Friday, September 10, 2010

ZE:A's Press conference- a little peep

Haven't got the time to look at all the clips yet and I'm still waiting for the photos from my friend. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the boys at the press conference today. They were alot more lively then I had expected and the press connference was amongst the more interesting press conferences that I had attended so far.

Kwang Hee was the live wire of the press conference and he was obviously very excited to be in Singapore.

I've only uploaded this short little clip of him as I want to share with you all. He was demonstrating how different ladies of different ages preserve their lipsticks. Apparently, he had done the same demonstration in another show in Korea. (anyone care to enlighten me what show that is?)

Anyway, here's the clip... I give you Kwang Hee's drinking show..hehehe!

Link on youtube here



Angelina said...

He did it on Star Golden Bell...

tiffany said...

Thanks so much Angeline. Caught it on youtube. This guy is really funny. I like funny guys. ^^