Friday, November 05, 2010

Back in the Little Red Dot

I'm back. Yup, back from Fish and Chips land. Did anyone miss me? hehe!

Actually, those following me on my twitter would have known I was back earlier. Coz there was a flurry of tweets from me yesterday. ^^ Yup, even more K artistes heading our way. And I thought they would all be taking a break.

Anyway, before I continue, I would like to say a big thank you to bb and kandace for helping me big time to cover this very important event. bb- for putting her great writing skills here, whilst still managing her other blogs and forums and Kandace, for taking the initiative to get the photographer's pass and taking such great photos. If you guys have yet to check out these 2 girls greats sites, please do so. ^^ I would also like to thank Prooflabel for being so understanding and letting me 'cover' the concert despite my absence.

I looked at the videos and photos for the concert and I can only imagine what a blast it must have been. 7 acts in one night. I think Singapore is really getting lively.

And yet, as I read the comments on the FB, I was also alittle disturbed at the many negative comments. Of course, some were valid. No concerts and events can be perfect. But some were definitely not.

Fans complained about other fans standing up and blocking their views. Yet, at JYJ's concert the previous week, fans were complaining that they weren't allowed to stand up. They complained about security not being strict enough and yet at the concert, some were complaining they were too strict.


So what do fans want exactly?

I can't answer that question coz I do agree that whilst it would be nice to stand up and go and with the flow during a rocking concert, I certainly don't want my view blocked by any butts.

I can only say that I don't think I want to organise any concerts coz it's really hard. What fans see is just the front stage. What goes on backstage is a 1,001 things that can and do go wrong.

And just touching on the bb's point on the explosion of the number of K Pop bloggers and forums in recent months. Attending press conferences and shows are hard work. Because you need to record, concentrate and write about it after attending the events. That is the 'payment' for the 'privilege'. You are not there to oggle at the artistes and scream how much you love him/ her/ them. And if you are a serious photographer like Kandace, you will be spending the rest of the time thinking about composing shots, running up and down the media pit and hope that you have covered every single possible best angles. There is no time to enjoy the concert properly. Or perhaps I should say, you end up looking at such events in a different light. Sorry Kandace. ^^ But of course there are some serious sites and bloggers out there, who are determind to do a good job. I take my hat off them because these people are really, really fast and good. ^^

This site was never started as a K Pop site. Actually, K Pop was not popular when I started writing in 2006. It was started because well, I like things Korean.....

Ok, ok.... it's mostly because I like the cute the Korean guys in the dramas. hehe!

What I want to say is, I hope this site will become more than a K Pop site and my readers will be back here again and again because well, there are other interesting aspects about Korea to write about. I'm still 'working' away on the changes to this site and hope to be able to get it all done before the end of the year. Cross fingers ok.

I will be posting up some lovely photos taken by Kandace soon and of course, upadating on other up and coming events. Stay tuned.

Lastly, besides bb and Kandace, I would like to say a very big thank you to the readers who have been coming tp this site even though I think I write rubbish sometimes. : )

Here's a photo that was taken in the Fish and Chips land. Great contrast to the weather here. It was about 8 degrees over there that day but lovely blue sky, so you wouldn't know it.


Kandace said...

Don't be sorry i didn't get to enjoy it the conventional way. As long as the pictures meet your expectations- that'll be a reward on it's own for me ^^

Into the fire sounds pretty good.. might consider watching. heehee.

Missy Hoo said...

Yoz.. yr fish n chip land looks nice!.. guess u've recharged! ^_^