Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is Korea to you?

Many of you would have noticed my absence for the last 2 weeks. If you followed me on my twitter, you would have known I was in Kimchiland a week ago, with much thanks to KTO. This week has been a mad dash of catching up with work and editing my over 900 photos plus the numerious video clips. In fact, I'm still editing...which explains why I'm posting at this unearthly hour.

Thankfully, bb and Kandace have done a wonderful job of updating here whilst I was away. Thanks bb and Kandace. ^^

bb has just updated on the arrival Song Jong Ki...and I'll let you on a little secret..there will be some exclusive, close-up photos of this up-and-coming young man.

I will be off to the land of the Penang Kway Teow the whole of next week....though I'm not actually going to be in Penang. But this will really, really be a holiday trip and I'm looking forward to it greatly.

Not to worry, there will be postings and updates on Song Jong Ki's visit and when I'm back, I will be writing more about Kimchiland. ^^

In the meantime, I was just wondering...I'm sure many of you have been to Korea or would very much like to go to Korea. But I'm curious, what comes to mind when you think of Korea? K-Pop? Cosmetics? Kimchi? Hanbok? Skiing?

Korea is full of surprising can be very traditional and it can be very modern. But that's why it's so fun to be there. ^^

Before I go to zzzland, you would have noticed that bb is posting from a new site- SEOUL 23:59. Mark this site coz there will be more things happening in the future. And whilst I'm at it..Tiffany in Kimchiland will also undergo changes and hope to greet everyone in the coming new year with a brand new site.

In the meantime, for those going to Song Jong Ki's events, enjoy!


Catherine said...

wow ! lovely !
from your post, i believe you have enjoy this time's trip ya ? :D
can't wait for my trip again to korea next year too ~
oh by the way, i have a enquiry.. do you have any idea where i can get korean magazines ? like W magazine ?

tiffany said...

HI Catherine

Sorry for this super late response. Blame it on the festive season. I import in Korean magazines and you can get them from Kino- Taka. They include Junior, Ceci, Elle Girl, Vogue GIrl. For special titles, you can either place a reservation with Kino- Taka or email me @