Gil Dong'. All 3 dramas have this robin hood theme. Actually, quite a few have already called Eric Korea's version of Zorro. And he does look like one, doesn't he?

Goo Hye Sun is completely new to me but if you are a Singaporean (particularly if you belong to the more matured crowd), then you may recognise her. She was in the daily drama, 'Pure 19' and is now capturing the interest of all my friends' mothers as it is airing on Channel U currently. ^^

Another note of interest, remember the strong, goofy man in 'Coffee Prince Shop No 1'? Well, he's in this drama too. hmmm..... interesting....

'When It's at Night'
MBC: Mon/Tue, 23/06
Kim Soon Ah, Lee Dong Gun, Kim Jung Hwa, Lee Joo Hyun
thread on soompi
MBC official site

This is probably the one only drama amongst the 3 where the female lead is much more anticipated than the male lead....not that I dislike Lee Dong Gun. BUT, I think alot of people are waiting eagerly for the return of Kim Soon Ah to the small screen after the success of 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon' in 2005. Would she still be as funny?

Btw, the pose does look ala Mr and Mrs Smith, doesn't it? hehe! It was pointed out by quite a few people on soompi.

For Lee Dong Gun, this was a great effort on him as he had to commence shooting not long after the tragic murder of his brother in Australia.

And the setting is rather unusual too. Kim Soon Ah is a sexy government official, tasked with the job of recovering national treasures and Lee Dong Gun is the flirty professor, who has been appointed to help the team. I believe Kim Soon Ah will be able to deliver her brand of humour with no problem and it will be great to see Lee Dong Gun again in a comedy after his last few sad, serious, tragic roles.

'My Sweet Seoul'
KBS: Fri, 06/06
Choi Kang Hee, Lee Seon Gyeon, Ji Hyun Woo,
thread on soompi
SBS official site

This drama is not much talked about and I'm not even sure if many people know about it as it's airing on a Friday night...which is rather unusual. But because of Lee Seon Gyeon (aka The Voice), I've taken an interest in it. And if you don't know The Voice, then you've got to watch this...

The Voice

I'm not familiar with Choi Kang Hee but I noticed that she's can be considered as a veteran actress as her career started way back in 1996. Anyway, I like her looks in this drama.

As for Ji Hyun Woo, he has quite a lot of fans, young and not-so-young (though I would say most of them are probably young...hehe!). He stirred up quite a bit of interest in the drama 'Over the Rainbow' but I sitll think he was strange in 'Meri Daegu'.

Anyway, like many of the Korean dramas nowadays, this is also adapted from a book. It's about a single woman, seeking love. I guess a bit like 'Bridget Jones' Diary' + 'Sex in the City' + 'Dalja's Spring'. Perhaps because this theme has been explored quite a bit recently, hence there doesn't seemed to be much interest. Still... I like the feel of the preview/ trailer that I've watched.

At the moment, after last night's fight, 'Gourmet' is leading slightly (as I suspected) but it will become more interesting next Monday when 'When it's at night' joins in the war for ratings and viewership.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fans and fan clubs

Fans are important to an artiste, without them, it would be difficult for an artiste to survive. So the artistes and the management are often very nice to the fans...even if at times, these fans can be a pain in the butt.

Side track: I just read that there's this fanatic fan who's been stalking Rain for 5 years but they don't really dare to do anything because afraid the whole thing will blow up.

If an artiste is really popular, fan clubs will be set up...often voluntarily by fans themselves, who will sacrifice time, energy and money to do so. In other words, the fans will 'work' for the artiste willingly...for free. I know, I know...silly right? Sigh... I can't comment much coz I'm one of those silly people too.

Anyway I guess one of the easiest and fastest way to form a fan club is via the internet. With all of us being globally connected via the internet now, nothing is easier than starting a fan club in cyberspace, where hardly any cost is involved. The only thing needed is time, energy and commitment. Fans from all over the world can join with just a click of on the keyboard. And don't look down on these informal fan clubs ok, their news, photos and video clips are often faster than the media and the official sites. I know many SG media check on the internet sites and keep in contact with fans to make sure they have the latest news.

Increasingly, many artistes not only set up their own management agency, but also their own official fan clubs. I guess they have more control this way.

Jang Dong Gun, Lee Byung Hyun, Rain (I must say I am impressed with Rain's website) and DBSK all have their own official fan clubs. Of course, there is often a charge for it. Think Rain's membership cost US$50 and you get a ticket to one his fan meeting in return...air ticket and accomodation not included hor.

Side track: Super Junior (consisting of 13 members, yes, 13 members!) is also split into sub groups, sometimes with the addition of new members in those sub groups. So you have Super-KRY, Super-M, Super-T, Super-Hmmm....maybe the management is thinking of doing the entire alphabet? As if it wasn't confusing enough trying to identify 13 guys...who to me, all look strangely alike. Anyway, it seems there was protest from some fans who insisted that the official fan club can only consist of the original 13 members....Hmmm...

Anyway, what led to this post? Because Joon's Family (Bae Yong Joon's fanclub in SG) just celebrated its 5th anniversary last Saturday.

BYJ has an an official website but no official fan club. Apparently he did have one, once upon a time but didn't like the way it turned he more official fan club. Well, no matter, fans like us in various countries set up fan clubs for him voluntarily and willingly. And although we are not 'official', we are pretty much recognised by the agency.

And don't ask me what possessed me to help set up a fan club 5 years ago when I didn't even chase any fans in my younger days. My husband always thought I was having a early menopause. But truth be told, actually the journey has been rather interesting so far. I've also learnt alot and most of the time, it has been rather fun too. is time consuming...

So, it is perhaps time to slow down.

It is quite incredible that after 5 years...there were still over 80 people attending the gathering. I firmly believe that besides the common interest of BYJ amongst us, it is the friendship that we've formed over the years. Of course, it was a chance for many of us..who whould normally have to look after our family and career, to let our hair down as well. ^^

Our beautiful signage designed by Kelly

Quite grand right? Got all these nice glasses and waiters serving us.

Kelly stayed up till 5am to do this. Each ticket has a different picture. Cool right?

Every year, we have to source for door gifts. Thank goodness, every year..we always managed to get something and KTO has always been a strong supporter. ^^ The highlight? His autographed photo lah...

Over the years, we've 'developed' many photos for display at different fact too many to keep, so they were up for grabs by the members.

Mini TWSSG display

More display

Who are they taking photos of? Could it be....?

Hehe! No lah, it wasn't BYJ but Lee An, our special guest for the gathering. Looks like he may have gained a few fans too.

Lee An's performance

He managed to get our ladies up and dancing. Not bad hor...

Jos suggested sparkling juice since it was our 5th anniversary. So you can't have bubbly without a good, old 'yum seng' right?

The cake is always a highlight of our gathering. Not sure if it's the picture on the cake that's a draw or the cake itself. But...the cake was very, very nice. Yummy.

All gone...almost...*burp*

Hehe! Only Jessica's teacher, could sing the BD song in Korean...

No, it's not a striptease dance...just part of the game.

Our mandatory group photo..but quite bad hor...Kelly's photo definitely better.

Someone emailed me afterwards to say that she hope that JF would be able to celebrate it's 10th, 15th and even 20th anniversary. I was like...let's not think too far. ^^

Happy Birthday Joon's Family

Friday, May 30, 2008

BYJ in Japan

BYJ arrived in Osaka, Japan this afternoon. The crowd was massive as his last visit to Tokyo, Japan 3 years ago.

But he looks really good and most important of all, he looks happy.

In recent years, many Korean artistes have embarked a second career in Japan. For some strange reasons the Japanese have been so receptive towards K pop, especially the artistes. Well, ok, maybe not there have been many analysis and articles on this phenonmenon.

Only in Japan can you have a fan meeting easily numbering in thousands (and this is only for B-list artistes). For BYJ, who is still weilding much power in Japan after 4 years, his coming fan meeting in Osaka for TWSSG reportedly has about 35,000 fans attending.

35,000...that's alot. I can't even begin to imagine the crowd...and they would be predominently women.

Recently, a staff at Kinokuniya asked me if I am able to import any photography books of Korean stars into Singapore. My reply? All these books are published in Japan, where they could cost an arm and a leg. So even in Korea, the demand for such books on the Korean artistes aren't that big. Strange isn't it?

When BYJ came to SG in 2004, he had one of the biggest reception ever for a Korean star...I'm not sure how is his arrival ranking amongst all the stars, but I'm guessing he should be up there in the top 15. There were about 800 - 1,000 fans at the airport and it was quite a sight.

If BYJ should come to SG again, I'm not sure how big the reception would be this time.

Monday, May 05, 2008

About Jejudo

I've heard so mcuh about Jeju during all these years and have even been there twice and yet, I feel as if I've not seen the island at all.

Jejudo is the biggest and most developed island of Korea. At 1,848.3km sq, it is 3 times bigger than Singapore but has only about 12% of Singapore's total population. I know why it feels so spacious. It is also popular with Korean honeymooners and tourists. This self-governing island has done much to promote the island, with new tourist attractions, golf facilities and a big exhibition/ convention building and probably one of the most well known casino in Korea. But the town center still feels very much like a small town than a cosmopolitan city to me. Actually, I think it's great that it has managed to retain much of it's charm despite the rapid developments. Afterall, they are promoting Jeju as a resort island.

Jeju is well known for it's many scenic spots but for drama buffs like me, I guess my first contact would be through the drama 'All In' starring Lee Byung Hun, Song Hye Gyo, Ji Sung and Park Sol Mi.

Sorry, can't really remember much about the drama as I skimmed through it...much as I like Lee Byung Hun. But guess what I saw when I went to Jeju in 2006? A life size cut out figure of Mr LBH in his 'office'. This was inside the Jeju ICC (I think it was on the top floor).

Speaking of Jeju ICC, the building was officially opened in 2003, quite young really. In 2006, the Hallyu Expo was held here. There was a lot of hype and publicity for the event, but it didn't quite managed to create the torrents of tourists as expected. The expensive entrance fees didn't help. The place was big but transport was exactly flowing. I remember the group of us were actually quite worried that we may have to spend the night at the convention as there were no taxi in sight at about 6+ in the evening at the end of our visit to the exhibition and we couldn't find the bus-stop!

One of the more famous place on Jeju is the Lotte Hotel/ dept store. The hotel was of course well known for the drama, 'All In' since they were 'staying' there. I don't kinda of remind me alittle of Everland

For BYJ fans, Lotte Dept Store will always be associated with him..even though they've changed their spokesperson now (I think it's Rain and Song Seung Hun?)

Look what we saw in the basement of the dept store/, not me lah...the big teddy bear.

Somehwere in the basement, can't remember if it was in the hotel or dept store, we came across a restaurant, with this menu displayed outside:

We were going to try it out after our tour of the place but ran out of time. Wonder if it's still there now. But what captivated me was this object outside the restaurant.

Jeju has it's own food specialities..

This is one of them- black pig.....not very appetising looking

but it becames delicious BBQ pork...yummy...

The other is abalone porridge. They are not wild abalones but cultivated.

Very nice, but not quite enough abalone leh...hehe! do know that BYJ frequents a particular abalone restaurant in Jeju right? Seems he has been going there for a long time...judging from the photos displayed there...and what the lady owner said...

Framed, signed photo inside 'his' room.

Jeju is also well known for its uniquely women divers, called Haenyo divers. These incredible women dive without any apparatus, holding their breath for as long as 3-4 minutes. They look for abalone, clams and other shellfish, which is really, really extremely hard work. Jeon Do Yuen starred in the excellent movie, 'My Mother, the Mermaid', centering around this theme.

And of course there's the Jeju tangerines...made famous in the drama, 'My Girl'.

The tangerine chocolate is actually quite nice.

There are plenty of beautiful sights in Jeju and none is perhaps as well known as Mt Halla. An extinct volcano, the sights on this mountain are reportedly beautiful and is the highlight of Jeju. Unfortuntaely, I didn't get a chance to go up :( It is possible to climb the mountain within a day. Remember Sam Soon's climb up Mt Halla in 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon'? The route is not long (about 10km) but it can be quite tough. But then again, if I have Hyun Bin waiting for me at the top of the mountain, it would have been worth all my sweat. hehe!

If you're planning to go Jeju, visit it for its natural beauty, ranging from the beach, to the coastal line, to the mountains, and the wide open spaces. For a list of the 10 most beautiful scenes, click here.

It is precisely because of these various sites that many of the dramas and movies are filmed here. Of course, the push by the Jeju self- governing government helped a lot too.

Here are just some of the movies and titles that were filmed on this beautiful island. Some I already knew, but some caught me by surprise...


Do you know all these dramas? And's a really, really old movie from Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young that was filmed on Jeju Island- 'Love Wind, Love Song'. Can't seemed to find any decent photos but you can watch the mv of the theme song here. Very nice song. And JDG was looking so very young and handsome. hehe!

And of course, the most recent one of all, whereby a theme park was event built for it. The one reason why I went Jeju...

'Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/ The Legend'

This was how the theme park/ filimg site looked like in 2006..taken from afar...the place wasn't quite ready then.

Apparently, Jeju has 3 things in abundance of....Rocks, Wind and women.

I can vouch for the first two on the list but am not sure about the last one. Hehe! Well, I wouldn't be looking for women, would I?

Speaking of rocks, these cute little figures are icons on the island and it's supposed to bring you health, wealth or children...depending on where and how you rub him. I think it's the back for health, the stomach for wealth, the nose if you want a boy and the ears if you want a girl....or was it the stomach if you want a boy and the head if you want a girl? Hmm....better check with your guide in case you rub the wrong places. Who knows what you may end up getting? Wahahaha!

If you are really serious about checking out Jeju Island...then I would recommend that you stay at least 2 to 3 days. At least you would be able to catch some of the well known sites and also at the same time, have a feel of the island.