Wednesday, October 06, 2010

JYJ in Singapore- update

Wow! Was yesterday exciting? How many of you were camping in front of your computer/ iphone/ blackberry etc at 7pm? Front what I read, I think quite a lot...possibly as many as those queuing up for the K Pop night concert. Hehe!

I know many were disappointed at not getting the VIP tix. 100 tix really isn't alot but I guess the 3 boys can't spend the entire showtime taking photos, right?

Anyway, based on the latest update from Quest's FB, the following is status of the tickets availability at the moment:

VIP ($248) & Cat A ($168)- sold out
Cat B ($138) - 450 left (4 hours ago)
Cat C ($98)- 300 left (4 hours ago)
Cat D ($68) - available

The showcase is only less than 2 weeks away and ticket collection is this Friday, so if you are really keen to go, do book your ticket now on Quest ID. To give you a little incentive, here's the opening clip for JYJ showcase.

And don't forget to join the contest organised by Quest. One lucky fan stand a chance to win ONE backstage pass. Here's the question again:
Q) How many fans will be attending JYJ Showcase Tour on 16 Oct?

Contest ends 11th October. Send your answer to For more infor, please refer to Quest ID's FB

I wonder how was the sales for Mnet Ultimatge yesterday. But as theirs is a free standing concert, there would probably be less rush for the concert. ^^

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