Wednesday, October 20, 2010

JYJ in Singapore- Press conference

JYJ was only in Singapore for less than 24 hours and looked how much dust they kicked up. Good thing there wasn't any haze on Saturday or I think there would have been more people would be hot under the collar.

The press conference was supposed to be 4.30pm but I received an urgent email from Quest on 16th October at 2.15 in the morning saying that the press conference has been changed to 4pm. Sharp! oh well. Half an hour early is ok. I found out much later the boys had changed their rehearsal time from before the press conference to after the press conference. Bad move....

Anyway. I 'know' Junsu because I had covered Zuno's event in May. But Yoochun caught my eyes. Well, having a thick black scarf, with long sleeve sweater in super hot Singapore probably does stand out. ^^ No seriously, it was because he was the only one who was smiling and seemed actually relaxed.

Junsu and Jaejoong didn't seemed very happy or perhaps they were tired. I'm not sure. Whatever it was, they didn't smile much. But I must say Jaejoong still quite cute lah.

There was a little drama even before the actual press conference started because it was announced that media would not be allowed to ask any questions! Questions 'prepared' by media earlier would be presented instead. Of course, the media was up in arms, because, well, it's quite silly to have a press conference if the media was not allowed to ask any questions. I guess JYJ's management did not want any awkward and sensitive questions asked about SME and the lawsuit. However, I think the boys should be confident and grown up eenough to answer or not answer any potentially sensitive and dangerous questions. And I was proved right later on. Sort of..

So back to the 'prepared' questions. You can check it out here or just watch the clip below. This is part 1 of the press conference.

Watch Junsu at about 1.44m when he laughed. He really looked like a little boy. The boys seemed a little reluctant to answer the questions, pushing the mike to each other. But again, it could be due to fatique. However it does appear that the 3 of them share a certain closeness. Micky Yoochun surpsied me with his fairly fluent English. Perhaps he should have answered more and rely less on the translator?

The PR for JYJ then announced that the management had approved and the boys would take 5 questions from the media. Unfortunately the first question was indirectly associated with DBSK. There was a 15 seconds silence from the boys before Junsu finally picked up the mike to answer. Personally, whilst the question asked was sensitive because it was related to DBSK, I felt that it was also a difficult question to answer. I mean, how do you answer the politically fireloaded question -'is it more lonely with just 3 of you or more enjoyable?'

But Junsu did well and answered diplomatically. Perhaps they should learn to answer more of such questions instead of avoiding them? It may fuel less sensational stories. Afterall, Jay Park, who also left under much controversial terms answered all questions during the press conference (even though the media was warned to stick to questions related to his showcase only). But then again that's just my personal opinion.

So here's Part 2 of the press conference. The clip is below.

But part 2 was also more light hearted especially with regards to Yoochun's drama and the album sales. I couldn't quite catch which character Yoochun thought Jaejoong could be. Anyone care to enlighten me? And the translator was tripping over the figures and the pre-orders part. I think the question may have been asked by a fan or one of the forum. ^^

The press conference ended very, very quickly. It was only about 20 minutes or so and then they went for the exclusive group interviews. But I heard later there was some drama with that too.

Anyway, by the time the whole thing ended, it was about 5.35pm or so. So like I said in my last post, everything was just too rushed and not enough time.

Hmm... I think I may watch 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' afterall...just because I found Yoochun really charming at the press conference. Haha! yes, I'm shallow.


sara said...

Nice to meet you. I read your articles about JYJ. Since they have very interesting contents, I would like to quote them in my blog. I also want to link your images uploaded to Youtube. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

you are not shallow. glad to know that you appreciate yoo chun's charm as well :)

Anonymous said...

^^ yc was refering that jaejoong can act as "Geol-O" (acted by Yoo Ah In), a rather charismatic, rebelious, caring role in SKKS.

It's definitely not shallow to watch SKKS cause of yc's charm. yc's role in SKKS is kinda like the opposite of his actual personality. Nevertheless, it is highly recommendable to watch SKKS! Awesome plot and great cast.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts rgding JYJ :) Interesting read

de BEE said...

hey tiffany. I was reading some articles from razortv and straits times and i felt really really disturbed from the negative reviews the media had. At least you posted a rather unbiased review on their performance and their press conference.

If the fans aren't complaining, why is the media coming down so hard on them? yeah, the restrictions on the interview questions would have made the reporters' jobs so much more difficult but what would the Singapore media know about the lawsuit in Korea? the big corporations in Korea are often very powerful when it comes to legal issues so the Singapore media should have opened their minds to the fact that answering a 'simple' question about dbsk might have led to chaos for their lawsuit.:(

thanks for the post, even though you are not a dbsk/JYJ fan, anyway:)

Anonymous said...

i pity quest for getting all bashed up for nothing. they were nice to bring jyj here but many fans aren't appreciative. in all fairness i understand they had a hard time dealing with cjes and the s'pore pr company. i also found out they had to deal with many last minute changes like what you mentioned about the press con. there were also many unreasonable requests. unfortunately fans don't see it that way and i saw all the posted comments in quest fb which only reflected how bad these fans can be. it made the fans looked horrible to the world. sad.

tiffany said...

Hi Sara- sorry for this super late reply. Thanks for linking and posting on your site. ^^

tiffany said...

Hi anonymous- haha! I go for any cute guy. But YC was seriously charming everyone that day and this despite the fact that he wasn't feeling well...which I only found out later. So thumbs to him.

tiffany said...

anonymous- I've just started to DL the show. Will review if I managed to find the time to watch it. ^^

Song Jong Ki coming next month and I believe the video will be released in SG soon too.

tiffany said...

de BEE- I think the media was more upset because they were told they can't ask questions 5 minutes before the press conference was to start. So you can imagine how angry they were.

As for asking questions about DBSK...that is the job of the any country. But the person asked can refuse to answer the questions. That is their prerogative or choose to answer in a diplomatic way, which they did.

Actually, SG media very tame liao. Wait till you get HK or Twn or even Kr media....

tiffany said...

Hi anonymous- I think Quest did have a hard time. Actually, all event organisers and in particular K Pop event organisers always have a hard time due to last minute changes.

But fans being fans..they will always defend their idols mah. Sometimes, they do go overboard and lately, the language used by many of the 'fans' have been rather offensive. And you are right, it does not refelct well on the fans nor the idols/ artistes themselves.