Thursday, December 23, 2010

[Guest Blogger] Song Joong Ki for TM | Bugis Shop Visit

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Just want to put up the gorgeous pictures that KANDACE took. I mad love them, no, no, I think I mad love this girl, keke!

This is what has come to be known as the 'CF photo'... Doesn't he look like he's filming a CF?

(For the uninitiated, CF is short for Commercial Film which is essentially what we call TV commercials (TVCs) over at our part of the world. CF is the Korean term, and in Japan, it's something else (again!)... In Japan, they refer to TVC as CM, which is short for Commercial Movie. So CF, CM, TVC... they all mean the same thing, got it?)

He looks like a cute little boy here, doesn't he? (Something random, I love that tiny swish of unruly hair jutting out, haha!)

You know, he's actually 178cm tall, but he's so lanky and his limbs are kindda long, so I had actually thought he's taller!

Actually he had two (rather angry!) zits when he touched down on Saturday night. I wonder if the zits are gone, or if it's just great makeup. Either way, TonyMoly can either sell me the magic anti-blemish product that he'd used to make the zits disappear, or they can sell me the concealer! He looks like he's got incredibly good, supple and nourished skin! Very fair too! I want, I want, I want to have skin like that!

One thing I've noticed after spending practically the whole day on SJK is how easily he laughs. I find that attractive in a person.

SJK has been doing lots and lots of signing during his trip to Singapore!

Still signing on the poster.

And now, he's signing on the standee.

Signing products now...

Omo, so cute! He's blowing the ink dry!

Another product!

Another angle.

Time to sign on the Morning Pack under the Latte Art range! Yes! Fresh off the oven, and just launched in Singapore on 20th Dec!

And of course, SJK had to sign on one of TonyMoly's bestselling products, the Tomatox Brightening Mask!

The photo-taking session for the 10 lucky winners for the couple shot opportunities was also arranged to take place at the Bugis Junction flagship store during SJK's shop visit at 3:30pm. Although Kandace has taken these lucky fans' photos as well, I think I'll not put them up to 'protect the innocent', keke! Suffice to say the lucky winners (all gals) look very very very happy. TonyMoly has advised that they will be putting up the couple photos on FACEBOOK in due course. So if you're one of the winners, do check back on their FB page.

Meanwhile, please check out KANDACE's BLOG for more marvellicious photos!

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