Friday, November 26, 2010

2AM - Saint O'clock

When they first debut in 2008, they were a little overshadowed by their counterpart, 2PM. Well, I guess it's a little difficult to beat an upbeat dance song with great dnace moves and featuring G.NA. But whilst almost everyone I knew bought 2PM's album then, I bought 2AM's debut album, 2AM 1st Single. I liked their title track, This Song. These boys can really sing.

Over the past 2 years, they have proved their vocal capability by coming with great songs like, Confession of a Friend and Even if I Die, I Can't Send You (somehow the English translation sounds really funny). Their next title track, 'I Did Wrong' in their repackaged 2AM 2nd Mini Album

I Did Wrong was a departure from their ballad image and genre. This has a much faster beat and portrayed the boys in a much more matured image. I really like Seulong's biker image in the mv. ^^

In October 2010, they finally released their first full length album- Saint O'clock

And I like it. I really do.

This is the title track- You wouldn't answer my call

And 'Like Crazy' is the other promoted song.

They are both similar to their usual style, which they do so well. But for me personally, I like their last title track- I Can't Say I Love You. It has a very nice beat and some part of the song reminds me of SG Wannabe's harmonious voices. I think they should have promoted this as the other title track as it showcase a slightly different genre from the above 2 songs. But that's my personal opinion.

Anyway, by now, if you are a fan of 2AM, you would have known by now that not only will they be here for the Mnet Live happenning on the 4th December, they will also be here much earlier to autograph their latest album organised by Universal Music Singapore.

Here are the details:
1) Buy a copy of the album, Saint O'clock which is out in the stores now.
2) Each album contains a ticket- gold and silver

Gold ticket:
The Golden ticket entitles you to the following:
1) Entry to the autograph session
2) An autograph on your [Saint O’Clock] album by the 4 boys

Silver ticket:
1) Entry to the autograph session
& ONLY if time permits, would the ticket holder be allowed an autograph opportunity.

Besides the autograph session happenning on the 2nd December, there is another event going on now. A closed door fan session with the selected few. Wah! Some of the media running this contest- omy, 100.3, U Weekly, Wanbao etc. Universal Music Singapore has also just started running this contest. They are giving away a pair of tickets to this closed door fan meet. Check out their FB for more details.

Activities for 2AM so far:
2nd Dec, 4pm- Private Fan meet
2nd Dec, 7.30pm- Autograph session
4th Dec, 6pm- Mnet Ultimate Live

They should be arriving on the 1st December, but I guess better wait for organiser to confirm flight details. ^^

Ok people- go get the album and the ticket to watch them perform live.

Pssst... Check back this site later... there may just be some goodies to give away. ^^

And pssst again...those of you who think you can become the next 2AM or G.NA, remember to register for the JYPE audition in Singapore and Hong Kong.


wry said...

Is there a chance when you buy the album you won't get the Golden ticket or the silver ticket? or does that mean an album is sure to have a ticket. :)

tiffany said...

wry- you will definitely get either the gold or silver ticket.