Thursday, June 28, 2007

Seoul Dream Concert

Sorry...have not been able to post for the past one week due to personal reasons...미안해요.. Will try and be a little more 'diligent' this week. hehe!

Now I'm not sure how many of you have attended a concert in Korea... it could indoors like KBS Music Bank or outdoors. But if you did, I'm sure you would agree that the atmospheare is very different from concerts held in Singapore.

The audience at the Korean concerts are so lively and enthusiastic. The artistes feed on these vibes and are therefore even more energetic in their performances.

Of course, the fans can be a little scary....the younger they are...the more supportive they are...vocally and physically. This ajuma definitely no fight for them.

Anyway, on the 9th June, Dream Concert was held at the Jamsil Seoul Olympic Main Stadium. There was another Dream Concert held on the 7th June at Ulsan but with a lot less artistes. It seems there have been similar Dream Concerts held in the past but I think there wasn't one last year.

As with previous Dream concerts, there were some of pretty established as well as up-and-coming artistes performing. Obviously, not all of them are my favourite but I was impressed upon seeing the list. Do wish I could have been there and soak in the atmospheare.

If the following artistes sound alien to may have to take a 101 lessons on the Korean music scene. hahaha! But then again..the scene changes so much all the time with new groups and artistes out that I too have a hard time following. Anyway, here they are, in order of appearance at the concert. Infor thanks to Alexiel on soompi

MC Sniper and Bae Chi Gi

Song- Smile Again. Watch it on youtube

Wonder Girls

Song- Irony. Watch it on youtube

K Will

Song- 왼쪽 가슴 (Left Chest). Watch it on youtube


Song- 맘에 들면 (If you wanna) + Break It. Watch it on youtube


Song- 까만안경 (Black Glasses). Watch it on youtube


Song- 그녀와난 (That Girl and I). Watch it on youtube

Yoon Ha

Song- 비밀번호 486 (Secret Number 486). Watch it on youtube

See Ya

Song- 사랑의인사 (Love Greetings). Watch it on youtube

Seo In Young

Song- 너를원해 (I Want You) + HIT. Watch it on youtube

The Grace (CSJH)

Song- 한번더, OK. Watch it on youtube


Song- Cupido. Watch it on youtube

Epik High

Song- Fan. Watch it on youtube

SG Wannabe

(hehe! Doesn't Kim Jin Ho look like a shaggy dog? He was the only member moving to the music on stage. ^^)

Song- 한 여름날의 끔 . Watch it on youtube

Lee Hyo Ri

(Whenever I see the song title, I kept thinking of the advert for maggie noodles. Sorry!)
Song- Toc Toc Toc. Watch it on youtube

Super Junior

Song- U. Watch it on youtube

Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK/TVXQ)

Song- O 전반힙 . Watch it on youtube

I think I only really like about 3 of them. I find most of the other songs a little loud. But that's just me.... Haha!

And some of the artistes are really new. You can see it in their dance steps and their singing but you just never know...maybe in a few years' time, they may become the next Shinhwa or Rain.

But hor some of these artistes seriously need a new stylist lah..

SeeYa for one...I mean come on...puffy sleeves jacket, frilly blouse and pleated, short skirt? It is not is just out-dated. The one redeeming factor? Their voices aren't too bad.

If See Ya has to loose those 'sweet' clothes, then Paran should their silly blue ties/ ribbons. But hmm.... it may just team up well enough with the red ties from Wonder Girls.

Having commented about See Ya's clothes, I must say that they are one of the 2 female artistes (the other being Yoon Ha) who did not wear tight/ short/ sexy/ revealing clothes. And you should see the way they dance. My eyes almost poped out at Seo In Young's performance (see her picture above)...and I'm an ajuma..hmm...then again...maybe it's because I'm an ajuma. haha!

And no matter what Urs say, I'm still not inpressed with Wonder Girls. Nor with Paran (though Ryan is still cute) or Kara. I think The Grace is not too bad. And I am now vaguely interested in DBSK (maybe it's their balck hair, never did like their blond hair. ^^)

But I have to take my hats off off these artistes though...most of them dance have really put in effort and are rather good in their performances. It takes a lots of practice to dance and sing well and with confidence.

Oh...forgot to tell you that the MCs were Lee Whee Jin and Eugene. Hmm...Eugene looks different leh...prettier..

Remember what I said about the atmospheare earlier? Well....the stadium was filled full of fans for the various artistes? Just take a look.


The stadium is divided into sections for the fans. See chart below. I'm speechless

According to information above, there are an estimated 10,000 fans for DBSK and 7,000 fans for Super Junior. I don't know if there are really that many...but I think it's not far off..looking at the photos.

The last song for the concert..sung by all- Ah! Korea. Watch it on youtube


Don't worry...I haven't change my nationality. I'll be saying 'We are Singapore' on my Breakfast blog soon. hehe!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Lee Seo Jin- Baek Jung Won (백중원)
Park Han Byul- Kim Ji Woo (김지우)
Son Tae Young- I Hwa (이화)

CGV official site
thread on soompi
Behind the scene

There is not much information about this drama, even on soompi itself. I guess it's because the drama is aired on a cable channel (CGV) instead of one of the three national channels. Since 2006, the cable channels have jumped onto the wagon and started airing/ producing dramas as well. But a cable channel can never compete with the national free-to-air channels in terms of viewership. So despite starring the very popular Lee Seo Jin and the rather pretty Park Han Byul, I couldn't find much discussion anywhere on the various forums.

Freeze was done before 'Lovers' and in my opinion, he looks even more delicious in this drama than the latter (someone described it as a 'ruffled, towel dried' look. Hehe!). Chemistry wise, it's just so-so between the leads. I think the 11 years age gap didn't help, especially as Lee Seo Jin has a manly, matured look and Park Han Byul looks younger than her actual age of 22.


Jung Won and I Hwa are 2 vampires who are more than 350 years old. But they are 2 very sophisticated vampires (and very rich as well). They operate a wine bar, have good taste and can also function during the day.

However, one thing remains unchanged- they still need blood to survive.

But they no longer kill for blood, instead they buy it both legally and illegally.

Jung Won is sick and tired of this 'eternal' life- the sicken feeling of having to drink blood but at the same time going wild if he could not have it. He wished he could die but there seems to be no way out. It was a cursed fate.

One day, Jung Won received a letter from his old lover. She was dying and she wanted to entrust her daughter to him. Jung Won had left her broken hearted years ago as he he did not know how to tell her about his real identity.

At the funeral, he met her duaghter, Ji Woo, who is now all grown-up and different from the little he once knew.

Ji Woo was curious to know about Jung Won's father (she thought it was his father), whom her mother could not forget and loved for the rest of her life.

Slowly, she fell in love with this ajushi. And yet, though Jung Won also fell in love with this rather unconventional, sunny girl, he could not open himself to her completely. He could not tell her his deep drak secret for fear of losing her.

Meanwhile, there was a spate of mysterious killings and a speculation that they may be the work of vampires. That was when they found that there was another vampire out there.

As the relationship between Jung Won and Ji Woo grew stronger, it incurred the wrath and jelousy of I Hwa (who loves Jung Won a lot), who had both saved and cursed Jung Won.

One day, whilst suffering from blood 'withdrawl'. He decided to tell Ji Woo the truth about himself. As expected, Ji Woo was shocked and could not accept it.

By now, the police was closing in and Jung Won and I Hwa had to flee.

The ending was rather unexpected...for me anyway. But the ending was right.

I believe Lee Seo Jin gave one of his finer performance in this drama. Sure I like him in 'Boolsae/Phoenix' and 'Lovers' but in 'Freeze', I believe he was allowed to stretch his acting capabilities. In this instance, I do wish the drama was longer than 5 episodes as I believe the character could be be even better with more time.

Once, he wanted to die as he hated this eternity life that stretches on. But because of Ji Woo, he wanted to live.

Once, he hated I Hwa for this curse. In the end, he thanked her for having lived long enough to meet Ji Woo.

Once, he dare not love, as it meant heataches and broken promises. But with Ji Woo, he dared to open his heart again.

One of the more memorable scene was when he was begging for blood from I Hwa. He did not want Ji Woo to see him in this agony and despair. And yet, he was so very disgusted with himself for having subcumbed to this desire.

There were some good moments between Lee Seo Jin and Park Han Byul..especially when they're fighting. Park Han Byul acted well enough for her role but there was just that missing spark between the two of them. Those of you who have watched 'Lovers' would know what I mean by the this spark/chemistry. That is not to say they did not have any chemistry...just not the type between lovers.

And Son Tae Young was just not very outstanding but she is very pretty.

Because the drama is only 5 episodes, there was none of the usual dragginess found in many of the episodes, and the pace moved rather quickly, which was a welcome change. However, I found the whole setting rather dark (not emotionally but literally). I guess it's because it involves vampires. Still, there were quite a number of times when I had to strain myself looking at my laptop. ^^

And strangely, the best song is not in the drama's ost. This is Lee Seung Chul's 떠나지마, which is in his latest album- Reflections of Sound (playing on my blog now).

Is it love when you bind someone to the same fate as yours or is it love when you let go? Perhaps it's both. But love lives on whether in this life or next as long as you have him in your heart.

Son Tae Young had no other projects after 'Freeze'. She was in 'Sad Movie' though and oh...she was also in Miss Korea in 2000. Ok..she is pretty.

Park Han Byul has since appeared in 'Fantasy Couple' (which seems to be rather funny reading from various accounts) and the recently completed, 'Blue Fish'.

Lee Seo Jin's last work was of course 'Lovers' where he really became lovers with Kim Jung Eun. Must say I think they are quite compatible. My teacher said they both come from rich background. And oh... it seems he will be involved in another drama in September. It will be yet another drama on one of the Korean King:- Lee San- Jeongjo Tae Wang (이산-정조대왕). The PD is PD Lee Byung Hun who also produced Dae Jang Geum and Seo Dong Yao.

Hmm... does that mean this drama will be fighting with Bae Young Joon's Great King Four Gods?

Like I said..he really looked good in this drama..


And thesse pictures are especially for a recent dimples convert..Don't drool too much Ju...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

'Dirty' artistes?

I was on msn with Urs the other night when she asked me if I've seen Eru's new look. She really like his new 'dirty' image.

For a second, I was stunned. What did she mean by 'dirty'? I had images of Eru looking like a tramp/ beggar. Oh no..what happeneped?

Actually, this was what she meant by 'dirty'.

Scruffy, untidy, rock star like....untidy... hehe!

Most male artistes seemed to go through an 'untidy' phase at one point or other...I remember mentioning this when I reviewed Kwon Sang Woo's 'Running Wild'. His character in there was really 'dirty' and untidy. Same goes for Jang Dong Gun in 'The Promise' and 'Typhoon'.

Strangely, no female artiste has ever used a 'dirty' image. I guess nobody is really interested to see an untidy female....not very feminine or sexy. Imagine Song Hye Gyo or Jeon Ji Hyeon looking all sloppy. Whereas a 'dirty' and untidy looking male artiste might be considered as sexy and cool.

Recently, 2 other 'newly' released actors also adopted this look..

Jang Hyuk and Song Seung Hun.

Now in these 2 cases, I must say their new look becomes them....more helps that both of them are sporting new, well-toned bodies. Noticed Song Seung Hun' proudly showing off his chest in the photo? And of course, Jang Hyuk was doing quite a lot of bathing/ showing in his recent drama, 'Thank You'. (refer to my posts here for showering scenes in the Spring dramas.

But this look isn't for everyone leh. I didn't really dig Kwon Sang Woo and Jang Dong Gun's untidy looks. And one of the reason why my 'Snow Queen' is still languishing in my cupboard is Hyun Bin's untidy looks...of course the fact that he has that 'this-is-a tragic-drama-and-therefore-I-am-not-allowed-to-smile-at-all' kind of look didn't help at all. was as bad as Choi Ji Woo's wailing in 'Stairways to Heaven'.

And Ji Hyun Woo's look in 'Me Ri, Dae Gu's Attack and Defense Battle' is definitely 'dirty' but in this case, he just looks weird. I guess that's his character in the drama.. I have yet to watch it so I can't really comment if it's any good.

But I found the following on Youtube whilst surfing on the net the day. Ji Hyun Woo in Korea's musical verison of 'Grease'. It was so strange to hear Summer Nights being sung in Korean (kept thinking of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John) but you know what? Ji Hyun Woo sings pretty well and I am impressed with his dance moves. Maybe I should dig out my 'Over the Rainbow'.

Since I started off with Eru on this post, I'll end with him as well.

The song I'm playing now is the theme song for Capital Scandal and it's sung by Eru. I like. ^^ It's different from all the usual ballads/ fast songs.

And you know what? I glanced through the first two episodes of 'Capital Scandal', and it seems quite interesting too. Not to mention Kang Ji Hwan looks rather yummy. Guess I'll try to find the time to start watching the show this week.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Bae Yong Joon- Fighting!

By now, all those who are even remotely interested in BYJ and TWSSG would have known that the drama has been postphoned... again. Needless to say, there was a huge uproar not just from the fans, but also MBC. It also left many fans, who have been counting down the days (including me), a little frustrated.

How does BYJ himself feel? As a key actor in the drama, I'm sure he feels really lousy especially after months and months of hardwork. If it is frustrating for us, just think how it must be for him, the cast, the director, the script writer and the rest of the crew. I'm sure what we feel is nothing compared to how they are feeling. We only have to wait, but he and the rest of the team will have to start again.

If BYJ is worried about letting the fans down with the delay in the drama, then I would tell him not to be too concerned about all the postings and comments. Fans, being fans will grumble and complain. But this only shows that there are people anticipating, waiting for it. It would be more worrying if there was no reaction at all, because that would mean that nobody cares..and for an artiste, I think that's even worse.

Like many of his other fans, I sighed, complained and grumbled but like many of his other fans, at the end of the day, I will still be here waiting, supporting him all the way for this drama and whatever he may do.

Just as we did in the past, just as we are doing now and just as we will in the future. This is just another part of life's journey.

The BYJ that I know is not one to take on the path well travelled. But he has also never wavered in his principles and beliefs. He always perservered on even when the odds are agianst him. If he feels TWSSG is a drama worth spending time, effort and energy on...then in my opinion, it is a drama worth waiting for.

And for me, that is reason enough to give him the support and assurance that he needs.

Through the years, I have seen him terms of terms of popularity. Through it all, my support and love for him as a fan, as part of his family remains unchanged. There is still that certain warmth whenever I watch any of his clips or read his news. I am sure I am not the only one...judging from the outpouring of support from many of his fans on the official site.

You have once said that we, your fans are like your guardian angels. You have also said we are your family. With so many guardian angels and family members solidly behind you always...what is there that you cannot achieve?


Joon's Family

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Korean cosmetics

So why am I playing the theme song from 'My Name is Kim Sam Soon'? Hehe! Because I saw this yesterday:

Ahh...another Korean beauty chain has opened up shop in Singapore. Wow...and to think that 3 years ago, there were none at all! At one time, a few of us wanted to bring in the franchise for The Face Shop. We know there would be a demand for it because we were feeling deprived ourselves. haha! Unfortunately, we didn't manage to pull it off.

Anyway, I find it fascinating that Korean beauty brands actually engage male actors as their spokesperson. I think this is probably rather unique to Korea. So you have Jang Dong Gun speaking for Missha, Kwon Sang Woo the face for The Face Shop, Lee Jun Ki for Vonin and now Hyun Bin for Beauty Credit.


If you think about it, it makes sense as most of their customers would be women. And with the Korean Wave, more and more non-Koreans are buying these Korean cosmetics/ skin care. In fact, The Face Shop branch in Myeong Dong has assistants who speak Japanese and Chinese.

My stash of Korean cosmetics

As for me, yes, I've fallen in love with their products as well, as did many of my K crasy friends. In fact, there is always a long shopping list whenever anyone go to Korea.

A major draw of these Korean cosmetic brands is the affordability. A normal face mask costs Kr1,000won. That's about S$1.65. All of us are totally in love with these face masks that comes in a wide variety. (Btw, face mask is real handy when you are suffering from skin dehydration when overseas). And lipsticks and eye shadows normally do not cost more than S$20, though there are more expensive range.

Face masks, anyone?

The other draw is the freebies that they give away freely and readily. Ok, call it cheap thrill but it is really fun to get all these little satchets and mini samples. Not to mention that they're really great for trying out new products.

Free! Free! Free!

It's no wonder that all the women in Korea are well made-up all the time- even the ajumas going to the market. Compare that to the majority of aunties here who do their marketing in their sleepwear and flip-flops.


Of course, the women are also often engaged to be spokesperson for cosmetic brands as well. Jeon Ji Hyun stirred up a wave of interest recently because of her short hair in the Laneige make-up stand ad.

My main dish, Bae Yong Joon himself was selling 2 way-cake way, and some sort of nose peel/ pack way back then (think it was 1995). I'm sure the sales of these products would increase dramatically if he is the spokesperson today. They would definitely be more affordable than a condomunium (Kyeongnam) or a security system (SECOM). ^^

Nose peel/pack CF

My favourites at the moment- Milk Mania Cleansing Cream from Skinfood (for removing make-up) and Green Grape Yoghurt Foam Cleanser from Missha (I love the fact that Missha products are animal friendly).