Friday, November 26, 2010

Se7en in Singapore

For a free performance by a Korean artiste, there isn't much information out there. I couldn't find it on Singtel's FB nor Samsung Mobile's FB, unless my eyes are playing tricks on me. I found this picture and infor on 100.3's FB! I guess Ken may be there?

The event is free standing but IT"S FREE!!! Not many events free nowadays.

For those not familiar with Se7en (as he's been away in US for quite a while), Se7en was in the drama, Goong-S and of course he is a singer. He has frequently been compared to Rain in the past, coz just like Rain, he's a very good dancer.

Thereafter, he disappeared off to US (just like Rain) and tried to make it there. I haven't heard much about his activities there though so I can't comment. But he has released an English didgital single and is preparing for an English album. So I guess he did ok there. I assume he will sing both English and Korean songs.

'I'm going Crazy' from Digital Bounce.

GIRLS (Feat. Lil Kim) - Se7en's first English Single

Ok...go down tomorrow to Mandarin Gallery. And if you want some hands-on experience with Samsung Tab (which seems to be getting some good reviews), you can go down earlier.

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