Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Face Shop- Kim Hyun Joong Asia Tour

Next week, Kim Hyun Joong will be in Singapore for The Face Shop. Already, there has been much hype and excitment building up. Not least because all 120 tier 1 tickets costing $250 to the autograph session were snapped up in a flash over the weekend.

I first came across The Face Shop when I went to Korea in 2003. There, during my maiden trip, I was absolutely fascinated with all the cosmetics brand. Not least because the products they offered were wide and very, very affordable. The Face Shop stood out then because of it's clean, white shop image. Over the years, many of the brands I knew then had disappeared, only to be replaced by new ones. The Face Shop is one of few brands that has remained till today. And in Singapore itself, it has expanded over the years too. There is one in almost every mall. I may not know much about cosmetics but it is a reasonable guess that the brand would not have been able to survive and expand if the products are not good enough. Celebrity power alone would not be able to fuel and sustain it.

Many people associate Kwon Sang Woo with The Face Shop, as he has been it's spokesperson for a good 5 years at least. In fact, The Face Shop Singapore also invited Kwon Sang Woo over here in 2006. I remember that caused a storm and jam as well (I think he visited the Marina Square store). I'm sure it will be the same for Kim Hyun Joong this time. Though this time round, there will be no orchid named after Kim Hyun Joong. ^^ After The Face Shop ended it's contract with Kwon Sang Woo in 2008 (that was shortly after he got married), Bae Yong Joon became it's spokesperson until this year, when he passed on the baton to Kim Hyun Joong. I read that BYJ's Japanese fans would buy truckload of The Face Shop products when they are in Korea. : )

I don't use much skin care products from The Face Shop (actually, I don't use much skin care products.. period...I'm just plain lazy. hehehe!) but I do buy quite a few of the cosmetics from them..especially their eye shadow range. ^^ And of course the face masks. Their range is fantastic. From the very affordable to the slightly pricier one. So I think it would not be a problem to spend $100 on the products. Because that is the amount you will have to spend to gain entry to the autograph session at IMM on the 3rd December.

The Face Shop has also very kindly released other details of his visit. If everything works out well and nobody goes bersek, then I think everyone will have a good chance to see him...which would make everyone happy.

Anyway, here are the details and infor about his visit and the autograph session. Please note that tickets are not on sale. You have to buy products from the Face Shop to redeem this ticket.

Tier 1 VIP tickets
120 tickets @ $250 each. You get priority entry and standing position @ IMM as well as an autographed poster from him personally. 10 lucky fans will also get selected to take a photo with him. Plus got goodie bag. This tier is totally sold out liao.

Tier 2 Entry tickets
1,200 Entry tickets to IMM @ $100 each (TFS products only. No purchase of vouchers). You will also get a goodie bag. Tickets go on sale this Thursday (25/11) at all TFS outlets.

His activities:
1st December - arrival (flight details unknown at the moment)
2nd December - Press conference in the morning
3.30pm- store visit at Tampines
3rd December - store visit @ IMM in the morning
11am- fan sign session

A charity auction will be conducted during he fan sign. 2 life size standees of Kim Hyun Joong will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. All proceeds go to World Vision's One Life Fund that helps local children (ie, Singapore in this case) who inherited AIDS. The 2 succesful bidders will also get a chance to go on stage to have a photo taken with him. This auction is opened to both Tier 1 and Tier 2 ticket holders. Please donate generously for a good cause. ^^

And rest assured that The Face Shop will deliver the standee to your house after the auction. Although I'm sure some fans wouldn't mind walking around with 'Kim Hyun Joong'. hehehe!

bb has done a very good write up on The Face Shop's background and the products. Did you know that The Face Shop is own by LG? Fascinating isn't it? Anyway, read the story here. And if you want to know more about the skin care products and what to buy, check out her post here.

More information about Kim Hyun Joon's visit on The Face Shop's FB

Before I end off...I'm just curious to see the different ads by the 3 different spokesperson over the years.

Which one do you like?


Kandace said...

the terminal that he'll be at isn't open to the public..

tiffany said...

Kandace- can see him when he arrives but not when he leaves. Quite normal... ^^ you going?

Anonymous said...

Hello Tiffany!! nice to meet u ^^
I would like to clarify abt the 2nd tier tickets of KHJ upcoming tour to SG..caz i saw the event details in the album of TFS at FB saying that "Maximum 2 tickets per customer" i should receive 1 or 2 entry ticket after spending min.$100 TFS products???

Our Love Story said...

You'll receive one entry ticket after spending min $100... I got it for one today... Would like to sell it... Anyone interested can email me at

tiffany said...

Hi Anonymous- you get 1 ticket for a minimum of $100 spent on TFS products. Yuo are allowed to get a maximum of 2 tickets.

신디 said...

Hi! I have a Tier 2 ticket for the MEET & GREET session tomorrow.
I'm selling the ticket cause I'm not gonna be busy during the time of the event =(

If you're interested, please contact me at! =D