Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wah! Korea and Korea Plaza- a new beginning

For those on the mailing list of Korea Tourism Organisation Singapore's office or on their FB, you would have known about Wah! Korea sometime ago.

Wah! Korea is a supporters club initiated by Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) to provide a bridge between the various Hallyu and Korean-interests groups and the organisation itself. Essentially, I guess it hopes to encourage and sustain the interest in Hallyu and provide support whenever possible to the fans. Anyone can join Wah! long as you are residing in Singapore and are passionate about Korea and things Korea. Membership is free and you get benefits like priority to Korea Plaza events, discounts to restaurants, supermarkets and most important of may even receive invitations to Hallyu events (this one the most interesting benefit of all).

You also get points for spreading the love of Korea...if you blog (like me), organise events or just visit Korea Plaza. hehe! Each member is going to get a special Wah! Korea card and they can accumulate the points and the member with the highest points gets to go Korea!!! Wah! Korea! (pardon the pun. Wahaha!)

You can submit the form either online or offline. Just go here for more infor. But I think you have to sign up on KTO as a member first. Hmm... Or to make things easier for those of you who want to join Wah! Korea now, you can just download the form from me here--> and then fax to them. But I think joining KTO as a member also got benefits as they send you emails regularly to let you know what's happenning in Korea and here in Singapore.

Anyway, the club will be launched officially next Wednesday, 15th September 2010. And if you send in your form quickly, you will also be invited to this official launch. Some of the events hapenning that day which starts as early as 2pm include:

K Pop dance workshop
Movie marathon
Hanbok trying
Food tasting

And get to meet all Da Very Important People like the CEO and President of KTO, Mr Charm Lee. You would have seen him at the Sundown festival last year (this is a completely side note- but Mr Charm Lee himslef is also a star ok. He was the personal assistant to Kwon Sang Woo in 'Stairways to Heaven'. ^^ )

And at the same time, you get to see the brand new, facelifted Korea Plaza. It's even more Korean inspired now and I really like the reception counter. Check out the photos..

The entrance

The reception counter

Rows of brochures nicely displayed

Check out the words- 대한민국 on the display shelf. Cool!

The other end of Korea Plaza

Some of the display

One of the men welcoming you- Bae Yong Joon, the tourism ambassador for 2010-2012

and the other man- Lee Byung Hun

So pali pali join Wah! Korea and help to spread the love of Korea. ^^ See you all there next Wednesday?

p/s- if you see my post and join as member, can put me down as referral please, please?


Anonymous said...

where is this korea plaza??

tiffany said...

It's at Samsung Hub. You can find the address if under their website or their facebook

Anonymous said...

hey there's a WAH korea card? i joined but didnt get any cards :(