Thursday, January 06, 2011

F&N Super Junior Dance Challenge

I guess this has got to be first mega concert of 2011- Super Junior Show 3. How many of you have bought your tix already? Are you going on the 29th January or 30th January? Or both? Hehe! Finally, Singaporeans have a chnace to watch their Super Show right at their doorstep instead of flying off somewhere. Isn't that great? And they are having 2 shows!

Now, hands up those of you who wants to attend the press conference? Even better, how about appearing on their show itself? Game? on..

F&N, one of the sponsor for the show is giving you a chance to do just that.

What to do? Do a Super Junior inspired dance (which means it has to be dance moves from any of Super Junior songs). Minimum of 1 minute and maximum of 5 minutes. Upload to youtube, submit your details to F&N and viola! You are on your way to rub shoulders with Super Junior themselves.

The winner gets to perform at the Super Junior press conference (yup, in front of all the media) and it will also be screened at the Super Junior show itself- in front of all fans. Judging from the recent JYP audition, I know there's no lack of aspiring talents. And you never know, you might just get noticed by SME.......

Samsung/SingTel 09 Super Junior showcase

How is the winner decided? 40% by popular votes (that means you and me) and 60% judges (sorry, don't know who the judges are).

Deadline is 16th Janaury, so you still got time. But hurry! Here's F&N's FB. I see one entry on their youtube already. But I know there are lots more people out there who can do the moves.

For inpiration, here are a couple of clips from their Samsung/SingTel Super Junior showcase last year. I have to admit, I was a convert after the show. They were good. Pardon the screaming girls next to me though....

For those of you who aren't up to dancing away in front of the fans and media, but want to watch these 10 boys (yup, sadly, it's just 10 boys), you can win tix (50 pairs) from F&N and MTV (5 pairs).

And if you don't want to take any chances (people like me got no luck one), then go get your tix from Sistic.

And to get you in the mood, here's a clip from the boys. They seemed excited. ^^

Clip from Samsung's FB. Presented by Samsung and SingTel.

Psst...I think Samsung will be doing some contest for those exclusive tix soon, so do keep a look out on their FB.


Anonymous said...

hey if more than one person is in the vid, then if we're chosen, will all of us get the tix? >.< sry i'm kinda confused.

tiffany said...

Hihi! I just checked with the organiser. Unfortunately, you don't win tix to the concert. But you do get to perform at the press conference in front of all the media, win $1,000 and your clip will also be screened at the SS3 show.

Hope that helps. Good luck! ^^

Anonymous said...

hi, do you know when the press conference of Super Junior will be held, according to their concert on 29-30th jan 2011?