Friday, November 12, 2010

G.NA for Samsung GALAXY Tab launch at SingTel Comcentre

Saw my tweet the other day? Yes, Gina will be back in Singapore again! This time she will be the guest at the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Just like Super Junior, customers who buy the Samsung GALAXY Tab will be able to watch this showcase for free. The deal is exclusive to SingTel at the moment. So what do you have to do?

Buy the Samsung Tab from SingTel. Details are here. Actually, I believe alot of guys (and gals) have aleady pre-ordered the Samsung GALAXY Tab. The Tab is available for pick up tomorrow (13th November). Present your receipt at Comcentre, watch the concert by G.NA and then collect your Tab. Simple. ^^

Why not collect Tab first and then watch concert? I'm not sure...maybe because everyone will be busy playing with their new toy to watch any concert. Haha!

Date: 13th November (Saturday)
Venue: SingTel Comcentre Foyer
Concert time: 7.10pm to 7.30pm
Collection time: 7.30pm to 11pm
Registration starts : 6.30pm

Not getting the Samsung GALAXY Tab but want to be up close and personal to G.NA? Not to worry, Universal Music Singapore is giving away tickets to 10 lucky fans. Just fill in the form here.

Hurry, contest ends today at 12noon!

I don't know much about GALAXY Tab except that it's a rival to Apple's i Pad. I do know that many people are waiting for it to see how it would fare against i Pad. And judging from the immense popularity of i Pad, I think the sales for Samsung GALAXY Tab should be pretty good too. Here's a review of it here

To all the fans of G.NA, do go down and support her tomorrow at SingTel Comcentre. I'm still hoping for a CUBE concert. SY- can?

I believe she is arriving today.

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