Saturday, December 04, 2010

Korean drama in our local CF

It's been a long time since I watch our local TV stations so I'm quite out of touch. But someone just provided me with a link to this local CF for EZ Link card. Rather dramatic (intentionally of course) but that's why it's funny. Great for destressing and makes a great change from all the usual K pop stuff that I've been writing. Enjoy.

PaymentLink - Cut the drama with contactless payment

Pssttt.... the actor is under the same agency for Lee An. You can check out Boom Korea's FB


Anonymous said...

hi ms tiffany sorry this is off topic for this particular post,i'm one of your avid readers but this is the very first time i'm gonna leave my comments, i was just wondering if you were able to attend KHJ FS press con recently and if you did, OTTE? how was it, sorry you see i regard you highly and i'm just curious but if you rather not say anything i'll understand. LOVE your blog. A LOT.

Ha Boyi said...

Thanks Tiffany! :)))