Friday, October 15, 2010

Chop chop update- JYJ arrival details and JYP's Singapore audition

This is a chop chop (it means fast fast) update on 2 important information. Especially for those who don't follow me on my twitter

JYP audition in Singapore
Yes, yes, you heard and read right. JYP, the company that produced Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, Miss A as well as Beast, 4 Minute and G.NA under it's subsidiary label, CUBE will be holding an audition in Singapore and Hong Kong . The very first time they are holding an overseas audition.

So if there are aspiring singers, dancers, talents out there, you may want to check it out. Singapore's audition will be held from 2nd-5th December and Hong Kong's 15th to 18th December. There are no other details at the moment. Organised by Alpha Entertainment, you can check out for more details on their FB.

Hmm.... is it a coincidence that almost all of JYP's artistes are in Singapore during the audition time? Will they make any appearance at the audition like they did in Korea? Hmm... ok..this is all speculation on my end.

Side note:
Korean agencies are known to have tough training for their artistes, so be very sure about it. On the other hand, there is no harm in trying it out and having some fun and experience out of it.

JYJ's arrival time
JYJ will arrive in Singapore on 16th October from Bangkok via SQ973, 1.05pm. Check Changi Airport website for comfirmation of terminal.

The Do's and Don'ts for the concert are also up. Do check it out at Quest FB. They are also selling the tickets to JYJ's showcase today (15th October) at Scape, Level 4, Grid MMS Room. This will be the last day for the ticket sales.

Good night all. It's going to be very, very exciting for the months to come. ^^


VivianLAughs said...

oooooooommmmmggggg!!! May i know how to apply for the audition?? thanks(:!!!!

tiffany said...


You have to check out either Alpha's FB or their website. But I think the audition form has been delayed. ^^