Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seoulful Living, Korean Celebrity Hotspots by Tan Li Yi

I'm sure many of you would know Li Yi from Yes93.3. She may not be working at the radio station anymore. (She'now a 老师 ^^). But I'm sure many would still remember the many press conferences and events she hosted for Korean celebrities in town. And of course her programme, 哈本营. She's also led a couple of trips to Korea. Together with May Choon from RazorTV, they were both pioneers in Korean Entertainment.

In 2006, Li Yi published a book called '韩国,짱!'. In the book, the first of it's kind published locally, she gave little tips on Korean customs as well as situational conversation Korean. But most interesting of all, she gave a whole list of places that the Korean celebrities frequent or own. But it was in Chinese and many of her readers and fans were disappointed. Neverthesless, the book was sold out and became out-of-print very quickly.

But she has always expressed a desire to write another book.

Guess what? She has done it. And this time, it is bilingual. ^^

In her own words, the book '...focuses on the choice shopping and hangouts for celebrities in South Korea. Zoom in on the coolest cafes, toprated restaurants, sleekest clubs, snazziest fashion boutiques and most celebrated beauty salons that are owned or frequented by Korean celebrities.'

I glanced through a chapter of it and it list some pretty interesting places.

Want to know which hair salon Big Bang and 2NE1 frequent? Which late night restaurant SHInee eats at? Curious to find out which botique Wonder Girls shop at? All these and more in Li Yi's book.

Her new book 'Seoulful Living, Korean Celebrity Hotspots' is now out on sale in Kinokuniya. Grab a copy and get her and get her beautiful autograph this Saturday, 27th November 10.

'Seoulful Living, Korean Celebrity Hotspots' Autograph session
27th November 10, 3.30pm- Kinokuniya Takashimaya

I want to go to go to Jenny House!

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