Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Soon Yoon Ah and Lee Dong Wook

Well, finally the event at Tiong Bahru Plaza is over. I had a lot of fun but it's really tiring and I don't think i'll have the energy to this again in the near future. Anyway, you can read about it

I heard quite a few things during and after the event but it's hearsay and I hope they're not correct. Such events are meant to be fun.

It's interesting that my last posting was on Frank Shin coz Soon Yoon Ah is pretty much on quite a few covers and write-ups in the various magazines. Her new movie, Arang, together with Lee Dong Wook is out soon.

Isn't she pretty? I really like her in this photo.

And her co-star.. Lee Dong Wook loks so, so different from when I last saw him in My Girl.

Heard the movie is somesort of detective movie. Good. I can't take horror movies and I do want to see SYA.

Now I wonder when we'll see any photos of BYJ......

Friday, July 07, 2006

Frank Shin

Whilst writing about the JF gathering, I was reminded about Frank Shin and Hotelier again. And behold, bb has been blogging about his hotelier days too.

I love that scene at the lighthouse after meeting his father. It wa beautifully shot and conveys all the sadness and loneliness he felt. And I really loved the song by Jo Soo Mi. It's called Love is just a Dream.

Jo Soo Mi's Love is Just a Dream

And who could forget that missing scene we called the compassion scene? Up to today, I still don't understand why it was cut. It was just after both he and his sister met their father at the hotel. His sister and father broke down and cried. He too was crying on the inside. There was no words exchanged.. just a hug from her and that same song in the background. It was a powerful scene.

The compassion scene