Tuesday, June 13, 2006

June in Korea- Part 2

The June issue of Premiere magazine has a special photo supplement. Beautiful photos of some of the more popular artistes in the Korean entertainment today. I like....^^

Photos from Premiere, June issue
Jang Dong Gun

OK, please don't throw any tomatoes at me but I was not impressed with 'The Promise'. Not the actor's fault. The script and the whole movie was just errr.... Hopefully Typhoon will restore my faith. (Ok, another gangster role or rather in this case, a pirate, but still rugged and unkempt).

Kwon Sang Woo

I think this is what most KSW's fans like to see... where he captured many girls' hearts in Stairway to Heaven. Last seen in romcom, 'Youth Comic' or 'Almost Love' (as it is called here)together with Kim Ha Neul. He gets to show off his 6-pecs again in the movie. : )

Those who have seen the movie...any comments? As good as their first movie 'My Tutor Friend'?

Kang Dong Won

I still like him in the movie, 'Temptation of the Wolves'. That was a great movie! He was beautiful in 'The Duelist' but err.... don't understand the movie leh.

His latest movie with Lee Na Young should be released in October in Korea, according to Darcy's site. In the movie, KDW plays a murderer on a death role (read- rugged and unkempt.. AGAIN!). But I think the teaming should be good.

And lastly, one of my strong favourites.....

Lee Jun Ki

Lee Jun Ki's movie, 'The King and the Clown' will open in Singapore on the 22nd June and boy am I excited. Read here for more infor. I will write more about it later but in the meantime, here are some gifs created by nice LJK fans and uploaded by thunderbolt on soompi. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

June in Korea- Part 1

Gosh, it's been almost 2-and-a-half weeks since I updated this blog. 미안해요...but have been really busy. With what? Read here and find out what I've been busy with.

And now it's June. Half a year has gone by already. Time doesn't just fly- it goes faster than a speeding bullet. LOL! (I hope the new Superman movie is good)

And so what is happening in Korea in June?

Well Jo In Sung seems to be very much in the news, judging from all the magazine covers in the various Korean magazines- at least 3 or more magazine cover. And if he's not on the cover, he's being mentioned in some articles within the magazines. Seems he's receiving quite a bit of attention for his latest movie, A Dirty Carnival which he plays a gangster. (Another one?)

Photos from Screen Interview, June issue

He first caught my eye in the drama, 'The Piano'. I started watching the drama for Ko Soo and ended being drawn to the guy with the 'red lips', as he was being nicknamed. haha! I think I last saw him in The Classic as I never really watched 'What Happened in Bali'. He was still a little raw in that movie, 'The Classic' as Cho Seung Woo was the much better actor. I heard he put up a very credible performance in WHIB. Must try and catch it sometime.

I'm just alittle amused by all these 'idols' and their attempts to be more than just good looking and prove that they are good actors. Kim Rae Won, Kim Jae Won, Kwon Sang Woo etc have all turned 'rugged' and 'unkempt' in an effort to dispel the 'pretty boy' image. At the same time, I do pity them. Who says being good looking is to your favour?

From Ceci, June issue

Kim Jae Won stars as a ganster (there's got to be more than just the role of a gangster for these actors) who inherits a kindergarten form his mother in the drama, 'Great Expectations'.

Not sure how the drama is doing but this actor, who was once touted as 'BYJ 2' due to his charming smile is trying very hard to prove himself as well. Think his last drama was 'A Wonderful Life', which was ok. I'm proud to announce that Singapore became part of the Hallyu Wave as the first 2 episodes of 'AWL' was filmed in right here in Singapore! hehe!

Following photos from AnAn, June issue.

Yoon Eun Hye, the lead actress from the popular drama, 'Goong' and a ex-BabyVox member was in Singapore recently for a photoshoot. It was a very low key affair and not many people were aware of it.

Seems she said that the photoshoot went well but found the weather here very hot. LOL! As my husband would say, this is the tropics dear.

'Goong' will be aired in Singapore in the second half of the year and the TV station is already airing the trailers! Guess Channel U must be really be really thrilled that they managed to get a hot drama before SCV for once! ^^

Dennis O'Neil or more popularly known as Dennis O. Another hot actor of mixed parentage. Dennis O stared in the drama 'Sweet Spy' together with Nam Sam Mi (who is on the cover of AnAn, June issue, by the way).

I am halfway through watching Sweet Spy. I wouldn't say it's a great drama but it's watchable.

Besides, I prefer Dennis O to Daniel Henney. : )

May do a short review later if I have the time.

Will be back tomorrow for part 2.

I'm ashame to say that I actually know more about the Korean entertainment scene than the Singapore entertainment scene.

*Tiffany hanging her head in shame.*


the actors in Korea so cute leh....