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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 7 summary

I've decided to do a summary for Episode 7 even though Gaulsan, Mikaney, Liquidfir and others have done the translation for the important dialogues. I guess it's also for my own benefit.

So again, this summary is not perfect as I don't understand all the dialogues. Many thanks to all those who have helped in the explainations and translations.

Ki Ha, with the heart of Ju Jak around her neck, unleashed the power and knelt down before Ho Gae, proclaiming him as the King of Jushin. The funny short guy saw this from outside Yon's residence and sent the message back to Hyeon Go..who then called for a meeting in Kyeon Mul village. The Burumsae (mythical bird that appeared in the 1st episode) was sent out to inform all the villagers. When Suzini saw the bird, she tried to break out of the prison- pulling at the window grills and charging at the door. The other prisoners thought she had gone mad. It was quite funny- especially as after her butt hit another guy's nose (why was he so near her butt anyway?). And then she told the guy, if he should meet her teacher (Hyeon Go) in the future, he must let him know that she tried very hard to attend the meeting upon seeing the messenger bird. And then...hehe..she went to bed. She wasn't really trying to break out of prison...the naughty girl.

The meeting at the Kyeomn Mul village- the heavenly object (heart of Ju Jak) has been found and the powers unleased. They think Ho Gae is the King of Jushin and Ki Ha is Ju Jak. They are puzzled why there are 2 Ju Jaks as they found Suzini in the village together with Heyon Go and everyone saw the Ju Jak sign on her forehead. They also found out that Ki Ha is with Hwa Cheon, who is now collaborating with the Yon family.

The funny short guy asked why is the owner of Ju Jak's heart with the evil people from Hwa Cheon. I think someone from their village had been captured by Hwa Cheon before and was left with the mark of Hwa Cheon on his back. All those with the mark became violent and is forever under the clutches of Hwa Cheon.

Ki Ha tries to cut into the Hwa Cheon mark on her back but failed.

Kak Dan came to tell Dam Deok that he will be coronated that day and that the King was waiting for him. Dam Deok asked his father not to do it. Everyone knows Ho Gae is the King of Jushin and wants him to be the king. He was also willing to give up the position of Crown Prince to Ho Gae.

The King gave him a bottle of perfume that belonged to Dam Deok's mother. She was alone when she gave birth to him. He told Dam Deok that he was borned under the Star of Jushin. However, all those who know cannot divulge the secret until the King of Jushin awakens... (Hmm...does that mean that the High Priestess knew all along that Dam Deok's mother would give birth to the King of Jushin and warned the family? That's why she was outside the palace when she gave birth?) And then the King sort of expected Dam Deok to go running to hug him...(perhaps I understand. Ok I will be king? hehe!). Anyway, Dam Deok hesitated and then he said a whole of stuff which I couldn't understand..but err..he seems angry leh..
Thanks to Taro from the comment section: So both Dam Deok's parent did know that he was the King of Jushin and Dam Deok's mother gave birth to him alone in the deep mountains so that he would be safe. However, because of the cold weather, his mother died on the 4th day. And now, his father, the King wants to fulfil that prophesy and Dam Deok's mother's wish by making him King. But Dam Deok was unwilling to accept it as it would result in a war between 2 fractions and that this is all just myth.

They are at the HQ of Shin Dang for the coronation ceremony but only the Chor No tribe is there.

Ki Ha woke up and can't really seemed to remember totally what happened the night before except for flashbacks. I guess she was hypnotised by Daejangro.

The High Priestess asked all the ministers and the tribal chiefs to attend the coronation ceremony because all the tribes need to be present to give their blessings before the prince can be crowned king. But the chiefs want the King to return their sons back first before they will attend.

Ki Ha found out about the chiefs' sons being kidnapped and thought Ho Gae was involved. She doesn't remember calling Ho Gae, King the night before. I think Ho Gae was rather frustrated as Ki Ha seemed to be 2 different persons- from the night before and now in the morning. Ki Ha asked Ho Gae to help her and let her go. She has to save someone. Ho Gae asked who was it...and Ki Ha replied that if that person dies...she cannot live (alamak...must Ho Gae ask?...I'm sure he knows it is Dam Deok). Anyway, it seems Ki Ha is rather repulsed by Ho Gae (poor's not his fault).

Dam Deok found out that the chiefs' sons have been captured and the chiefs think it was done by the King.

Ho Gae went to Hwa Cheon to question Daejangro about the kidnappings. A whole long conversation but I think he was asking if blood has to be spilled for this...(got to wait for proper translation).

Dam Deok announced to Kak Dan that he won't be going to the for the coronation and he asked her to protect the King. Mikaney translated it: 'I'm asking you to do it as a fellow brother'. Awww....

The King asked Cheok Hwan, the leader of the Gaema army to protect Dam Deok, who will become the new king. Cheok Hwan seems to be questioning something...hmmm...not sure what. But this guy saw what Ki Ha did the night before when she acknowledged Ho Gae as the king.

Ka Ryeo accuses the Chor No tribe of kidnapping the sons of the other 3 tribes (afterall, only the Chor No tribe's son is safe...inside the prison cells in the Yon's residence). Of course the chief got angry lah.

Dam Deok decided to find the tribal chiefs' sons and left with Ki Ha and the Gaema army (who is supposed to protect him).'s really great to see them all riding on the horses like it was the most natural thing to do. I know it's not's very hard on those bumps...^^

News arrived that the 3 chiefs have sent for their own personal armies and they will be within the palace soon. I think they (ie, the king) only have 3,500 soldiers? Not sure... Anyway, the King ordered all the gates to be shut.

Dam Deok's group arrived at near where the tribal chiefs' sons are being held captived. I think Ki Ha was saying they can attack directly but I think Dam Deok doesn't want anyone to get hurt? I think.....So he was telling Cheok Hwa that they have to have a plan...

And then Cheok Hwa, the leader of the army that's supposed to protect Dam Deok, asked him to sacrfice himself for Goguryeo (the gist of it anyway as I can't understand the whole dialogue).

Within the palace, I think General Ho was asking the King to escape to another place nearby? And I believe the chief of Chor No tribe vowed to protect the King from enemies outside. I like the fat chief. He's the only chief that looks and behave like a chief...fearsome and full of authority but at the same time, respectful of the King.

And then the King asked the chief to go back to Jeolnoboo (his own state?) instead of staying behind in the palace to protect him. One, because his son was still a prisoner of Yon and secondly, he wanted the chief to help Dam Deok later. The chief started to protest but the King said... 'This is not a request but an order from the King...'.

Cheok Hwa tells Ki Ha that he saw what happened the night before and that she called called Ho Gae, King. He asked her why she is protecting Dam Deok instead of Ho Gae. But he seems to be saying alot more...hmm.. Anyway, Dam Deok then realised that Ki Ha is Ju Jak and gave her a rather surprised look.

Dam Deok asked if it was the King of Jushin who kidnapped the tribal chiefs' sons, and then put the blame on the king and was it also this King of Jushin, Ho Gae, who wanted the Crown Prince to die (I felt like knocking the army general's head). At that moment, Ho Gae appeared.

The High Priestess announced that the coronation is cancelled? postphoned? The 3 chiefs asked for their sons and then don't know what that evil Ka Ryeo said...

Ho Gae told Dam Deok that he found that he wasn't the only one borned under the Star of Jushin and Dam Deok was also borned that night. But there cannot be 2 kings in Goguryeo (at that line, all the soldiers draw out their sword... I guess they are about to kill Dam Deok). Ki Ha also drew out her sword and stood in front of Dam Deok. Gosh, that angry look that she gave Ho Gae and that hurt look that Ho Gae have Ki Ha (seeing the woman that he loves, protecting his arch enemy with her life).

And then Ki Ha did some sort of accupunture? hehe! Anyway, she pricked Dam Deok with a needle and he immediately fainted (better than chloroform....haha!).

Ki Ha promised that she will return by sunrise the next day. Ho Gae told her to take Dam Deok away and to warn him that he must never step inside the palace again or the king will be in danger. He doesn't have the confidence of letting Dam Deok go again the 2nd time. He said he had nothing to do with all the kidnappings and that he will become a king in the right way (at least that's what I think he said).

The public announcement- I guess it is to say the coronation cannot take place.

Ka Ryeo is angry with Ho Gae for letting Dam Deok go. Long conversation...which obviously I can't understand all...but I think Ho Gae said that he knew his father was doing all these to make him he believed he is the King of Jushin after seeing the powers from Ju Jak (ie, Ki Ha). Ho Gae said he will become a king rightfully without all these underhand methods (good for him! I do think he would have make a good king if Dam Deok wasn't in the picture).

Ka Ryeo told his son off for spoiling all the plans because of one girl (does he know that Ho Gae likes Ki Ha?) The creepy, evil Daejangro spoke...not sure about the whole conversation...but according to Gaulsan's translation, I guess basically he said alot of people will be killed because of what Ho Gae did?

In a refugee camp on the outskirts, Dam Deok woke up... and saw the people outside poor and hungry, fighting over food. He asked Ki Ha if these are the citizens of Goguryeo....and then err..can't understand...seems to be concerned that the citizens are in such a bad state...and the state isn't helping? Was there a war 3 years ago? Aiyah..have to wait for translation again. *Tiffany frustrated...* He wanted to touch the little boy but found that he's dead...and he was very upset (maybe this is a starting point for him to want to become make a better life for the people?)

Translation by Gaulsan:
Damdeok: What can I do?
The tribal leaders are against my father.
They want to kill me to make someone else to become king.
The soldiers who are supposed to guard me wants me to kill myself.
The woman I've trusted is a servant of someone else.

Kiha: Aren’t you angry of me?

Damdeok: You look so pale…

Kiha: You should rage at me. I deceived you.

Then I think Dam Deok asked if her heart also felt like that....I guess meaning if what she was doing was of her own free will...and if she was also deceiving him deliberately..

He told her she has to follow the fate of Ju Jak (both of them thinks Ho Gae is the Jushin King), and that she mustn't put herself in agony or hardship because of him.

This scene between the 2 of them really gave me the goosebumps...especially with the song in the background. It was so heart wrenching, seeing Dam Deok's sad, teary alone in the world...

Thanks to dramaok on soompi for the information about the song.
The song is called 허락 (Approval) by 준서 (Jun Seo):
또 다시 태어나는 그날에
The day we are born gain

하늘이 허락하길 바래요
May the Heavens approve

우리의 이뤄질수 없었던 사랑을...
Our love which could not be realized...

하늘아 내 사랑을 가려줘
Dear Heaven, cover up my love

바람아 내 아픔을 날려줘
Dear wind, blow away my pain

그대가 내 눈물을 모르게 부탁해 ...
Please don't let my tears be known to him/her...

Poor Ho Gae was sitting alone in that candle room...thinking of Ki Ha and all that happened. All of us on soompi agreed that he was a great man to have let Ki Ha, the woman he loved, go with Dam Deok. Afterall, she may not return.

And then the next scene was what many people on soompi called the 'wardrobe malfunction' scene. Hehe! Basically, there was a debate as to whether they 'did' it...with Dam Deok's shirt being opened...and her hand on his chest...we all feared the worse. But many of us refused to think about what it may mean. Personally, I think nothing happened...but then I'm probably in denial as well. haha!

2 of the refugees came to give Ki Ha some information...about the whereabouts of the chiefs' sons?

Ki Ha went riding off alone and was caught by Daejangro and his men. He asked if she had spent the night with Dam Deok and warned her that she will be hurt if she continues. Ki Ha charged right through all the guys but stopped right in front of Daejangro...he seems to be emitting some sort of power over her.

Hyeon Ko is telling the funny short guy why there are 2 Ju Jaks. Basically, Ka Jin had the power first but it was taken away by Hwan Woong, who then gave it to Seo O. So both of the reincarnated and both of them are also Ju Jak. They now have to hurry back to save Suzini.

Dam Deok woke up and found a letter from Ki Ha. She told him that she has gone back to the palace for help (I think she she was going to find the Chor No tribe) and she will bring back the king, so please wait for her. And she will stay with Dam Deok even if it meant disobeying her fate as Ju Jak.

I feel rather sorry for Ki Ha...but in a way, her wish was also partially fulfilled. As Ka Jin, she did not have the love of Hwan Woong..which led to her drastic action of kidnapping and killing Seo O's son. As Ki Ha, she did have the love of Dam Deok...just that fate does not allow them to be together.

And poor Ho Gae...all that happened was not his fault. He's a good man and would have made a good king in normal circumstances. He became who he is because of the 'well intentions' of the others around him.

I think the next 2 episodes will be very exciting....lots of action....

And I love the songs from the drama so far...wish they would hurry up and release the ost.

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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 6 summary

Some people were saying it's not as exciting as the previous episode. Well, there's less action..I mean you can't have a 'polo' or 'fighting' scene for every episode right? Also, Suzini hardly appeared. It was mostly Ki Ha and Ho Gae. But I think it's just as exciting as it is setting the stage for the start of the showdown.

This is just a summary for Episode 6. Again--- please forgive me if I can't give a perfect summary as know, I don't really understand all the dialogues. Many thanks to everyone on soompi who have helped with the spot translations and explainations.

Kak Dan lost to Dam Deok in the fight and let him leave. She told him her name again (I think she is supposed to play a more significant role right?) and I think she also told him the players are being held at the Yon's residence.

Ki Ha is found trying to leave the Shin Dang by the High Priestess and is reprimanded. Not sure what the whole conversation was about...I think she said if Ki Ha is Dam Deok's night companion? seems Ki Ha was going to be punished but the aide form the Yon's family came to ask for her, saying she is needed for a special reason.

Dam Deok went to the Yon's residence to seek the release of the Black team's players. (Actually, I'm wondering why they're held there instead of at the normal jail. Perhaps because they're tribal chief's people, and so cannot be put together with the other common prisoners? Hmmm...) The funny guy from the Keomeul village saw him and told Hyeon Go. Hehe! Hyeon Go is so funny. He was trying to use the special rocket thing (the thing that was used by the his people in the 2nd episode, which can render those people within it invisible).. But err...he didn't quite manage to do it. ^^

Dam Deok asked if Yon Ka Ryeo (Ho Gae's father) wanted the crown prince position and if he wanted him, Dam Deok to give up the position as the crown prince. Ka Ryeo asked if he knows that a Crown Pince is to become the King. Anyway, Dam Deok said that he has no wish to become the King. He knows Ho Gae is borned under the Jushin star, and that he too wish for the Jushin King to become the King of Goguryeo. But he tells him to wait for a little more as his father is still living. He will give up the position later.

Hyeon Go and the funny short man see Ki Ha arriving at the Yon's residence and they are wondering why. But unknown to them, they are being watched by Sa Ryang. And then Dam Deok left (can't understand his dialogue with Yon Ka Ryeo).

Daejangro told Ki Ha that Dam Deook was there and I think told her what he said about giving up the throne..Then the rest can't really understand. But I think basically, he doesn't want to wait till Dam Deok's father is dead and he wants to test if Ho Gae is really the king that night.

Suzini is seen gambling with the other prisoners (some things don't change...^^)

Dam Deok went back to Tae Shil and saw his father there. I think his father is reprimanding him for playing in the Kyuk Ku and that he should be keeping a low profile. Then Dam Deok asked if his father is happy- living the life of a king. He told his father he only want to live with the person he loves. And his father asked if it's the girl, Ki Ha from Shin Dang. The rest of the conversation can't really catch...but I think he said Dam Deok still doesn't know who he is..and that no matter how difficult, he has to wait.

Ho Gae goes into the room and sees Ki Ha lighting up the candles and doing a dance (Is she supposed to seduce him?) Anyway, as she was dancing away, she kept thinking about Dam Deok. And Dam Deok was also thinking of Ki Ha. And Ho Gae was thinking about Ki Ha (when they were young)...alamak...the only person not thinking of anyone was Suzini.

Anyway, the heart of Ju Jak suddenly lighted up and at that precise moment, Suzini dreamt of her past life as Seo O (the last part when she became the black phoenix and started all the fire on earth).

We're all debating as to why the heart of Ju Jak glowed as Ho Gae is not the king (the heart is supposed to light up if Ju Jak is together with the King of Jushin). Anyay, there are lots of debate and I guess we will only know later. But what is certain is that both Ki ha and Suzini probably can have control over the heart of Ju Jak as they were both Ju Jaks and control fire in their previous life.

(On soompi, I wrote that the heart glowed when Dam Deok and Suzini walked past Daejangro, whereas it lighted up like on fire with Ki Ha...not sur eif I'm right..hehe!)

Hyeon Go and the funny short guy are talking about the 4 gods and their heavenly objects and the king (not sure about the whole conversation).

Ho Gae was obviously very pleased to see Ki Ha (he has this smitten look on his face). I think he said something about having waited for a chance to be with Ki Ha.

The King is having an assembly with the ministers and the various tribal chiefs. Yon's aide said that Ho Gae is born under the Star of Jushin and has the look of a king etc, etc.. And none of the tribes support Dam Deok as the crown prince. Basically, they are asking the King to make Ho Gae as the Crown Prince since they believe he is the one.

Hok Gae, the chief of Chor No tribe went to the palace to seek for the release of his son and the rest of his people. He was stopped by the guards.

More arguing continued with the pressure on the King to take away Dam Deok's position as the Crown Prince. And the High Priestess is called. 17 years ago (so it's confirmed that Dam Deok, Suzini and Ho Gae should be 17 now...hehe! they sure don't look like it...ok..must suspend reality check for this), she prophesized about the star of Jushin, as well as that other stars would also be seen born. Not sure if she knew it was going to be Dam Deok's mother who would give birth to the King.

Anyway, she was the one who found Dam Deok and his mother, under the star of Jushin ( much like the Star of Bethleham). She therefore proclaimed that Dam Deok is the King of Jushin as he was borned under the Star of Jushin.

More arguments followed as Yon's aide said that everyone knows that it was Ho Gae that was born under the Star of Jushin. And then I think the High Priestess announced that Shin Dang recognised Dam Deok as the King of Jushin.

Gam Dong, a disciple from the Keomeul village told Hyeon Go about the news that Dam Deok was born under the Star of Jushin. Hyeon Go rushes back to the village to gather the people and tell them about Dam Deok. I think they have to prepare for their work as supporters of the King of Jushin. He tells Gam Dong, that Suzini will have to wait for now.

Can't really understand the whole conversation betwen Ho Gae and his father. Think he asked if his father really believed the whole thing about the Star of Jushin etc. But Ho Gae's father is adament that Ho Gae will become king, even if Dam Deok is also borned under the star of Jushin. And then Ho Gae asked if they are going to revolt.

Err..and then a whole long conversation between the High Priestess and the King. I think she is worried about their safey now that the secret is out?
Thanks to taro who gave the explaination in the comments section:
she believe that they need keep the secret until the "king of jushin" awake by himself. But the time haven't come yet. And the father said, if Dam Dok is real king, he will survive even what problem come.

Dam Deok is still locked up inside Tae Shil. He asked Kak Dan if that is the sword of Jumong (the founder of Goguryeo). Then Kak Dan said something about the sword..

Dam Deok is telling sword that Ho Gae is the one (the king). And that he wanted to be his friend long ago but he caused the death of his mother. He said that Ho Gae will be a good king... And then the sword glowed (I'm thinking that maybe the sword will come alive later in the hands of Dam Deok).

Long conversation betwen the King and the Chief of Chor No tribe. Think he was asking if he will suport Dam Deok? Am afraid will have to wait for translation.
Thanks to taro for the translation in the comment section:
and he also asking a 'favour', give to Dam Dok the daughter of Chor No, as a queen. He said, it will bring to them lots of difficulties bcoz of so many enemies around them. But the Chor No said, King never as 'favour' to their people. Just order and they will listen.

Ka Ryeo went to see Daejangro and asked for his help to make Ho Gae king. Of course, he was more than happy to oblige.

He assembled all his followers and announced that after 2,000 years, the King of Jushin and Ju Jak have been found. And then everyone started chanting.."Tae Wang, Sa Shin" (Great King, Four Gods). It was rather errie.

Whilst this was going on, Daejangro sent his people to capture the eldest sons of the 3 tribes.

Ki Ha seems to be pleading something for Dam Deok..hmm...and I think Daejangro knows that Ki Ha likes Dam Deok? Anyway, he tells Ki Ha not to forget who she is and what happened (hmm..was he trying to bring back her memories of her past life as Ka Jin?)

The 3 tribal cheifs gathered at Yon's residence. They thought it was the King who has abducted their sons because they oppos Dam Deok as the Crown Prince.

Ka Ryeo announced that Ho Gae is the King of Jushin and brought in Ki Ha. She basically wows them with the show of her power and then she walks towards Ho Gae and kneels before him....

Gosh.. I have so many missing puzzles...I hope I haven't confused anyone.... Hopefully the translation will come out soon.

Tonight's Episode 7 should be exciting! Dam Deok will be running away!!!

edited at 8.20pm

Many, many thanks to taro. ^^

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Lee An's blog

Guess what?

Lee An has a blog.

Lee who?

Lee An...

The Korean singer who launched his career here in Singapore. I was blogging about him in February and saying how brave he was... to do it here, where even local singers go overseas to launch their careers.

Anyway, I received an sms the other seems he's started a blog.

Nowadays, it's not uncommon to do so. Lots of artistes do them. I think those in Korea have what's called cyworld.

They are very popular. And many artistes have found it very useful for keeping in contact with their fans. Some of them like Lee Jun Ki updates it regularly enough with his pics and his thoughts. It's great for fans.

Of course, it can also backfire as some fans or non-fans (they call them 'antis' or anti-fans) can create chaos and havoc on the stars' site.

Nevertheless, I feel it's a great bridge between the artiste and the fans.

I think Lee An just started on this blog and there aren't many entries so far. From the looks of it, it seems he's had some problem with the management...poor thing...but he will be producing another album soon. That would be great.

Hmm... he also plants his own lettuce and cooks Tteokkbokki (they look quite good actually).

Maybe he can organise a fan gathering whereby he can cook for the fans. wahahaha! Good right? I know Lynn would welcome that. hehe!

Whatever it is, I wish him all the best and hope his career really launches.


Photo from his performance in Square 2, Feb 07

You can catch one of his song here--->사랑은 늘 그대

You can read about him in my previous posts:

Birth of Lee An
Lee An @ Square2

Hmm... I still say he should cut off those wavy hair....

And I wonder why is his name written as 리안 and not 이안.

Anyway, do check out his blog here---> here. Please do give him lots of support...coz it's a tough life as a 가수 lor and his voice is really not too bad. But he will still have a long way to go...

His link is also posted together with some of the other great bloggers, on the right side of my blog. Do check them out when you are free....

Misc on Jang Hyuk:
Mr Jang Hyuk has left Singapore on Monday night, after spending nearly 2 months here. I'm sure he must be so glad to go back to his hometown, where the weather is not so weird. hehehe! Seems there were quite a few fans at the airport to say goodbye to him.... much better than the one fan- Wendy, who was at the airport when he arrived. I really hope he had a happy stay here in Singapore.

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Sexily dangerous and dangerously sexy

There was much interests in the female leads when 'Tae wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend' aired recently. Moon So Ri and Lee Ji Ah, as women warriors Ka Jin and Seo O, were getting lots of attention after the 1st episode aired. I think most of the viewers were getting a kick out of watching them fight . No, not cat fight (though those can be quite vicious as well) but as proper warriors and chief of their tribes. I think the appearance of Ka Jin and Seo O contributed much to the success of the high ratings.

The same reaction arose when Lee Da Hee appeared as Kak Dan, a woman warrior in the army, who was guarding Dam Deok. Her fight with him was one of the highlight of the drama.

Now just what is it about these 3 characters that drew so much attention?

It's because they look so dangerously sexy whilst being sexily dangerous.

A woman can be dangerous.

A woman can be sexy

But if you combine the's lethal. ^^

Just think of Halle Berry emerging from the sea, with a knife in her belt in the James Bond movie or Angelina Jolie whipping through the jungle in Tomb Raider movie.

I mean it's got even me, a woman, hyperventilating. Whew! Seriously, don't you people get a high seeing them kick 屁股? (sorry for the undignified word ^^).

This was also one of the reason why I like the drama, 'Forbidden Love/ 구미호 (Tale of 9 Tail Wolves )'.

Don't they remind you of 'Men In Black'? hehe!

The story was unusual..also incorporating fanatsy elements. The myth of 9-Tail Wolves, who take on the form of humans, but still needing to eat a human's liver to stay alive...Yes, it was interesting. Ok...I like this kind of story. I like fantasy stories.

The acting though, unfortunately, was only so-so....with Kim Tae Hee still having hangovers from her 'Stairways to Heaven' days. (I kid you's the same looks from that drama). Thank goodness she got better in 'Love Story in Harvard'. And Jo Hyun Jae didn't fare much better either. Sigh. The only saving grace was Jun Jin (although his acting was only also so-so, he at least look really droolicious in it). And of course the biggest find was Uhm Tae Woong.

But, but what really captivated me were the clothes and their image. Don't they look cool? Especially the women.

Don't these 2 'lady wolves' look extremely, extremely hip. I'm sure no men would object to being 'killed' by them. wahahaha!

And if you have watched 'Damo', then you would have agreed that Ha Ji Won was one great swordswoman...

And one other recent character that I find totally sexily dangerous.

Song Joo in 'Capital Scandal'. Aiyoh...when she gets dressed up in her super sexy clothes, with those red pouty lips and that low voice... holding a gun. Man...

Rest assured I'm not gay.... I like men but these women sets my heart a fluttering too. thinks there is a link there somewhere as I do like bad boys (rebels). hehehe!

Now all these are not to be confused with tomboyish girl, which seems to be a growing trend recently as well. Yoon Eun Hye in the recent hit drama, 'Coffee Prince Shop No 1'

and Park Shin Hye in her current weekend drama, 'Gaduki'.

Not sure what Park Shin Hye's character is like in the drama though....anybody knows?

Now both of them look cute and are probably tomboyish girls. In fact, I think Yoon Eun Hye did a brilliant job in 'Coffee Prince'.

But hor...being tomboyish as a young girl is cute...being tomboyish as a woman is not....

Go Hyun Jung in this year's drama, 'H.I.T'

And before you start pelting eggs at me... I did read that it was a good drama and I believe the ratings were quite good too...but...but...I could not get past the 1st episode where she was sitting in the car, scratching her foot. Really, really cannot.

And so girls, you know what to do if you want to be sexy and attract lots of men...just pick up a weapon.


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Coffee Prince Shop No 1- My Chan

For those who keep up-to-date with the current dramas showing in Korea, the common question amongst us was: "Are/ Have you watched Coffee Prince?"

And if you spot someone with the tagline in her msn (and there were at least a couple): "My Chan....", you know she's watched the drama. ^^

Gong Yoo- Chae Han Gyul (최한결)
Yoon Eun Hye- Go Eun Chan (고은찬)
Lee Seon Gyun- Chae Han Seong (최한성)
Chae Jung Ahn- Han Yoo Joo (한유주)
Kim Dong Wook- Chin Ha Rim (진하림)
Kim Jae Wook- No Son Gi (노선기)
Lee Eon- Hwang Min Yeop (황민엽)

MBC official English site
soompi thread
MV 1- White Love Story
MV 2- Lalala, It's love
NG 1
NG 2
NG special

'Coffee Prince Shop No 1' was a surprise hit for MBC and indeed for many of us. Based on a manhwa (comic), it wasn't even supposed to air till September. But because BYJ's drama, 'Legend' had to be postphoned, this drama was selected to fill up the time slot.

Yoon Eun Hye was not the first choice for the lead. The role was actually offered to Kim Ah Jung (of the '200 Pounds Beauty' fame). But when she found out that she has to cut off her lovely long hair for the character's role, she had to decline. As a spokesperson for a shampoo brand, she was under contract to keep her long hair. And hence Yoon Eun Hye took on the role...and she did a very good job of it.

It didn't draw much interest initially as the storyline of a tomboyish girl falling in love didn't sound very exciting. And indeed, the storyline is nothing to speak of.

But the simple storyline was more than made up for by the excellent cast and it quickly captured the audience' interest, with a high ratings of about 30% for the 2nd half of the drama.

Eun Chan is a very tomboyish girl. As the 'man' of the house after her father passed away, she has to take care of her mother and younger sister. She takes on various jobs at the same time, teaching taekwondo, delivering pizza and milk. She is cheerful, strong and bright, with a keen sense of smell and is always hungry.

Han Gyul's family owns a big food and beverage company and is the only son. He is recalled back from US by his grandmother (who basically still rules the company) to go for match-making sessions.

Through a misunderstanding (it's always misunderstanding, isn't it?), Han Gyul got to know Eun Chan and thinking she is man, employed her to be his 'boyfriend' to get out of the match-making sessions.

Han Gyul is then thrown an ultimatum- run the cafe (owned by the family and managed by the very sloppy Manager Hong) and turn it around in 3 months' time or risk forfeiting his inheritance.

He goes about recruiting his staff, with the condition that they must be men. Eun Chan, having lost her job at delivering pizza as well as a taekwondo instructor, decided to hide the truth that she's a woman to get the job. Only Manager Hong knew the truth.

What followed were lots of funny and interesting moments as Han Gul slowly finds himself falling for this little 'guy', who always makes him smile. Eun Chan also faces difficulty as she too falls in love with this Sa Jang nim and debated whether whether to tell him that she is really a woman.

To add to the complication, Han Gul has been nursing a secret love for Yoo Joo for 10 years. Yoo Joo, an artist, is the girlfriend of Han Sung, Han Gyul's cousin, Han Sung.

And Han Sung? Having loved Yoo Joo for 10 years, found himself wavering when Eun Chan came into the picture and aroused a kind of feeling he hasn't had for a long time. If it sounds melodramatic, don't worry, it isn't. Thank goodness.

Slowly, starting with Min Yeop, who is in love with Eun Sae, Eun Chan's younger sister, the rest of the staff at Prince Cafe, came to know about Eun Chan's true identity.

What's the ending? Well, most of the people realised their dreams, in particular, Eun Chan. A drama that left me with a smile on my face at the end of the show. ^^




'Coffee Prince Shop No 1' was originally supposed to air in September, after 'Tae Wang sa Shin Gi/ Legend'. But TWSSG got delayed and so Coffee Prince became it's replacement. Frankly, I wasn't really interested in it in the beginning....none of the male leads interest me and Yoon Eun Hye seems to be playing another light hearted role again.

The drama is based on a comic and you can read the translations of the comic on Xanga's blog. It followed some parts of the comic but not entirely.

What makes the drama interesting (at least to me) was not so much the storyline (which is basically very simple) but more so the chemistry between all the cast. And in a very rare case, the side characters were just as interesting as the lead characters. And although there were some usual stereotypical K drama plots- terminal illness, adoption, 4 way relationships, thankfully, they did not focus on them and sink it into a melodrama, sobbing story. Also, thank goodness they only extend it by one more episode as any more would have ruin it did for 'Goong' or 'Princess Hours'. In fact, as far as the writer is concerned, the drama finished at Episode 12 after Han Gyul discovered that Eun Chan is really a girl. Of course, this isn't any earth shattering, heart-tugging drama but it was just sweet without overly saccharine. My cousin said that '9 Ends 2 Out' is funnier but errr... I really cannot tahan that hair leh... (see my post about Lee Jun Jin in Bad Hair Day).

And this is also one of the unusual drama where the men were more keen to get married or establish a relationship than the women...from Yoo Joo to Eun Chan to Eun Sae, Eun Chan's mother and even Byul (Ha Rim's girlfriend). Hehe! Makes a nice change.

As I mentioned, the side characters became very popular, if not as popular as the main leads. Indeed, the 3 'Princes'- Min Yeop, Sun Gi and Ha Rim became so popular that they have appeared in at least 3 magazines this month.

Ha Rim, as the rather cute, social butterfly, is always after one girl or another. He was the one who stated calling Eun Chan, 'My Chan'- an enduring term that really stuck with the characters in the drama as well as viewers like us. Inquisitive and rather perverted, telling Eun Chan how the men have to 'do it' many times a day. He is the funniest of all the 3 Princes.

Kim Dong Wook in S Magazine (September)

Sun Gi, the cool waffle guy, is a Japanese, who came to Korea to look for the girl he loved. He is probably one of the few men who can have black nail polish, pony tail and still look sexily manly. No wonder all the girls are raving over him. Kim Jae Wook is model turned actor.

Kim Jae Wook in AnAn magazine (September)

Min Yeop, the rather 'slow' but strong guy has only one love in his life- Eun Sae. He played the dopey character really well...especially his expressions and the way he walks. You can't help but love this guy. It seems he was very nervous when he went for the audition. ^^ Lee Eon is also a model (well, you can tell really from his physique). He looks really different when strutting down the catwalk.

Lee Eon in Junior (September)

Besides all above 3 main side characters, the rest of the cast provided a strong interesting watch too..

<--- the no nonsense, smart grandmother of Han Gul and Han Sung. I like her alot.

<--- the really sweet, ever supportive mother of Han Gyul.

<--- the quiet, long suffering father, who was hiding a secret for the Han Gyul.

<--- the slightly ditzy but doting mother of Eun Chan & Eun Sae, with a penchant for pink shoes.

<--- the smart, pretty younger sister, Eun Sae, who harbours thoughts of being a singer. She can twist Min Yeop around her little finger with no problem

<--- the greesy, sloppy, nose-picking Manager Hong, with a soft spot for Eun Chan.

<--- the slightly nerdy stingy, local butcher, who has the hots for Eun Chan's mother.

I'm glad there weren't too many complications amongst the 4 leads...just enough to set up the tension a little. Han Yoo Joo wasn't evil, just a little to self centered and confident. It is probably this self-confidence that made her take advantage of both the cousins. But it was also this self confidence that made her nearly lost Han Sung to Eun Chan. On the whole, as a successful artist, I rather like her. Chae Jung Ahn was a singer first (nowadays, almost all singers are actors and vice versa).


I was more interested in Han Sung than Han Gyul..and not just because of his amazing, mersmerising voice (he's a stage actor) but also because of his slightly goofy look. And I love to hear him's a nice, deep infectious laugh. As for his singing, gosh....I could really melt in it. Here's a link to watch/ hear him sing to Yoo Joo. I know Shirley is over the moon with his voice...and so am I. I'm so glad that the ost contains his song.


Surprisingly, I am still not enamoured with Gong Yoo, despite the fact that he has done rather well in his role as Han Gyul and with a rather good chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye, I must say. But zap... This should be his last drama before reporting for his compulsary army service this year.


But I really do think the star of the show belongs to Yoon Eun Hye, for daring to do a role that is so unfeminine and so unflattering. I think she has been trying very hard since her Princess Hours's days. Congratulations to her!


And last but not least, Ursula's favourite cast in the drama.....Terri ^^

Isn't he adorable?

And this is the video that appeared in the drama, which made the Princes in the shop popular. It was done and uploaded by Eun Sae. I really, really like this- hehe! Check it out ----> here

Btw, there are 2 osts out for this. The original one and the extra one. The extra 2nd one contains alot of the extra songs used (which was quite a lot) plus dialogues. But doesn't have the one I like....Once in a While by Soundre Lerche (thanks to someone in soompi.... sorry, can't remember whom. *^)

Credits for photos as listed on the photos.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 5 summary

I watched this episode only last ngith as I was really busy and din't have time to catch it earlier.

I hesitated whether to do a summary as most of you would have caught the episode and I think many of the scenes are self-explainatory. Also, because I couldn't really understand most of the dialogues, I thought it would be better to wait for someone like maybe Gaulsan or Suehan to do the translation.

But since I've started this summary thing, I guess I'll just continue with it for this espisode. Alot of the spot translations and explainations were contributions from people on soompi (dramaoak, liquidfir, mikaney and many others).

The Chinese subs is also out, so for those who understand Chinese, you may want to watch that instead. I'm not sure if I should continue with this there are lot's people helping out with the translations and explainations...

Anyway, let's see....

Inside the 격구 stadium, the game started between the Yellow team (led by Ho Gae) and the blue team. Ho Gae scored the first goal and his father remembered what he said about if he is King, he can do as his heart wishes. Suzini is smitten with Ho Gae.

The yellow team is attacking the blue team. Dam Deok commented it is violent but Suzini replied that it is allowed as long as the horses aren't harmed. Then Dam Deok replied that there seems to be metal inside the sticks (which isn't allowed). (Explaination thanks to Mikaney). You can go here for the spot translations.

Suzini left the stadium to investigate, and Dam Deok followed her. As they walked past Daejangro (the chief of Hwancheon), Hong Ok, the holy object of Ju Jak glowed. He saw Ki Ha looking at Ho Gae and thought this confirms Ho Gae as the King of Jushin.

At the Yellow team's camping ground, Suzini confronted one of Ho Gae's man about the sticks and asked for money to keep her mouth shut (thanks to Mikaney for translation). A fight started and then Ho Gae appeared, asking what's happening. Suzini tried to run away and then Dam Deok appeared. Hehe! It was so funny and really quite nice of Suzini as she shouted at Dam Deok to run away (she didn't want him to get caught). And then she sees them greeting Dam Deok respectfully and this was when she realises that he is the Crown Prince when Ho Gae called him Tae Ja Nim. Dam Deok asked Ho Gae if he realises that it is against the rule to have metal inside the sticks. Judging from Ho Gae's look, I guess he didn't know and this is all the work of his man. Ho Gae wanted to reveal the truth and accept full responsibility but Dam Deok said no, as he is not supposed to be outside the palace, and so I guess didn't want any trouble. (thanks to Mikaney's translation).

Suzini is given some money to keep quiet. She asked why did Dam Deok let it go and he replied that he had a debt to repay to Ho Gae. Then you see Ki Ha in the background, looking at Dam Deok and Suzini. Think she said something to Sar Yang about Dam Deok seems to be laughing together with that child (Suzini).

Suzini is muttering to herself about her conversation with Dam Deok (he told her not to tell anyone that he is the Crown Prince). And then Hyeon Go came along and asked how was Ho Gae (hehe! before the stick incident, she was like 'Oh! Ho Gae is the greatest and makes her heart flutters etc. ^^). And then I can't really understand the conversation (but according to Mikaney, it seems the teacher thought she may have been dumped.) Whatever it is, Hyeon Go was really funny. ^^

Inside the secret room of Hwancheon, Daejangro is telling Ki Ha about the Ju Jak's holy object glowing and wants to go to the Yon's resident to confirm if Ho Gae is the King. Then Ki Ha asked:'And if it is confirmed, then....?'. Dajangro replied that if Ho Gae is indeed the King of Jushin, then they have to help make him the King of Goguryeo and also find the other 3 holy objects.

Dam Deok sneaks back into the palace and found Ho Gae waiting for him. He was surprised as he thought the location was a secret. It's a whole long conversation but I think it's about the incident. Will have to wait for full translation.

Ho Gae is drinking. He asked his man why did he have to resort to such low tactics. His follower said something about they must win.

And then Ho Gae's follower is seen giving some money to a couple of men, and then these men are seen attacking the Black team (who is also out drinking). A few of the players are hurt. I think Dam Deok wanted to bring them to the doctor but I'm guessing they do not want their injuries to be known, or they can't play the next day. Then Suzini brought them back to her place (I think). And Ki Ha seems to know she is needed (they have telepathy?) as she was waiting for Dam Deok when he came for her.

Ki Ha treats the men's injuries. I think Hyeon Go was asking how did Suzini know someone from Shin Dang and if Dam Deok was her friend. And then a long conversation between Dam Deok and the leader of the black tema (who is also the son of Chor No tribe).

Suzini asked Ki Ha if they have met before...and then...not sure about the rest of the conversation. But she sees Dam Deok and Ki Ha having this very sweet and understanding look between each other.

At the match the next day, the youngest player had to play as one of their main player is injured. The leader of the Black team was scoring goals and winning. Ho Gae had that look on his face and then you see his man hitting his stick against his boots, which is a signal to attack the Black team ..and it was quite a vicious attack. Not sure if it's allowed but the refree came on to stop the game as the leader and the youngest player were badly injured. The refree was asking for replacements but the Black team was in a dilemma as they have no extras for back-ups (they were all injured in the attack). Dam Deok and Suzini entered as replacments. Gosh, he looked really good in full armour on the horse.

It was a most exciting scene as the match carried on. There is so much great co-ordination between Suzini and Dam Deok. Anyway, Dam Deok kept scoring and in the midst of the play, Suzini's helmet came off. So Ho Gae realised the other person was Dam Deok. He told his follower: "You know who it is right?". He said yes, and the signal was given to attack Dam Deok.

Ho Gae kept hitting Dam Deok and he was pushed off the horse. He was almost trampled upon (I think Ho Gae really meant to kill. hurt him if possiblt) and Suzini came charging down to save Dam Deok. Awww... But Dam Deok's helmet came off and his identity is revealed. There is protest from Yon Ka Ryeo (Ho Gae's father) as royalty are not meant to join any of the tribe's team (I'm guessing royalty cannot be seen to be favouring any tribe or team to be fair). Anway, the King was very angry. Remember, the King has been telling everyone that Dam Deok is weak and not very bright. To expose himself like that can only bring trouble and danger as everyone would be paying attention to him.

The King punishes the Black team by locking them up. I think Dam Deok said it's all his fault and the others don't know about it and to punish him only. Dam Deok is also locked up in tthe palace's Tae Shil (which accoridng to someone, is where the royalty's placenta is being placed).

Hyeon Go and the rest are worried about Suzini, wondering if she is going to be killed. I think they discussed about ways to save her (perhaps to break into prison?).

Daejangro went to the Yon's resident and offered to help Ho Gae if he is the King of Jushin. He told Ka Ryeo that he has the heart of Ju Jak with him.

Ki Ha is caught by the high priestess trying to leave Shin Dang (I guess she was going to help Dam Deok).

And then the last scene, which I'm sure everyone knows.

Dam Deok challenging Kak Dan to a fight. If he wins, he will leave.

The fight was fantastic and we all came to the conclusion that BYj didn't use any wire to help him. That jump and twist up the wall was done by him without any help. Isn't it great?

Anyway, here's the translation of the dialogue between the 2 of them (thanks to Joanne of Quilt for the translation).

When Damdeok declined sword offered by Kakdan, bodyguard,
Kakdan said "I am afraid you might get hurt."
Damdeok replied, "I will not cry even if I get hurt. I promise"

After the fighting is over, Damdeok asked Kakdan,
"By the way, what did you say your name was?"


And I really like the part where they show the behind-the-scenes at the end of the drama. I think it will interest alot of people.

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Wanted- Have you seen them?

I was going to write a reviewon 'Coffee Prince Shop No 1'. In fact, it's already half done but looks like I won't be able to post it till this weekend as I will try and do a summary for Episode 5 tomorrow. I hope I can as I have something on early in the morning.

Anyway...I received news that there are a couple of Korean artistes in town. My, my... this little red dot sure is becoming popular. hehehe!

So have you seen them anywhere?

Kim Jae Won

Last seen in the drama, 'Hwangjini' last year together with Ha Ji Won. He recently appeared in Jolin Tsai's latest mv, Agent J (see my post on Exporting kimchi. I thought he may been here because I think there's an event for the launch for Jolin's album. But heard he's here on a photoshoot leh. For Hang ten?

Nam Sang Mi

Her drama, 'Time of Dog and Wolf' with Lee Jun Ki has just finished. Read that she has already confirmed her next drama with Kim Rae Won in the upcoming drama, 'Gourmet (식객)'. Heard she is also here for photoshoot- magazine? Don't think she's a spokesperson for Hang Ten, is she?

Anyway, keep your eyes open people... ^^

Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi/Legend- Ep 4 summary

This is just a summary for Episode 4. I have to stress again that I don't understand all the dialogue. Hopefully someone will translate them soon. I have to thank cydevil, dramaok and the others on soompi for some of the ecxplainations and spot translations.

Dam Deok went to pay his respects at the altar of Ho Gae's mother. He explained what had happened. Of course initially, Ho Gae refused to believe him and his father asked Dam Deok if he was lying. But Dam Deok said that a person will only lie if he is afraid. He also showed the head of the doctor to them (I think it's the doctor who was bribed). He was beheaded (I presume either by Dam Deok's order or by the general). I think Ho Gae's father 'thanked' Dam Deok for not beheading his wife. In a way, forcing her to take poison (with nobody knowing the truth except for a few people) would save the face and retain the dignity of the Yon's family. Of course, I think Dam Deok also could not risk incurring the wrath and possibly an open revolt if he was to confront and behead her in the open.

Anyway, Ho Gae's father told Hoe Gae to become strong (?) and to wait in the meantime and not to take any action now. Ho Gae vowed that he will avenge for his mother's death when he is king.

The King is shocked when he learnt what happened. He explained to Dam Deok why Ho Gae's mother did not like him. (Explaination thanks to dramaoak) It seems that the King's mother was exiled for 13 years and gave birth to the present king (Dam Deok's father) when she was not in Goguryeo. Hence there are rumours that Dam Deok's father may not be of royal blood. It is for this reason that Dam Deok and his family only came back when he was 8 years old. (According to dramaoak, it is of historical fact that the Queen at that time was held hostage for 13 years). Anyway, the conversation was too long and difficult and I couldn't really catch it.

Dam Deok, feeling very sad, went to practice his martial arts that night. There, he found Ki Ha laying out the steps for him so that he could follow easily. (Thanks to cydevil for the spot translation) Dam Deok asked Ki Ha if it was good to become powerful even if it meant killing his close friend's mother. He was obviously in emotional conflict. Ki Ha then thought (in her head) that she hopes he will become stronger and more powerful(?). It will be good so that he will not be hurt in the future.

Suzini told Hyeon Go off for flirtng with the lady (he was holding her hand at the pretext of telling her fortune). hehe! Both teacher and student are so alike. Suzini met Jumuchi and his gang. I think she saw that they had money and brought them to the woman (whose family guarded the White Tiger's (one of the 4 god) object. Her father was killed and her brother fled away with the object. This was in Ep 2). I think Suzini was trying to persuade them to sell their old weapons. The woman commented that the axes were not good. Anyway, Jumuchi showed off his skills by throwing his ax and cutting the tree stump into 2. Jumuchi is the reicarnation of White Tiger.

Dam Deok is seen roaming the streets and befriending the street urchins. They were calling him Hyeon (big brother). He also seemed to have helped the food stall lady's husband. Not sure with what. Dam Deok exchanged greetings with a gang leader, who asked if he wants to go to the gambling den with him. I think this scene shows that Dam Deok (like Suzini) is very familiar with the ordinary people and the street life.

The next scene showed Dam Deok helping an old grandmother with the clothes dying process (hehe! it's the same grandmother in 'Coffee Prince Shop No 1') with the help of the other little kids.

I'm not sure how the above scenes of Dam Deok contribute to the story. Perhaps in the future, when he make his claim as king, it will show that he has the people's support?

The kids then grew up, each doing their own stuff..(finally!)

One day, in the gambling den, Dam Deok saw Suzini. She had lost all her money. He saw her pick-pocketing 2 guy's money and then saw Hyeon Go taking away the money and asking her to follow them. She found them in the putting some sort of grass in the hay for the horses in the stable. These are horses that would be playing in the 'polo game' the next day. Think they were trying to make the hores sick (Note: according to dramaok, the 'polo' game is Korean's version. It's called 격구).

She tried to stop the 2 men and a fight ensued (aiyoh, these 2 men really fought with Lee Ji Ah, a girl. Wonder how she felt). Then the stablehands came out and thought Suzini was the culprit. More fighting as she was surrounded by them. Hehe! It was quite funny when Dam Deok helped Suzini to escape.

Suzini tried to get Dam Deok's money and invited him to a courtesan house, assuming that he's never been to one (well, his expression was a surprised one. I think he was just surprise that she, a girl would suggest such a place). When they got there, to her suprise, the girls there knew Dam Deok well (well, he did grew up in the street).

And Suzini was again chased by those people from the horse training place. It was so funny how Dam Deok refused to help her when she asked him to.

The King paid a surprise visit to Dam Deok. Dam Deok's guards seems to be aware that the crown prince is in a habbit of sneaking out and Ki Ha would know where to find him. The guards passed his robes to her. Ki Ha was waiting for Dam Deok when he came back, climbing over the wall (this reminds me so much of the scene in 'Untold Scandal')

Dam Deok was reprimanded (I think he basically told him not to wonder about as the crown prince). Aiyoh, that expression that BYJ gave to Moon So Ri whilst being scolded was so cute. ^^

I think Ki Ha was also telling him to behave but Dam Deok, to change the subject, asked her to do it--which was to light the fire (this is what Ju Jak, who is one of teh 4 gods, can do- control fire). He wanted to her to stay with him for awhile but she didn't (I think her years of training as part of the Fire/Tiger clan and as part of Shin Dang made her very well disciplined). And then Dam Deok revealed just how lonely he was by saying that there was no one he could be together with in the palace. *sob! sob!*

The next day, Suzini was angry and confronted Dam Deok for not helping her the day before. This was the scene where Dam Deok asked her if she wanted him as she's been following him the whole day (spot translation done by gaulsan earlier).

I think Dam Deok sold some rice? Anyway, Suzini tried to persuade Dam Deok to gamble to make 4 times or 10 times more the money. But I'm not sure how she ended up bringing him to Hyeon Go for fortune telling.

But of course bascially, Hyeon Go is a scam and tried to cheat. Because the holder with all those fortune sticks probably had the bad luck sign on them. I think Heyon Go told Dam Deok that he would reveal the sceret if he gave 2 dollors? (How do you say 两文 in English?) Of course Dam Deok, being a smart guy, discovered the truth.

And then followed a whole long conversation that I couldn't catch except that it was about Ho Gae and the star of Jushin?

Ho Gae is seen giving instructions to his men...I guess bascially, he wants to make sure they win.

The scene where all the 4 teams came in was pretty impressive. Ho Gae belonged to the Yellow team.

Ho Gae's father saw the chief of Fire/ Tiger clan at the event and said to his aide that he wants to meet him. Hmm...not sure what the aide said.

Dam Deok had this very sweet look as he looked at Ki Ha dancing together with the otehr girls from Shin Dang just before the start of the event.

And then the game started and Ho Gae scored.

Tonight's episode will see Dam Deok joining one of the team secretly. And I believe Ho Gae's team also cheated by making their stick stronger than usual.

I'm so glad to finally see BYJ on screen. Can't wait to watch tonight's episode.

Ok...I know I'm missing out alot on the details as I don't understand most of the dialogue....but hopefully this will do till someone does a translation.....*crossing finger*

It's over 30% for the ratings last night. Here's hoping it will break all records!


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Dance of the Dragon dancing in Robinson Road

I know I said my last post on Jang Hyuk.....dancing would be my last post on him....but as I just heard this news over the radio...I thought I'd post it here.

It seems there will be filming of the road scene after all and it will be tomorrow, 16th September. It will be at Robinson Road, from 6am to 4pm. For more information, you can go onto the Singapore Police site.

I won't be going down...think I've got enough dancing for awhile...but if anyone does go down....then let me know what you see ok? ^^

It should involve only Jang Hyuk and posisbly Fann Wong as Jason Scott Lee has already left. Strange that they should call it a Korean movie when it is a hollywood movie.

Ok...have a nice weekend everyone!

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Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi- Legend- Ep 3 summary

This is just a summary of Episode 3. I don't understand all the dialogues, and so don't have many of the details. Hopefully the subs will come out quickly so I can fill in the blanks.

Hyeon Go spots the half-face man, Sa Ryang (he is a subordinate of the elder of the Tiger clan) in the market and asked Suzini to follow him. She found out that Ho Gae's mother was getting some very strong poison from him. The poison is so strong that it would kill someone within a month.

That night, when Dam Deok went back to the library, he found a present from Ki Ha. It's some sort of a shin guard. I guess when he stumbled the other night whilst trying out his martial arts moves, she found that his legs weren't very strong? Anyway, he practices hard and Ki Ha watches secretly with a sweet smile when she found him using the shin guard.

Ho Gae is back from a victorious battle (hmm...isn't he the same age as Dam Deok...which would make him about 14 or 15? Seems a little young leh.) There is much celebration at their house. That night, Dam Deok came with rewards of gold and other treasure for Ho Gae from the King. I think his mother is angry because those gifts would have been his if he became King. Anyway, she became drunk and very emtional. Dam Deok told Ho Gae that he understands it's because of him.

Ho Gae's mother came to visit the King...I can't really understand the dialogue, only that it's about Ho Gae. The King suffered from stomach pains after drinking tea and Dam Deok went in search of some medicine. He came to Shin Dang's garden and saw Ki Ha, together with all the other girls. He asked her if she knew anything about medicine and begs her to take a look at his father, the King as there aren't many people he can trust. He feels he can trust her.

She diagnosed that the King is being poisoned. That night, she asked for the antidote from Sa Ryang (the half face man). She knows its poison from their clan. I can't really understand what the elder of the Tiger Clan said.

The next day, the King's guards stop the doctor from administrating the medicine and searched his house. There, Ki Ha found the poison and the guard found some gold. Dam Deok knows that it is Ho Gae's mother who is behind this as they were the same gold given to Ho Gae and his family. I think it has some sort of a royal crest on it.

He is frustrated as he knows the Yon family is probably even more powerful than the King. He told his teacher not to worry, he will not do anything unless he is sure of winning.

Ho Gae sees Ki Ha and stopped to speak to her. He is obviously smitten with her as he asked her if she remembers who he is. And then there is another long conversation between Dam Deok and Ho Gae...which I can't catch.

That night, Dan Deok was troubled about the whole situation. He is good friend with Ho Gae and they are cousins. I think he feels helpless as he wants to help his father. He has to make a decision. Ki Ha gave him much encouragement and at the end, he said, “Always be by my side. When I turn around, let me always see you”. Awww...

The next day, he summoned Ho Gae's mother and confronted her. But before that, he made sure Ho Gae was surrounded and trapped by his own guards. Dam Deok tricked Ho Gae's mother into believing that Ho Gae had already signed a confession and is now under Dam Deok's control (at least I think it's that). Ho Gae's mother had no choice. I think Dam Deok sort of made a pact with the mother that Ho Gae will not be implicated if it stops now. Ho Gae's mother then took the poison and drank it. She dies infront of Ho Gae. But before dying, she told him that he must become King and to be careful of Dam Deok.

Ho Gae is of course devastated. Actually, I think Ho Gae's father sort of guess and know what's going on. Dam Deok told the Yon family about the poison at the mourning.

I'm impressed with all the cast so far...everyone played their parts well and the whole storyline was fast paced and interesting.

The child actors are amazing. The boy playing the young Dam Deok, Yoo Seung Ho is rather amazing. I think he manages to display the courage and wisdom befiting one of the greatest king of Korea when he confronted Ho Gae's mother.

I like his attire in here and some of the actions are so like BYJ...

He is good too but he looks a little too old compared to the rest. Cydevil on soompi said he is 25. Wow!

The young Suzini has such a impish smile. ^^

Isn't she sweet but she also displayed some amazing martial arts moves.

Speaking of Ho Gae's mother. She is Kim Seon Kyeon and is apparently a stage actress. She is good. Just look at her eyes.