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[Guest Blogger] Song Joong Ki in SG!

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Yes, am sure the Kpop fans amongst you would know that the uber-cute actor fronting the TONYMOLY brand, SONG JOONG KI, has arrived in singapore tonight.

He had landed at our Changi Airport Terminal 3 via SQ609 at at around 10pm tonight. My dear dongseung KANDACE was there to cover his arrival with her trusty camera though. Here's a teaser pic of what she's seen of him through her viewfinder tonight, and I'll give a shout-out once she's ready to share pics.

Meanwhile, here's what she has to say about his arrival tonight,

There was quite a good turnout (at the airport) just now.
He was very nice.
Took off his sunglasses and said 'Hi' to fans and smiled a lot.
Didn't really rush through the waiting crowd too much,

so that was good.

However, seems like some fans weren't happy that the media, security and staff were crowding around him too much as he walked his way out from the arrival hall to the waiting vehicle parked outside. They've given their feedback on FAITH & D ENTERTAINMENT's FB PAGE and you go read the comments yourself, ya?

What I've observed about Faith & D Entertainment and also TONYMOLY SINGAPORE (TM) is that they seem to really listen to what fans and customers have to say, and they've been communicative and responsive. In fact, there're even a couple of occasions when I actually thought TM was nice to share THAT much with fans and customers, keke!

Anyway, Faith & D Entertainment have responded to the fans' feedback that they'll look into things for the coming events on Monday, and will make sure that they try their utmost to ensure that fans get unobstructed view of Song Joong Ki. Nice of them, ya?

One of my friends has flown in from Thailand specially to see Song Joong Ki. And get this, she doesn't even have a pass to the fansign event on Monday and yet she's taken the trouble and spent the money to fly in just so that she can catch a glimpse of him! WHOA... talk about love for an idol!

And she got lucky, it seems...

She had arrived today, and was waiting for him inside the terminal before clearing immigration. So yea, she managed to see him really up-close. Since he's really friendly and all, he even signed for her and her friend and yea, they spoke with him and shook hands too. She's tweeted that they had managed to get pic and fancam as well!

BLOOMLION tweeted,

Song joong ki thank u for your signature, and the loveliest smile.
Oh that very soft hands too!

here, pics of Song Joong Ki and his autograph,

There're quite many fancams too! I'll just repost some of them for you.

[2010.12.18] Song Joong Ki @Changi Airport | Part 1

credit: violettacal @YT

[2010.12.18] Song Joong Ki @Changi Airport | Part 2

credit: violettacal @YT

credit: mabaydar007 @YT

The Arrival video of Song Joong Ki (who acted as the rich boy Gu Yong Ha in SungKyunKwan Scandal) taken at Singapore Airport, Terminal 3.

Due to (many) media people blocking his way and the path being too narrow, he moved slowly. He stood very near me and I could even grab him without straightening my hand too much. But I didn't do it. Didn't wanna disturb him. He has such a baby face. Can't believe he is same age as me.

Next time they should allow only one or two media people to come in. It will be less trouble.

There, a short account of his arrival tonight, brought to your by Seoul 23:59. We'll be covering his events on Monday too, so do check out soon, ya?

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