Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fansign - Song Joong Ki for Tony Moly

annyong! tiffany may be away, but her heart sure is with her readers. despite not being able to cover the event personally, she has still enlisted the help of a friend KELLY CHENG to help her take pics for the SONG JOONG KI (SJK) for TONYMOLY fansign event that took place at bugis junction this afternoon.

SJK's schedule was pretty tight today. his day started with a store visit at MARINA SQUARE at 10am.

pic credit: TonyMoly SG

and then continued on with the press conference at 12:30pm. the press conference was actually to launch TonyMoly's latest LATTE ART RANGE and also the FLORIA skincare range.

pic credit: TonyMoly SG

yours truly will be blogging about the press conference and fansign in detail over at SEOUL 23:59 (and probably reposting here as well, keke!), so for now, let's just put up the pics that our dear kelly has taken this afternoon.

the venue

whilst the fans were queuing under the hot sun, SJK was doing his second store visit for the day at the flagship store at BUGIS JUNCTION.

the stage setup

a closer look at the products that were just launched in singapore today.

a look at the crowd this afternoon... aigoo, it was scorching hot when the fans were waiting and staking out at the best possible spots, but the moment the fansign event started at 4pm, the skies started to turn cloudy. but hey, even the heavens like the cute flower boy SJK, the rain held till the entire fansign event was over and done with!

he's here, he's here, he's here! the emcee for the fansign event (and also the press conference for that matter) was LI YI who's not only bilingual in both english and mandarin, but also fluent in korean!

yup, he's here, he's here, he's here!

wanna know how SJK looks in person? well, he's tall, lean and really really really cute! he's got baby face and his skin (sans the little zit on his chin, keke) looks sooooo... baby-soft and plump! and omg, he's fair too!

the flower boy with quite many expressions! and yes, all uber-cute!

there were a few 'admin things' to settle before fansign... first up, inviting the singapore fanclub to present SJK with the gifts that they'd specially prepared!

hee, guess it's christmas season, so the fans (and they call themselves KiDs, so adorable!) prepared a santa bag of goodies for him. unfortunately, the contents were not revealed on-stage. but i did ask the gals, and they told me the bag consisted of munchies like 'keropok' and other tidbits that we would eat as kids...

i asked them if they'd taken a pic of the items before putting into the santa's bag, errrr... they didnt. they only took a pic of the bag after putting the stuff in. oh well, use your own imagination, okie?

gotta say SJK is really really nice. when the two fanclub reps went onstage to present him with the gift and the message book, he sorta initiated 'skinship'...! he'd reached out to try and embrace the girl standing closest to him, but i think she was too shy and just hid, keke! terrific fan service, i've gotta say!

he was flipping through the fans' message book long after the two fanclub reps had left the stage...

wondering what he saw that caused that expression....

yup, still flipping, keke!

yup, still flipping!

next item... four cute kiddo-reps from TonyMoly Singapore to present SJK with a bouquet!!

i heard that he really likes kids and when the four boys were on-stage, SJK was quick to pick up one of them to carry in his arms. and oh, these boys are the precious boys of CALLE TENG, the director for TonyMoly Singapore... i can only lament and say it's incredible, totally incredible that a woman who looks as good as she does is a mother of four!!

hee, SJK struggling alittle with the boy AND the bouquet!

another take of the five cute boys on-stage, wakakakak!

and then, the fansign event started. here, SJK seen taking a sip of water before starting.

you know, his fan service's really fantabulous.

throughout the fansign, i didn't see him flustered or impatient at all. he would take his time with each and every fan, giving them a special moment with him. he would stop everything to look them in the eyes if they had something to say to him. and he would check and confirm intently as he tried to write the fans' names during the autograph session.

haiyo, so adorable, right?

that skin...!!

that smile...!!

hee, think tiff will chide me for turning into some sort of gushing fangirl...? but jinjja! the fan service!!

see how intently and seriously he's signing?

the eye contact... priceless!

he really has a nice, infectious smile. he looks so happy (like a child!) when he smiles, so much so that you can't help but wanna smile along with him...

aigoo, even pursing his lips is cute!

do i actually know another adjective other than 'cute'...? *sweating bullets*

oh, i like the childlike expression in this one!

hey, just noticed that he's got a nice, pronounced adam's apple! me likes!

oh, that melting smile again!

see how he's checking the fan's name?

the only male fan out of the 100 fans drawn for the fansign today^^

i love how he would hand the autograph to the fans with both hands and a smile... each time, every time!

zit or no zit, still cute!

towards the end of the event, ms teng went on-stage with her sons again for a group pic with SJK. see what i mean what i said it's unbelievable she's a mother of four...???

one last one... SJK saying his goodbye before leaving the stage.

okie, this is just the sneaks, and i've also posted some official media pics from Tony Moly Singapore HERE, go check it out.

and yea, more juicies will be shared both on SEOUL 23:59 and here on kimchiland soon!


Cheryl's blog closet said...

wa... so cute !! omg ty so much for the pictures!thanks for sharing !!
btw what camera did you use ?

bb said...

hi cheryl,
happy to hear you like the pics. kelly cheng took the photos, and i believe she uses a Canon EOS 450D ^^