Tuesday, October 12, 2010

JYJ - The Beginning in Singapore starts this Saturday

Ok, ok... I know Quest FB's has been very livly over the weekend. So let's see what are some of the new updates.

1) Quest will sell tickets for all categories to JYJ's showcase in Singapore today, 12th October at Scape from 3pm to 9pm. This includes limited Cat A tickets. Strictly by cash payment only and there will be no selection of seats.

2) Those who bought 2 tickets and above today (12th Oct) at Scape will stand a chance to win a VIP ticket (this would entitle you to a group photo and a handshake with the 3 boys). The lucky draw applies to all 4 catagories.

3) In the event that Cat A tickets are sold out, then more Cat A seats may be added. Please refer to the new seating arrangement below. Blocks AA1, AA2, BB2-BB5 are new Cat A seats. They will only be added when all Cat A seats in Blocks A2-A5 and B2-B5 have been sold out.

4) Take note and do get confused with Block numbers and the Categories (they are rather confusing).
Cat A
Blocks A2-A5
Blocks B2-B5
Blocks AA1, AA2 (new)
Blocks BB2-BB5 (new)

Cat B
Blocks A1, A6
Blocks B1, B6

Cat C
Blocks C5-C9

Cat D
Blocks C1-C4
Blocks C10-C13

5) The chance to win a backstage pass has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances.

Admitedly, there are some things that could have been done better or handled better. But pulling of a big show in short notice of within 2 weeks is not easy. In fact, it's pure madness. From accomodation to flight arrangement to security to selling tickets to staging the show. No sane organiser would have done it. Perhaps if Quest had more time things might be alot more smoother.

But there is no time for 'ifs' and 'buts' now. The 3 boys will be holding their very own show this Saturday night, right here in Singapore, so if you don't want to miss this chance, do go and get your tickets later today and fill the hall.

I must admit, I'm not a DBSK fan. Ooops..

But I do hope I will get enchanted by the magic that so many fans have been raving about. So for that, I'm looking forward to the showcase.

Are you? ^^

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