Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter clothes

I was corresponding with my Korean client the other day and was saying that I hope the weather is warner now. She replied to say that it was still very cold and in fact was forcasted to snow the next day.

Now, I'm hate wearing all those winter clothes, because they're so thick and I have to waer so many layers that they made me look like a dumpling. Not to mention that I have a hard time when i want to go to the toilet. But I love looking at them......, especially those in the dramas. Somehow, they look better on others than on me.

                    90 Days, Time to Love                                                     Lovers

                      Queen of the Game                                                     Snow Queen

Can you imagine wearing any of these in the sweltering heat of tropical Singapore?

Sigh... but they're so nice hor?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

All about Goong

There seems to be an increase in traffic to this site recently and upon checking...hehe...most were searches for Goong or Princess Hours.

So out of curiosity, I made a quick check to see how many times I've blogged about the show or the actors and well... ahem... this is embarassing but..actually, there were quite a lot...considering I don't have many posts. So for those who are looking to see what I've written about this popular drama, here they are:

1st May 2006-

24th May 2006
May in Korea and the Emergence of the Great King

11th June 2006
June in Korea

8th October
Goong/ Princess Hour/ 궁/ 野蛮王妃

1st November
Raining Goong

I'm now watching Goong S... well sort of..

I've been forwarding the first 4 episodes. I've yet to be impressed with Se7en's acting but Kang Doo shows some promise. I like the 2 female leads, Park Shin Hye and Huh Lee Jae better. The storyline has yet to really pick up as well and there are quite a few similarities between Goong and Goong S, which I'm not sure it's good, so I shall see if it's going to be as popula as Goong.

I blogged about this drama last year too.

18th October Goong S
Goong S

Does the above picture look familiar?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Once in a Summer

Cast: Lee Byung Hun (Yoon Sok Yong, 윤석영), Su Ae (Suh Jung In, 서정인)
Director: Cho Keun-sik (조근식)- Conduct Zero


Korean Official website
Festive Films website

'Once in a Summer' is Lee Byung Hun and Su Ae's latest moive. It screened in Korea in November last year and will show in Singapore on 1st February.

Yoon Sok Yong is retired professor. One day, he is approached by one of his ex-student to appear on their TV programme. He recalls his first love and the 10 days they spent together. Slowly, through flashbacks, we get to know of this bittersweet love story in the midst of turbulent times.

Yoon is a rich urban kid. Despite his friends' involvement in the political situation, his interest lies more in girls and fun. Bored and trying to escape from a strict father, he went on a charity project in a village with his friends.

One day, he heard singing in a decrepited house...that's when he met Jung In.

Jung In is a cheerful, sweet librarian with a sad past due to her parents. Yoon is drawn to her because she is unlike any of the girls that he's met.
Slowly, (mainly through a lot of walks and involving lots of water Haha!) they fell in love.

But 1969, the year when man landed on the moon, was also a politically chaotic time in Korea. Caught in a student uprising, they were interogated brutally by the securities. Yoon managed to escape being jailed through the influence of his father. In desperation, he begged his father to help Jung In.

'What is best for Yoon?'

Jung In knows what she must do and so she chose to leave him.

Now 57, Yoon is in poor health and wishes to see Jung In before he dies.

Does he get his wish? As they say, watch the movie.

I've always like Lee Byung Hun, the actor. He is one truly versatile actor. From Harmonium in My Memory, to Bungee Jumping of Their Own to JSA to Addicted, he has acted in a variety of roles and I have thoroughly enjoyed almost all of them. The only exception was Everybody has Secrets, which I thought was a waste of this talented actor's time. Of course, he is best known for his drama, Beautiful Days with Choi Ju Woo. And he wasn't even supposed to be the main lead for that drama in the beginning. But that's another story.

Lee Byung Hun can be gawky and sexy depending on the situation. My teacher, who was his translator when he was in Singapore, said that he really oozes with sexual appeal which comes from his self confidence. (Btw, she saw him in his bathrobe......alright, stop drooling. She didn't see anything else. hehe)


However, I wasn't very fond of Su Ae as I did not find her very appealing in Love Letter. I have yet to watch Haeshin but I heard she's ok in it. (Btw, did you know that she was also in MISA?). So I was a little apprehensive.

But I really enjoyed this movie due largely to the performace and chemistry between the 2 leads.

Korea is expert at love stories, especially sad love stories. But sometimes they get too weepy and too melodramatic. I still cringe when I recall Song Hae Gyo's dying scene in My Girl and I. That is what I call too much.

The film is filled with many light hearted moment but thankfully they were not too silly. Even the romantic moments were not too saccharine filled, which I was really glad too. Under these light hearted moments belies a seriousness of the political situation then. Eg, when all the villagers had to learn the basic military drill, even though it was rather funny to see the simple villagers going into 'action'.

The interogation in the jail scene was I think a testament to Lee Byung Hun's acting ability as we see his torment, fear and anguish in that important turning point.

Did I cry? A little towards the end.

I read the box office wasn't great in Korea. No doubt the hype and attention on Rain's movie didn't help. Or perhaps it wasn't sad enough? But for me the strength of the movie is because it wasn't over melodramatic. I don't need to see a dying scene to feel the love and grief between a couple. Sometimes, less is more. And though some people would see it as a sad movie, I see it as a rather sweet, warm movie. The 10 days were probably the best days of their lives, something that they remembered for as long as they alive.

Jung In:
'When I'm sad, I remember the times with you. Let's only remember the sweet memories.'

And so, though I felt a little teary-eyed, a little sad, I also felt a certain warmth.

However, I must complain about the 'make-up' of Lee Byung Hun as a elderly professor. Aiyoh, it's so bad and made him look so weird. The heavy make-up was so obvious.

The other thing I would like to comment is the posters. I know it's supposed to be about 첫사랑 (first love), hence the sweet poses and the white clothes. They are very nice and yet somehow... I seemed to have seen them before....

A case of deja vu?


Now if I was given a choice, I would rather have any of these below. I think they convey the feelings of youth, innocence, first love and an unforgetable summer better.


I couldn't really remember any particular Korean song in the movie unless you count the one that Jung In was singing. And she was so out of tune, I couldn't figure out the tune. But the English song...ahhh.. that was one great song. It's Yesterday, When I was Young by Roy Clark

I know the LBH SG fan club is organising a private screening. Fantastic!

Once in a Summer mv

Jos has also just blogged about this movie

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Quite nice hor:

Friday, January 05, 2007

And the answers are.......


Nobody's making any guesses? Like that no fun leh.

Anyway, in case you did try and make a guess, here are the answers.

From left to right, top to bottom

An Jae Wook, Taekgukgi (Won Bin, Jang Dong Gun)
Song Seung Hun, Se7en
Rain, Misa (Im Soo Jong, So Ji Sub)
Lee Byun Hun, Daejangguem (Ji Jin Hee, Lee Young Ae)
Song Yeh Jin, Winter Sonata (Bae Yong Jun, Choi Ji Woo)

I don't think I saw any fans taking photo together with these statues.

Shall start on the Hallyu Expo on my next posting. ^^

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Who did you say they were?

As many of you know, I went to Korea in December. I meant to start posting about my trip last week but the *burp* festive feasting didnt help. So now, I'm still sorting out my photos, resizing them, tagging them and then uploading them onto photobucket. Sigh...

But both bb and mishio have already started blogging about their trip to Korea. So do go and read it first.

In the meantime, a little quiz for you all. Can you name all the names of the artistes of these statues in the photos below? Like bb, I was truely stumped with some of them. I was going "You mean this is xxxx?" for most of them. Some you tell straught away...not because they look lifelike but because the pose is so know instantly who they are supposed to be...even if the statue looks nothing at all like its namesake. All of them can be found in the Hallyu Expo in Asia, held on Jeju Island.

Have fun people. I shall reveal the answers in my next posting and the winner will errr..... get a cyber bouquet from me. haha!