Saturday, October 02, 2010

Nanta- preview

I watched this show a couple of years ago when it was here in Singapore and it was fantastic. Nanta, is afterall one of the more popular and well-known non-verbal performance from Korea. Atually, I'm always amazed by most of the Korean non-verbal performance like Jump, The Chaser and Breakout. But Nanta is a little special because it uses cooking utensils...namely knives. And they are real knives!

At the press conference on Thursday, one of the cast shared the story of how during one of the performance, one of the knife broke into 2 and flew off into the direction of the audience. Luckily, no one was hurt badly.

They also emphaised on the fact that watching the show will help to relieve stress and bring much laughter in today's fast paced life (it was the same message from The Chaser as well). I supposed any show that can let you escape the real world for a while and bring a smile to your face is always great. And like The Chaser, the beauty of such acts is that you don't need to understand Korean to enjoy it. ^^

For those who are watching it, enjoy yourself. For those who haven't bought the tickets, you may want to consider it. Tickets can be bought at sistic. Show ends this Sunday, 3rd October, so be quick.

And to tempt you, here is a short clip from of the show. Or watch it below. Enjoy! ^^

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