Monday, November 15, 2010

The Kings of Freedom Concert- U Kiss, 19th November 10

News about this concert started circulating on the internet sometime ago, even before the K Pop concert. Initially, the group was unknown..names thrown up were Beast, SHINee and U Kiss but no confirmation on the group coming. The only things that seemed confirmed were- a Korean boy band was coming and there would be a fan meet and concert. And ticket prices, which would normally cost about an arm and a leg, would be very affordable.

I have to say this... I was very, very suspicious of the whole project. I was even more suspicious when many of the K Pop sites started taking pre orders for the tix. One of the reason why I did not post about it here on my site (sorry, Youth Empire).

I'm not sure how many of the fans who bought the tix to watch U-Kiss are aware of the Kings of Freedom project (of which this concert is named after), but if they come away from the concert, understanding a little of it, then I think the whole concert and project would be worth it.

A year ago, 4 pieces of the infamous Berlin Wall that was especially painted by the German artist Dennis Kuan depicting the divided Germany that came about after World War 2 was donated and placed at the Bedok Reservoir. My knowledge of politics and history are hazy, but in short, Germany then was divided into West Germany and East Germany..ruled by different people with different idealogies.

For many of the fans who are going to watch U-Kiss, you may or many not know much about Germany back then. But I think not many would have been around when the Berlin Wall fell on the 9th November, 1989. Some may not even have been borned yet. Certainly, if my infor about the members of U-Kiss are correct, Alexander would have been about one year old, Soo Hyun about 8 months, whereas the rest of the members were not even around then.

But I do remember watching vivid images of people standing on the wall, crying and laughing. (I'm afraid I'm rather old). For days, every single media was 'talking' about this momentous event. Whilst I cannot fully empathise with the Germans, it must have meant alot to the many German families who were seperated by this wall.

So what and where are all the connections?

If you are still blur about the significance of this Berlin Wall.... Many of you Hallyu fans would be familiar Korean movies like 'Taekugi/ Brotherhood' (starring Won Bin and Jang Dong Gun, 'Joint Security Area' (starring Lee Byung Hun and Lee Young Ae) and the recent '71: Into the Fire' (starring T.O.P. and Kwon Sang Woo). Korea today is divided into North and South Korea and whilst it does not have the Berlin War, it does have the D.M.Z. Perhaps it is apt that a Korean band should be invited to celebrate this project. Many Korean families are still divided by this zone and hoping for a reunification one day.

The Kings of Freedom as a project was spearheaded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and I remember reading Minister George Yeo mentioning about it in his FB last year. (Btw, did you all know he attended the K Pop Night with his son? ^^). It is a symbol of hope and freedom and a reminder that we are all the same though we may be different. And perhaps one day, there would be no such 'wall' anywhere in the world.

The concert itself will not only feature U-Kiss, but also our own local acts like Sheikh Haikel, Stellastory and Daryl Yow. So remember people, please show your love not only for U-Kiss but also for our local acts. Give them a chance to show you their talents. ^^ Oh yes, there will also be a fan meet for U-Kiss fans at IMM at 12noon that day for 500 of the VVIP (@ S$168) ticket holders. Or you could just buy the normal ticket @ S$38 only. For more infor on the sale of the tickets, please refer to The Youth Empire FB.

Otherwise you could try and win tickets to the concert itself. Check out (there was also a contest by KTO- Singapore & Indonesia but it's over liao.

And now, for a lighter moment, here's an exclusive video from the boys themselves, who will be back in Singapore for the 2nd time this year!

And one of the song from their latest album, Only You- What. I'm sure they will be singing this song at the concert. ^^

Enjoy the concert everyone!

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