Monday, October 04, 2010

I Love Asia Pop, Mnet Ultimate Live

This is a little late but I'm sure most K Pop fans would have known by now about the Love Asia Pop or Mnet Ultimate Live concert happeninng in December 10.

The concerts are held over 3 days- 4th December is for K Pop lovers and 5th December is for C Pop lovers. The aim is to united Asia pop, which was what Sundown Festival was all about too. ^^ Looks like Asia Pop is really on the rise.

Here are the details and infor for the concerts.

4th December 10 (Mnet Ultimate Live!)
- 2PM
- 2AM
- Miss A
- 4th group unknown yet

5th December 10 (I love Chinese Pop!)
- Fahrenheit 飛輪海
- Landy Wen 温岚
- Guang Liang 王光良
- Van Fan & Craze Band 范逸臣& 酷爱乐团
- Harlem Yu 庾澄慶

Ticket is priced at $188 per night, ie, if you want to go both nights, that will set you back $376. Tickets are available via Sistic. And from 4th October (which is today) till 17th October, priority booking starts for OCBC credit card holders, with a 10% discount. Those without OCBC credit card will have to wait till 18th December.

For more information, you can refer to the I Love Asia Pop's FB or I Love Asia Pop's twitter.

Intersting to note that all the K groups coming are either from JYP or JYP related. Miss A, 2AM, 2PM aew all from JYP, MBLAQ is under Rain's agency, who used to be under JYP (and whom I believe remains in close contact). I wonder who the 5th group will be...don't tell me Wonder Girls....

As I've said before, save your money, K Pop lovers, there will be other acts coming.

On a personal note, will we reach a stage when we all say- Enough?



Anonymous said...

SME has an ongoing feud with Mnet. YG also skipped Mnet's 20's Choice awards in August, but it doesn't appear an explicit boycott (yet). In any case, Mnet's response is to work with the other Kpop companies (JYPE, Cube, J.Tune, etc.) for this new concert franchise.

tiffany said...


I know that SME is not on good tersm with Mnet but wasn't aware that YG may also have problem with Mnet.

Hmm...that leaves us with Cube (as one of the bigger agency) and the smaller ones. So I really wonder who the5th grou will be, although I wouldn't mind if it's a good solo singer.

Anonymous said...

Hope Rain/Bi can pop by for the concert ;) Anyway, happy enough to know that Mnet Ultimate Live is willing to come to Singapore.

tiffany said...

Oh yeah, I forgot got Rain... I wouldn't mind Rain but not sure if organiser can afford his fees leh. Has the filming for Plan B wrapped up yet?

Anonymous said...

I think they are still in the midst of shooting Plan B.

Kelly said...

Hi there, I have a pair of "I Love Asia Pop" tickets to let go at $200. My hubby and I are unable to attend last minute. Anybody interested to take over? If interested, please call Kelvin at 96663779.