Monday, October 04, 2010

JYJ The Beginning, New Album showcase tour in Singapore

Edited on 4th October
Yes, it's finally confirmed. After a couple of days of finger-biting suspense for DBSK fans, they can finally see the 3 boys- Jae Joong, Jun Su and Yoo Chun. Well, it's not the 5 boys but based on the current situation, I think seeing the 3 boys together is about the best you can get.

Pre-booking of tickets will start on 4 OCT, MONDAY, 7pm sharp via Quest ID's site here. Remember you have to sign up as a member of Quest ID first before you can buy the ticket on their website. Membership is free, so the advise is- sign up now before the actual booking starts on 4th October, 7pm.

Ticket prices as follow

VIP @ S$248
(only 60 seats available for Singapore fans and 40 seats available for international fans. Each fan is entitled to purchase ONE TICKET only)
This VIP ticket comes with a pre-autographed poster, handshake and photograph session with the 3 boys in groups of 5.

CAT A @ S$168
CAT B @ S$138
CAT C @ S$98
CAT D @ S$68
(for CAT A-D tickets, fans can purchase up to a maximum of FOUR TICKETS only)

Note from Quest:
*We have a tracking system in placed to monitor duplicate orders using the same name and NRIC number. Duplicate booking will be rejected.

There is NO SELECTION of seats. All categories will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis.

For other details on how the system works and the T&C, please refer to Quest ID's FB or JYJ's The Beginning Showcase event page.

Or you can email to if you have any queries.

And here's a picture of the seating arrangement. They've even show how far the seats are. *Tiffany is highly amused....*

I believe the 60 tickets for Singapore fans may not be enough but I suspect it may be stipulated by JYJ's agency. Organisers always have to work within the constraints of the artistes' agency's rules. In any case, there should be enough tickets to go around. So remember, those of you who have voted with the click of your mouse earlier during the polls, please remember to vote with your wallet as well.

Also, Quest is running a contest whereby ONE backstage pass will be given to the winner. I can see their email being jammed with fans trying to get that coveted pass. Anyway, here's the question:
q) How many fans will be attending JYJ Showcase Tour on 16 Oct?

Contest ends 11th October. Send your answer to For more infor, please refer to Quest ID's FB

Good luck to all!

Side note:
As I suspected, there is no letting up of this K Wave in the next few months. I'm sure you would have heard of the MNet concert at Fort Canning on the 4th December by now. I believe there may be another couple more artistes/ concerts coming from now right up to Super Junior's showcase on the 29th January 2011. So, do save your Christmas, birthday and New Year ang pow money. ^^

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