Sunday, October 17, 2010

JYJ showcase in Singapore- serious after thoughts

I hesitate to write this as I'm afraid I will have thousands of fans hurling 'f' words and 'd' words and whatever words at me. But after following this event (though not exclusively) for the last 2 weeks, perhaps I should put in my 5 cents worth of opinion?

Frankly, I think the Singapore showcase shouldn't have been included, especially at such short notice.

The organiser didn't have enough time to prepare it properly.
The artistes themselves are tired (3 shows in 3 different countries in 3 days!)
And the artiste management did not have time to think through many things.

In short, there really isn't enough time.

I think if they want to do this whirlwind tour thing, it has to be spaced out so that everyone has time to prepare and recharge.

The 3 boys arrived from Bangkok at 1pm. They probably reached the hotel at about 2pm? The press conference started at 4.15pm and the whole thing (including 'exclusive' interviews with main media) ended by 5.30pm. Just a little over an hour.

Now, if the fans feel short changed about the showcase, if it makes you all feel any better, the media was affected as well at the press conference. The media was only allowed to ask 5 questions. Hmmm... Obviously, everyone was frustrated because with such short time and limited Q&A, your Straits Times, your Wan Bao, your Xinmsn, your Razzor TV and even this humble little blog here have no news angle to write.

I heard they left the hotel at 6pm. I'm not sure if they had time to eat. If you calculate the time, they probably arrive at Expo at about 7pm, giving them only about an hour to rehearse and do last minute sound checks. Which was why the doors opened late.

I think in this instance, what would have helped to pacify the thousands of fans waiting cluelessly outside, would be some sort of announcement by the organiser about the status. The lack of communication probably frustated alot of people. Because if the fans knew that JYJ were being professional and practising very hard to ensure a good showcase for their fans in Singapore, they would have been quite willing and happy to wait.

But perhaps it was a little too ambitious to have the showcase starting at 8pm? I think 9pm would have been more realistic?

As for the rest of things that did or did not happen, I can't really comment as I have no real information and am not involved. But I believe the artiste management normally has the final say in many matters. Not necessarily the artistes themselves but their managers etc. But then, these managers are paid to make decisions that they feel are in the best interest of the

Anyway, back to my original conclusion, like I said, I think the Singapore leg should not have been added at such short notice. And I think my video cam agreed with me, because it failed to record the precious first 60 seconds of the first song. So, this time round, unfortunately, I will have no clip at the showcase to share with you all. :( However, I believe there are already quite a few fan cams up on youtube already.

But if the Singapore tour did not happen, would the fans at the Expo tonight be just as unhappy as well? for thought. So I think the important question is... did you enjoy yourself, did you enjoy seeing them?

I really like the song from Sunkyunkwan Scandal and I was really glad to hear them sing it live tonight. And err...Yoochun was really good looking and charming at the press conference because he smiled the most. He looked really cute in his glasses. ^^

The press conference clips will be uploaded as soon as possible together with the photos.

I think I'm going to bed now and hopefully, I will not wake up tomorrow with too many tomatoes and eggs being thrown at me.


marydewitt said...

I was there, though a bit too short to my liking, but I am happy to see them finally... Live, without paying a bomb flying to Seoul for SS501 Seoul Encore Concert in Feb 2010! So I am happy to see them although it was too short.

Ruby said...

hi tiffany, thanks for sharing your thoughts! don't worry, i think the fans share the same feelings as you do (about the showcase being poorly organised), so no worries there.

to be honest, it seems that many JYJ fans are much, much more angry than imagined, because of numerous organisational/mgmt issues that arose last night. i don't think the organisers realise the kind of fans they decided to deal with when they took up this showcase! the Cassies are a force to be reckoned with.

Lots of fans are flaming the organisers on their own FB page (, and i think there will be more than just eggs and tomatos thrown at them ;) while i'm sure many Cassies are very pleased to have finally seen their idols last night, they also wish that they could have made a better first impression on JYJ, since it was their first time in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

It's true. The showcase felt so much shorter than than the one hour it was and the host was horribly annoying. I know Yoochun kept giving him the what-the-fuck face numerous times because he annoyed even our god of smiles.

It's very very difficult to organize an event at such short notice and it would have been better it the management had been clearer about the situation at the time. Cassiopeians are a scary force even though we are quite a small (compared to a few of the other fanclubs becasue their idols are younger and what not) community but we are scarily passionate about everything we do.

Because it was at such late notice, it was quite difficult for us to arrange something to leave a lasting impression on the boys. It was not at all a wise decision for the host (GOD, I HATE HIM) to keep trying to make us sing Ayyy Girl since not many of us actually received our albums yet. we could have tried singing another song or doing something different. FIRE KEN.

Anonymous said...

JYJ was amazing (esp considering the fact that they are probably very tired). but everything else was bad. the MC was totally annoying & the management of the showcase could have been better.

Anonymous said...

Well, i was there too. Yes, it was short.. and i also think Singapore should also not be suddenly be added in the list. Planning such a large scale event is not easy for the management in less than 2 weeks. Despite some disappointments, i'm already happy to finally seeing them after 5 years.. seeing 3 is better than seeing none. I hope next time, if they were to have a concert here, it'll be better planned out :)

Anonymous said...

actually, the JYJ showcase in seoul also had 5 songs only too isnt it? am i wrong?

Anonymous said...

i think Quest was a little ambitious with planning the JYJ showcase within 2 weeks. i have to admit that they underestimated the force of JYJ fans especially the younger ones but nevertheless it was a good show for me. seeing them live is enough for me already. as for the host, although he did annoy some fans with his "cold" jokes i thought he already did his best by working up the atmosphere. it was a rather lively and casual kind of showcase and i am sure jyj did enjoy their stay here in singapore. seeing lots of their fans giving them support is already a bonus for them. they are down to earth guys.

th_3 said...

i'd rather they come to singapore with sufficient rest then be jet-lagged and exhausted + insufficient planning by organizers & lack of rehearsals.

Anonymous said...

The QUEST facebook page is terribly painful to look at. I don't understand why Singaporeans cannot stop complaining. Sure, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but 600+ hateful comments (and that's only the number of responses to ONE post from Quest)?? That's really something.

Two weeks is a very short time ... and Quest managed to pull it off despite the little time they had and the constraints they faced. I know that Korean artistes' mgt companies are usually very demanding (and prone to changing their minds and making decisions at the last minute >_< ) - so I don't think it was easy for Quest either.

I wish the blame-game will stop.

winterlove said...

Hi, thanks for writing updates here and your frank comments. It was sad that the showcase was such a failure, and I feel a bit embarrassed since JYJ may have a bad impression of Singapore and the fans. But what done can't be undone so could only hope JYJ can be a bit more understanding towards the whole management thing. Can you keep us more update on this, whatever even if you have little news/material, thanks?

Anonymous said...

JYJ coming here at such a short notice, there's both ups and downs.
the downside is that, it gives Quest such little time to have concrete planning in management. but i'm sure they did their best. the upside is that, we still got to see the boys, and the W project was executed successfully.

Cassies are angry.. because:
1 - they didn't actually like the fact that JYJ has so little time to rest but perhaps even the boys themselves, want to go the extra mile to reach out to every corner of the world.
2 - they were left in confusion when the doors didn't open at 6.30 but they knew the boys were rehearsing so that they can give Cassies their best stage. it's just that it wld be nice if some officials came out to make an announcement.
3 - the press conference. the lawsuit issue should really be avoided right now. let the boys come out and talk about it on their initiative. it was seriously insensitive on the media's part. sure you want your news angle but it's been a really difficult time for both the boys and Cassies, and it still is. which is why Always Keep The Faith. and any media that daresay the boys have split up/disbanded is seriously walking on dangerous grounds. in fandom, Cassies have the biggest strength, and are the biggest shareholders in SME.
4 - the showcase itself. the host was disappointing. we know that he was trying to warm up the air and all, but you don't have to say so much when it's between Cassies and the boys. we don't need words to communicate. did you see how the boys reacted when the lightsticks that formed the letter "W" came out? that's the beauty of this unbreakable bond.

But with time, anger is shortlived.


Anonymous said...

haha tiffany... your worries are rather unfounded:) i am a huge dbsk/JYJ fan but i was just grateful to have seen them finally. I wanted to see them to confirm two things: that their voices are just as awesome live, and that they can dance.

i agree it was too short, but these guys are hot stuff overseas too... so i guess i was just grateful they came:)

ps: you have to admit their closing song was awesome. it's so hard to sing AND dance at the same time without lip synching. lol.

jean said...

Dont worry, i wont throw tomatoes at you(: Thanks to your blog, i wont have to be physically be at such showcase to know what happened during the showcase. If only i dont have any major exam this year... Sheeish..

tiffany said...

Hi Mary, yes, it was short because it was just a showcase for the launch of their new album. I believe it was the same time for their Korean concert as well. And definitely cheaper than flying off all the way to Korea. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi Ruby

Yes, it was not as well organised as it should be. It could have been better and I think Quest learnt alot. However, I think some of the comments on Quest FB were uncalled for. It is not easy to organise a showcase within 2 weeks and many of the changes were directives from JYJ's management. I'm sure JYJ's managment have their reasons for the changes but nevertheless, it still resulted in much chaos.

I'm sure JYJ was happy to see their Singapore fans finally. That was the whole point of the showcase. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi danicaaaa (hope I have not missed out on any 'a's in your name ^^)

The decision to host this showcase was made very late. As I said in one of my post earlier, no sane organiser would have agreed to do it. So Quest was taking a huge risk.

But if I remember correctly, all the fans were really urging Quest to bring them in during the decision making time. So if Quest did not bring them in, I think fans would have been disappointed as well. It was still a great showcase and I'm sure you and your friends were really happy to finally hear and sing them live.


tiffany said...

hi to both anonymous readers

Yes, the planning stage was too short. Things would have been a little better if Singapore stage was decided much earlier. But it's good to know that both of you sitll enjoyed the showcase. : )

tiffany said...

Hi anonymous

That is Ken's style. After seeing him host a few K Pop events, I can only say it is his style to crack 'çold jokes'. hehe!

I'm sure JYJ enjoyed their Singapore stopover too. They are performers (they said so many times in the video clips that they want to be on the stage) and I think seeing the crowd of red that night would have made them very happy. I was amazed at seeing all the red lightsticks. Ut was quite a sight.

tiffany said...


I agree that it would have been better for them to come rested and prepared ut unfortunately, this was the only date available. It was either 16th October or none at all.

And looking at all the responses on Quest FB then, I think everyone really wanted it to happen, even though everyone knew the boys would be tired.

tiffany said...

Hi anonymous

Yes, I do agree that it was a little too much of complaints on the FB. Some were valid and some were not.

Unfortunately, when fans get worked up, they tend to get a little carried away. And the internet offers a quick, faceless way of venting such anger.

Or maybe I'm just old lah. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi winterlove

Why did you say the showcase was a failure? Because I don't think it was. Sure, the doors opened late, the VIPs did not get the photoshoot.

But the show went off without a hitch. The sound system worked. The stage worked (I really liked the beginning part when they came up from under the stage) and the boys themselves gave their all. The crowd responded well.

So, no, it was not a failure. And I don't think the boys would have a bad impression either lah. But it would be nice if they could come back again with more time to see our little red dot. :)

tiffany said...

Hi anonymous
Yes, there's both pros and cons for the boys coming at such short notice.
1) Err.. wasn't it the fans who wanted the boys to come? They knew how the schedule was like and there would be no time for proper rest.
2) I agree with this. It would have been much better if there was some official announcement.
3) I understand your viewpoint as a fan. I'm just as passionate when it comes to my 'man'. But the media are not fans, and like you say, they have a job to do, which is to provide news.
4) Haha! A fan is happy just to look his his/ her idol. But Ken's job is to host, so he will have to talk. Though personally, I do agree there was a little too much talking.

tiffany said...


Yes, I thought the last song was great too. And it was a real pleasure seeing the fans just up and about, waving their lightsticks. I'm glad Yoochun gave the greenlight for the fans to 'jump'. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi jean

Having major exams when your favourite group is in town is a real bumper. But studies is still more important. Who knows, they may be back again next year.

Anonymous said...

Cassie from Korea.
Hi. Tiffany
here in Seoul Bad rumors are going around about Singapore showcase.
like thousands of free tickets and bad media reponse ?
I am afraid the boys are on their new start and people( not fans) would have bad impressions about JYJ. so pls tell mme. how was the media reponse