Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Zuno fan meet

Yet another Korean artiste who will be back in Singapore within half a year. FT Island, SHInee, Lee Min Ho, Wondr Girls and Beast all did that. I'm beginning to think they must like the food here especially the chilli crab. Wahaha!

Ok, as you would have read either from my twitter or from Quest FB, Zuno will be back in Singapore on the 24th October. Yeah, it seems a little crasy as the is on the 23rd October night. Many would be tired out from the concert as well as the chasing. But hey, I'm sure Zuno's fans wouldn't want to the 'best fan meets especially for his fans here' (as quoted by Bhakt).

Ok, here are the detail:

Date: 24 October (Sunday)
Time: 2pm
Venue: Powerhouse, St James Power Station (opposite Vivo City)

Ticket price:
S$100 (inclusive of one standard drink, autographed photocard and a High-5 with Zuno)

*Special ticket price of S$80 for the first 500 fans!

**The first 100 fans will be entitled to a personal autograph session

***Free standing. Fans need not queue overnight as we will be using queue number based on a first-come-first-serve pre-booking system


What can you expect? I quote from the Quest's FB:

Zuno will perform 3 songs, interviews, FAQs from fans, play games, gives out his autographs, high-5 for every single fan and best of all, it comes with one standard drink!

I believe Zuno will also officially launch his fan club here in Singapore at the fan meet. This is his fanclub's FB.

Looks like there's no letting up on the KPop scene here in Singapore for the next few months all the way to January.

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