Monday, February 26, 2007

Dramas in March 2007

My cousin and I was just complaining the other day about the lack of good Korean dramas recently. Except for 'Dal Ja's Spring' (which I plan to watch soon, upon everyone's recommendation and the high ratings), there is nothing interesting on the stations. And yes, I've given up on Goong S.

But March brings me much hope.... to be more precise, I hold great hope and anticipation for Wednesdays and Thursdays in March. The following 3 dramas are slated for the Wed/Thur slots in March.

Ma Wang 마왕
Cast: Uhm Tae Woong, Ju Ji Hoon, Shin Min Ah
PD: Park Chan Hong (Resurrection)
Station: KBS
thread on soompi

This will be one of the most eagerly anticipated drama, considering the number of 'Shin goon' fans out there. Plus Uhm Tae Woong's fans. Plus fans of the cult drama, 'Resurrection'

In Ma Wang, Uhm Tae Woong plays a detective, who accidentally killed Ju Ji Hoon's brother and mother many years ago.

Uhm Tae Woong became more well known after the hit, cult drama, 'Resurrection'. The drama has been in my cupboard for a long time and despite the high recommendations, I have yet to find the time to watch it. I first noticed him in 'Legends of 9 Tail Wolves' (because of Jun Jin lah. He was so good looking in the drama, with the black trench coat. Sigh..). I remember we were all talking about the cool looking hyeon of Jun Jin in the drama back then and trying to find out more about him. Uhm Tae Woong is of course the younger brother of Uhm Jung Hwa, who I've just blogged about in my previous post, 'Seducing Mr Robin'

Interestingly, Ju Ji Hoon plays a lawyer and a killer, out to revenge for his family. This will really be a departure from his previous as 'Shin goon'. I guess he wants to shed that image badly. I know he can look cool, but can he act as a cold killer? Must say he looks rather good though.

And Shin Min Ah plays a librarian with psychometric powers. I'm not too sure about Shin Min Ah though. I wasn't too impressed with her in A Love to Kill

Witch Yoo Hee 마녀유희
Cast: Jae Hee, Kim Jung Hoon, Dennis O, Han Ga In
PD: Jun Ki Sang (Sassy Girl, Choon Hyang, My Girl)
Station: SBS
thread on soompi

This will be the 2nd most anticipated drama, not just because of the cast, but also the PD. I really enjoyed My Girl and I know 'Sassy Girl, Choon Hyang' was quite popular too.

Jae Hee plays a cook in the drama. Alamak, more food related drama. Gosh, he's all grown up now, isn't he? Think the first time I saw him was in the movie, '3 Iron' by the controversial director, Kim Ki Duk. It was a rather weird but interesting movie. Hmm... but his hair looks a little funny leh.

Kim Jung Hoon is an ambitious doctor in the drama, whom Ha Ga In likes initially. It would be good to see if he can pull this off after being the nice 'Yul goon'. I think he's supposed to be a little mean in the new drama.

Looks like the 2 'princes'- 'Shin goon' & 'Yul goon' are fighting it out again. This time they will be fighting for viewership.

Dennis O is a celebrated chef from the US. And his character is probably redundant in the drama but who cares.... hehe! It's eye candy time.

Han Ga In is an advertising planner who falls in love in with Jae Hee. Both Han Ga In and Dennis O collaborated together recently in SG wannabe and Kim Jong Gook's mv, 'Only the Wind, Only the Wind'.

Thank You 고맙십니다
Cast: Jang Hyuk, Gong Hyo Jin
Station: MBC
thread on soompi

This probably holds the least interest for most people. But I find it most interesting as it's Jang Hyuk's come back drama after his military service.

Jang Hyuk plays a snobbish doctor, who is slowly changed for the better by Gong Hyo Jin.

Jang Hyuk was in touble because he tried to get out of military service through deception. At that time, he was rather popular because of hit drama and movies like 'Successful Story of a Bright Girl', 'Volcano High' and 'Windstruck'. It will be interesting to see how AND if he has matured since 2004.

As for Gong Hyo Jin, I only remembered her in 'Sangdo, Let's go to School' and I rather like her in there.

Btw, soompi has this great thread started by Shirley that that gives us an update on what's airing now and those to-be-aired. Though future dramas are always a little more tricky as they do changed sometimes.

I guess I'll be very busy in March. ^^

Friday, February 23, 2007

Seducing Mr Robin/ Seducing Mr Perfect

Cast: Daniel Henney, Uhm Jung Hwa

Korean official website

The Korean title is 'Seducing Mr Robin' (which is Daniel Henney's name in the movie) but somehow the international title became 'Seducing Mr Perfect'. I'm not sure why they think Mr Robin Heiden (Daniel Henney) is considered as perfect.. because he's rich? He's got a great job? He's good looking? Hmmm... Anyway...

Min Jun is a very nice girl, who always get dumped by her boyfriends because she is too nice. One day, she crashed into Robin (literally), who of course turned out to be her new boss from the US HQ. He understand Korean but speaks only English. She understands English but speaks mainly Korean, with a smattering of English. Sparks flew in more ways than one.

She asks for his help to play in this game of love, because according to Mr Robin, love is a game, like playing Starcraft, only you need to be more precise and plan your moves carefully. Whoever shows affection first will loose control. He throws her a challenge- seduce him. Which she proceeds to do. Complete with the supposedly make-over, the sexy dress, and womanly touch of keeping his room clean and making him lunch. All didn't work.... seemingly.

Although, halfway through the movie, I'm not sure if she was really out to seduce him or trying to learn from him (as he agreed). Whatever.

Don't need to tell you the ending because this is a romantic comedy and it is promoted as a Valentine's Day movie. However, I'm not sure the men would like to see their girlfriends salivating over Daniel Heneny. Though the men could probably drool over Uhm Jung Hwa, who is very sexy.

I went to watch the movie fully expecting it to be a fluffy romantic comedy and I got what I expected. It was entertaining enough with some laughing moments but it is not a earth shattering, heven shaking romantic movie. It's just a fun movie, good for escaping 2 hours from the real world.

Most of the girls would be watching this movie because of Daniel Henney. And he provides enough eye candy and droolicious moments not to let the girls go home disappointed.

I wonder how many girls in the cinema drew their breath when they saw this----> hahaha!

I think the script writer/ director should have left the story simple instead of throwing in the side sob stories about Robin's first girlfriend and his grandfather. Trying to show us that there's a softer side to Mr Robin, ...that he wasn't really a womaniser and a cruel, cold blooded business guy, does that make the movie more romantic? I really think it didn't add anything more to the story. In fact I think it would have been more interesting and fun without these 'softeners'.

But I did like their on screen chemistry.

Daniel Henney's acting has improved a little since the Kim Sam Soon days but he still has a long way to go to become a great actor. But then he has so many CF now, they probably pay better than the movie. You can read about his commercial movements (which seemed to mirror Bae Yong Joon's) on bb's blog

Daniel Henney will be filming another movie this year. About a Korean adoptee, in search of his biological parents in Korea. It's called, 'My Father'. Looks like he's on a roll.

One of the great things about Youtube... you never know what you are going to find. -> Daniel Henney and Sun Yanzi in a Lux commercial

I don't know Uhm Jung Hwa too well, except that she's both a singer and actress. And of course, she's got a very droolable younger brother- Uhm Tae Woong (who's filming a new drama now).

She has acted in a few fairly good movies, and one of them was 'Singles'. I really enjoyed that movie.

She released her 9th album, Prestige last year and err... her main song title was Cum2Me (though I read that the Korean authorities made them changed it to Come to Me) Hmm.... You can watch her performance here. Not really my type of song but she has got one great figure.

Uhm Jung Hwa will also have a new movie out this year, called 'Do you still live with your Lover?' But I can't remember the synopsis as I can't remember where I've read the news.

The limited edition of the movie is already out on Yesasia. Btw, I was just remarking to my husband, who went to watch the movie together with me... this movie is probably good for those who are either trying to learn Korean or English. Because the movie is a mixture of Korean and English. hahaha!

I actually quite like the ost. If you like jazz music, then you would probably enjoy the songs. And if you need anymore reason to get the ost, then you may just want to know that Daniel Henney, Uhm Jung Hwa and Alex of Classiquai sang one of the song, Kissing me. Quite a fun song though I much prefer the song I'm playing on my blog now, which I think roughly translated, it's called “This stately woman is beautiful' by Sweet Sorrow. Those who know Korean, please correct me if I'm wrong. Han?

Han was saying that she prefers Daniel Henney to Dennis O as the former is more matured. But I still prefer Dennis O as Daniel Henney just seems too slick and smooth.... haha! But seriously, I think these guys of mixed parentage have got the best of both world... in terms of looks. Don't believe me?

Drool at your own risk-> Daniel Henney, Dennis O and Mark Jordan

Daniel Henney or Dennis O...... hmm.... must choose meh? ^^


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Andong chicken

Was sorting out my laptop and found these photos from my Korea trip in December 2006.

It was so heavenly delicious....I can still remember the taste.

Andong Chicken

This was the restaurant where we had this finger licking good chicken.... Unfortunately I couldn't remember the exact address though I'm sure bb would... It was in Daehano...that much I can remember. bb?

Here's a little more information on Andong and it's famous chicken.

Andong Festival

Sigh.... if only we can have Andong chicken for our reunion dinner....

Gosh... now I'm really hungry...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Classic- Beautiful Days

Whilst writing about 'Once in a Summer' recently, it reminded me about this classic drama of Lee Byung Hun- 'Beautiful Days'.

If 'All About Eve' was THE Korean drama for Jang Dong Gun, then 'Beautiful Days' was the one for Lee Byung Hun.

'Beautiful Days'

'Beautiful Days' aired in 2001 at the same time as Hotelier. It was therefore a fight for ratings and viewers between these two.

'Beautiful Days' stars Lee Byung Hun, Choi Ji Woo, Ryu Si Won, Lee Jung Hyun and Shin Min Ah. It's the classic story of 2 brothers fighting over a girl..only that of course, they weren't really brothers. But then they don't find out about this till much later.

There's Sun Jae (Ryu Si Won), the nice, kind-hearted guy, considerate guy, who is always there for Yon Soo (Choi Ji Woo). They met once when they were very young and had a memorable enoucnter. Their characters are quite similar and logically, she should fall for him (We all know that the girl never falls for the nice guy). But of course, she doesn't because she was swept off her feet by the bad boy, Min Chul (Lee Byung Hun). Sun Jae should have realised that women like their men a little bad. Haha!

Originally, according to my teacher, Lee Byun Hun wasn't meant to be the main male lead. It was supposed to be Ryu Si Won. Both Ry Si Won and Choi Ji Woo had done the drama, 'Truth' in 2000 and I believe it was quite well received. Ryu Si Won became quite popular because of it.

Lee Byung Hun on the other hand, was not really in the limelight then. His last big drama prior to this was 'Happy Together' in 1999 (which had many well known stars but unfortunately a rather weak script).

So originally, Ryu Si Won was supposed to be the guy that got the girl.

But he didn't reckon with Lee Byung Hun and his unbuttoned shirt and electrifying eyes.... which is a lethal dose of killer charm.


'Beautiful Days' has the usual dubious siblings relationship AND the terminal illness. But perhaps because it was one of the pioneer in these subjects, it just seemed so right then, and came across as a beautiful love story. The angry, silent Min Chul, the gentle Yon Soo, the kind Sun Jae and the rebellious Sena. Somehow... they worked together well without being too mushy. (Well... except maybe towards the end.) I guess the chemistry between Choi Ji Woo and Lee Byung Hun was a big contribution to the popularity of the drama.

One of the classic scene in the drama- when Min Chul 'wiped' away Yon Soo's tears 'on' the glass door. I know I held my breath when he did it... it sent goosebumps down my skin.

And the 'famous' kissing is well known for being one of the longest and most err... 'in-depth' kiss in a drama. You can watch the kiss here and the kissing ngs here and judge for yourself just how thorough Lee Byung Hun was. Hahaha!

I read somewhere that Yon Soo (Choi Ji Woo)was meant to die but there was too much protests from fans and they changed the ending... for a happy one. Which I'm really glad. Hehe!

Lee Byung Hun isn't very tall (compared to many of the Korean actors) and yet.. I was totally captivated by him in this drama, especially his back...the air of confidence is so very sexy....


And his eyes.... sigh....

Now who says you have to be tall to be a hunk?

But hor.... again like Jang Dong Gun in 'All About Eve'... I couldn't stand it when he combed his hair back in the wedding.

'Beautiful Days' was the first time I saw Lee Byung Hun and I have come to really like and respect him as one great actor. I still remember the scene when he realised the crime that his father had committed...when he was hitting out and crying... I could really feel his pain.

You know one of the great thing about writing on this blog is the information that I constantly discover.

I found out that Lee Jung Hyun who acted as See Na in the drama is actually an accomplished singer. Sammi Cheng has sang quite a few of her songs in Chinese/ Cantonese. I'm sure you'll find this familiar.

Lee Jung Hyun recently appeared in the Japanese drama, 'Rondo' together with Choi Ji Woo and the hunkalicious Takenouchi Yutaka. Unfortunately, the drama didn't do very well.....

Shin Min Ah's last drama was in 'A Love to Kill' with Rain. It err... also didn't do well despite the fact that Rain was so very suave in it. The ending was really ridiculous. But Shin Min Ah will be in another greatly anticipated drama very soon. The drama, 'Devil (마왕)' stars the very popular Shin goon, Ju Ji Hoon and Um Tae Woong and have already started filming. It should air in March.

Ryu Si Won has concentrated his efforts in Japan, where he's released his Japanese album. Here's a mv of one of his Japanese song- Only One. He's also going to be in a NHK drama. But you know... so many of these cross-cultural dramas are always a little off... His last Korean drama was 'Wedding' with the funny Jang Na Ra. I heard it's quite an interesting drama. Btw, did you know that Prince Ryu Si Won (as he is called) is a professional car racer? Yup, he is qualified to race and if I remember correctly, has even won a couple of races.

Choi Ji Woo will also be returning to the Korean small screen this year with Lee Jung Jae (yeah, yeah!) and Lee Jin Wook (yeah!) in the drama 'Air City'. I think it's scheduled to air in May. Her last drama, 'Rondo', didn't fare that well and her movie, 'Everyone has a Secret' with Lee Byung Hun was rather a let-down. It will be great to see her on TV again.

And Lee Byung Hun has been busy with 'Once in a Summer'. I wonder if he will appear in any drama as well. All the big stars seemed to be returning to the TV. If you have not watched his other movies like 'JSA' and 'Addicted', then you should not missed them. I've not watched 'A Bittersweet Life' but curiously... Shin Min Ah is in it as well.

Soompi has a great thread on Beautiful Days and if you want to find out more, you should really check it out.

You know, most of the time, it is no coincidence that a great drama has wonderful songs. The fact that there is a special ost+behind the scenes dvd set only confirms the popularity of this drama.

Beautiful Days ost- Promise by Zero
Beautiful Days ost- Goodbye by Zero

Edit- How could I forget about Ani's post? hehe....

This collage of Lee Byung Hun/Min Chul photos was taken from the soompi thread. Can't remember who posted it, but thank you...

Lee Min Chul-

and his unbuttoned shirt..

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Eru- Level II

When I was in Korea during December, I went on a buying spree. Not clothes but cds. The Korean music scene in Singapore is almost non existent. Mostly osts and a few token albums of the more well known artistes. So whenever I'm in Korea, I go crazy. Just gow crazy? Well, let's just say that the owner, Song actually told me not to buy anymore.

Anyway, amongst the many albums that I bought, I was blown away by this:

    ---> Eru- Level II

I have heard about this album earlier when it was released but didn't really bother to check it out. There are just too many singers and bands. But this is one album I should have listened to earlier.

Eru's main song- Black Glasses became very popular, topping many of the charts.

Black Glasses(까만안경)

Of course it helped that the mv starred the rather popular Kim Hyung Joon of SS501. But seriously, the song is really good and the female voice almost towards the end lends the right touch.

However, when I was listening to the album, the following song actually caught my attention even more than Black Glasses. I remembered playing it for a rather long time on my blog under “You're listening to....”

While Snow (흰눈)

It is really a very beautiful song and is composed by Eru himself.

And then a couple of weeks ago, I saw Eru on KBS Music Bank. He was singing together with an older man. Now I didn't know who that guy was but I was totally enraptured by the performance between the two of them. The rappport was great and though I could tell that the 2 men's singing style were different as they belong to different genre, the harmony was great.

I found out later that the older singer is his father and a famous singer- 태진아.

They first sang Eru's Song- White Snow and then his father's song- 옥경이. For some strange reasons, I found the second song very familiar. I was racking my brains, trying to remember where I've heard it before. I guess it's either one of those dramas or one of the song that the Korean driver kept playing during my first trip to Korea. I believe this song is in 태진아 1989 album- 태진아...2 집

You can watch Eru and his father singing live on KBS Music Bank here. It's also the last track of Eru's album. But he sang it in his own style of cousre. So sweet.

I read that Eru used to be really fat but lost a lot of weight. I think he's rather good looking now, don't you? Hehe!


There are quite a lot of other songs that I like in the album too, like Track 9- Because I Love You (사랑하니까). The melody and beat is just great.

I really like this album alot. Lynn, if you're reading this, I think you will like it too.

Btw, he also sang a song in The Vineyard Man (starring Yoon Eun Hye)

Here's the song, with a fanmade mv.
Vineyard Man- Good Lady

Not sure how the movie is but I've read mixed reviews. Ani is watching it now. You can read about it here

Just a little information on that great cd shop that I frequent.

This is Song Young Hak or Song as he is known to many of us. He owns the cd shop in the Myeongdong station. It's in the underground shopping area, rather like our Raffles Link. I started buying from him during my 1st trip to Korea in 2003 and have been going back to him everytime I'm there. I know many Singaporeans do too, as do fans from other countries. His shop is now much bigger and brighter.

Why do we like him?

He speaks English which is a huge plus.
He's very friendly.
He's knowledgeble.
He's helpful.
He offers discount and posters when he can.
And he doesn't ever push sales..ever. He let us browse around on our own till we need his help. I've never felt uncomfotable even if I'm alone in the shop unlike some other shops, where I feel as if my every movement is being monitored and I almost feel pressurised with an obligation to buy something.

You can't miss his shop at the Myeongdong station, even though it doesn't have a name. But just in case, here's his email address:

He opens late though...after 11am but he shuts late too so that's ok.

Ok...I'm going pop in Eru's album now.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Lee An @ Square 2

Went down to Square 2 on Saturday for Lee An's mini-concert/ autograph signing session together with Lynn. I was a little worried for him that there may not be enough people at the mall for his launch. It would really have been demoralising.

I was there at about 1.30pm. Oh dear... it didn't seemed very happening. Is he going to sing to a half empty mall? Although there was a long queue of aunties and uncles...they were however queuing for some lucky draw. The stage was up and though it was not very big, it looked rather nice. Would there be enough people?

At about 2.45pm, Lynn and I were already standing near the front of the stage. If this was BYJ, we would probably have to start queuing overnight. Still, the crowd seems to be building up and it was beginning to look like a little more exciting.

Li Yi of Yes93.3, who was hosting the event, came on promptly at 3pm and warmed up the crowd. I think she did a rather good job.

And then he was on.

Hmm... first impression... I think he's better looking in real life.... Looks very Korean...with small eyes. haha! What am I saying? He's Korean what. But err... I think his hair too long lah. His hairstylist should seriously consider changing it. He's got a rather long face and the long hair makes his face even longer.

어때요? 멋있져?

I could see that he was rather nervous too. This was his first public performance here in Singapore and Singaporeans are not known to be the most vocal in appreciation or support. I too was waiting to see how he would perform live, for that is the true test of a good singer.... without the help of technical wizards and gadegts avaialable in a recording studio.

Lee An with Li Yi

My conclusion? I think his voice is good enough to be a singer...a good singer. I guess at least that's half the battle won. But this may not be enough ot make him a popular and well-known singer? We'll have to wait and see. Sigh... someone even commented to me that he sings better than Jun Jin. Sigh... my poor Jun Jin...I think he chose the wrong songs.

The song that I'm playing now on my blog is his favourite track- 'Mother (어머니). He was a little teary eyed when he sang this song according to Li Yi...I couldn't really see but I think his voice did break a little. I guess he must be missing his family quite a lot. It is very lonely working away from home and lauching your career in a foreign land without the support of your family and friends.

There was some mention that he may be involved in a drama later this year. If so, that will give him additional recognition. But I'm wondering though... shouldn't he establish his position as a singer first? Would it be a case of too much multi-tasking?

When the time came for the autography signing session, there was suddenly a long queue. Many of them bought the albums on the spot, after hearing him perform...including 2 ladies from JF, whom we know. Haha! But it's good. I'm glad he managed to draw such response.

Of course I got his signature too lah but I very stupid... I forgot to ask him to write my name. But perhaps that's something he could remember to do in the future.... ask for his fans' names and write them. It would be more meaningful.

Towards the end, it was rather funny... Li Yi asked him to take a photo with the crowd but I think he wasn't briefed on what he was supposed to do. So the poor guy turned around in all directions and waved, thinking that he was supposed to let us take his photo, which we didn't mind of course. ^^ In the end, what they wanted was for us, the public, to be in the background, holding up his album. I guess it should make a nice, happy keepsake photo.

Thanks to Yes93.3, Lynn and I managed to get a photo session with him on a one-to-one basis. There were another 2 girls at the session as well. I should treasure this photo. One day, when he's very famous, I can auction off my photo and become rich. Hahaha!

잘생긴남자, 맞여? 하지만, 그여자 다 예뻐요. Wahahahaha!

We went to his tea party which was held at the Lek Thai restaurant. It is a very small place and one section was reserved for him, the VIPs and the media. The rest of us (about 60 of us) were just standing around. The tea party was for the winners of Square 2 shoppers, so I'm not sure how many people were at the tea party because of him or because of the free food.

This is a very badly taken photo. Sorry, my camera ran out of battery and I had to use my handphone.

If I was a fan, I would have been very frustrated and unhappy. It was touted as a tea party, for him to minggle with 'the fans', but there was no miggling at all. The only time he did stand amongst us was for a group photo, which was over in less thN 10 minutes. I thought this would have been the best time for him to be charm the crowd. Afterall, we could become his loyal fan and it's important for him to know what we think and how we feel. At least, that's what I thought his agency/ recording company should have arranged.

But the poor boy was busy enough as I could see him constantly entertaining all the sponsors and media. I wonder if he has a manager and if he was present there with him. He seemed very much on his own... fending for himself. BUT, it does mean that he understands and speaks English well enough. This is good if he wants to expand into other countries. So many of these Korean artistes cannot speak English.

I must also give him plus points for keeping his smile throughout the more than 2 hours event. He was obliging and friendly. That's good.

After that, he went to a shop (a subsidiary of Bioskin, I think) to give away their products. I guess that company must have been one of the sponsor as well.

Actually hor.... I think it's really not easy to be an entertainer. Because you really got to entertain lor.... even if you're dead tired and don't feel like smiling.

I was really embarrassed when he recognised me as I went up to get the product from him. Sheeshh... he must be thinking why this auntie again? Is she a stalker?

And oh, I've come to the conclusion that I really do not and cannot 'chase stars'. There always seems to be something pulling me back. I'm never fast enough to do the things I'm supposed to do... like go in front of the queue/ stage. Run after him etc.

Definitely not me.

Oh, just one last note before I end this post.

Square 2 is marketed as little Seoul- the entire 3rd level is supposed to sell Korean related things. The shops are all small, like what they have in Dongdaemoon. But many of these shops are not open yet. I did see a Missha shop there, plus a couple of Hyun Bin standees. ^^

I hope the shops will be interesting. 기다리게요.


Friday, February 02, 2007

The Birth of 리안 - Lee An

Don't recognise the song that I'm playing now? Not many people will. The singer is so new that I can't even find anything on the internet when I do a google search. Tried eveyrthing I know. Zilch!

Of course I shouldn't be surprised. He's launching his first album here in Singapore. Huh? A Korean singer launching his singing career here? Is he mad? Is his agency mad? Afterall, despite all the hype and talk about the Hallyu or Korean Wave, the Korean music scene in Singapore is totally pathetic. Sigh..

So who's he?

His name is 리안 (Lee An/里安), which I'm guessing is his stage name. In a short article that appeared on The Straits Times this week, it mentioned that his recording company is basing him here in Singapore to do his regional launch. Is it a strategy to get him off to a easier start as there is absolutely no competition here? I mean how many Korean singers do we know that launches their singing career here? Heck, many Singaporean singers actually go overseas to launch their career. They go Taiwan or Hong Kong, make it big and then come back to Singapore. Stephanie Sun and A Du are 2 examples.

But then, I don't work in the entertainment industry, so what do I know?

I bought his album the other night and I rather like it, enjoying most of the songs. He has a rather 'husky' voice as someone said. The voice is alright and good enough but he may have to work a lot harder to get his own unique signature. Especially where singers are a dime a dozen in Korea. Track 2, which is what you're listening to now, is called 힘내요 그대 (alamak, don't know how to translate this....err... something like 'It's dificult but let's strive hard'. Do I make any sense? Those who know Korean well, please help). Yes93.3 has been playing it quite often.

I also like Track 4- 'Come into my Life'. But I do find it strange to listen to the theme song of 'Friends' in Korean... Hmmm....

Anyway, it's on sale already in the retail outlets. And he will be Square 2 at 3pm this Saturday to promote his album. Li Yi of Yes93.3 is hosting the event.

Where's Square 2? It's a brand new shopping mall, above Novena mrt station. It's supposed to have 3 levels of Korean theme shops. Another reason for going down this Saturday. Hehe!

So do drop by, if you can and support this brave young boy lah. You can read more about him on spicebear's blog. She's actually heard him sing before all this official launch. She even recorded a clip of him when he was singing. Wow!

리안, 아자!

*Edit:I just heard that there will be an interview with him on Yes93.3 today at about 1pm. ^^

A piece of news that may be of interest to those who are watching Goong S or remotely interested in it.

The ost for Goong S or Prince Hoo is out. HowL is again singing the theme song. They sang the theme song for Goong too. I like it. It's nice. You can watch the mv, Miracle here. And oh... DBSK or TVSQ has a song in the ost too...

For those who are nostalgic for the orginal Goong series, you can watch the
Parrot by HowL- original mv or the fanmade Goong MV.

I shall really hold my comments for this show at the moment as it's still too early to see if it will pick up. But Lee Joon (Kang Doo) is beginning to appeal to me alot more. I'm probably the only one in his camp though.

Must go find out the other dramas of this 'new' young man. Hehe!



Photos from the Goong S soompi thread. Especially Luv.