Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A little update

Sorry, have been a little swamped with work. A quick update on some events.

G.NA in Singapore

G.NA has already arrived in Singapore this afternoon. It caught me by surprise as I read that she was supposed to come in the night. I guess Universal Music Singapore wanted to avoid the crowd. Still, some of the fans managed to catch sight of her and even took a short clip.

Remember her event is tomorrow (29 Sep) @ Bugis Junction, Bugis Square Level 1, 7pm. I'm not suer how many songs she will be performing but I think at least 2 songs bah.. from what I gather from the organiser. Of course, if she sings more, it would be great. The autograph session will also be held tomorrow, only for those who bought her cd. All the lucky draws are over (including a chance to take photo with her), but I guess you can still go buy her cd and queue up for her autograph tomorrow. It will be on a first-come-first-serve basis and she will sign as long as possible. For more infor, please refer to Universal Music Singapore FB.

Oh Ji Ho in Singapore

Oh Ji Ho has also arrived in Singapore. Unfortunately for hsi fans, it seemed he was whisked off via the VIP route so the fans didn't even get to take a peep at him.

He is here to officially open the Mont Blanc store at Mandarin Gallery. It is also on the 29th Sep, 7pm. So some of you may have to decide which event to go. It's a public, private event, ie, the public will get to see him cut ribbons etc but will not be able to enter the store unless you are on the invited list.

Zuno Fan Meet

It is confirmed that this cute young boy has postphoned his first fan meet here in Singapore to the 13th November, 11am. The venue remains unchanged at Powerhouse, St James Powersation. Tickets are on sale now. Ticket sales infor on Quest ID. It's $80 for the first 500 tickets. The organiser has said that they will plan some nice surprise. Hmmm...I wonder. Watch out for a chance to win tickets to his fan meet on my site here from next week onwards. I'm actually glad that they managed to change the date from the earlier one. It would have been totally exhuasting for many fans after the mega K Pop concert on the 23rd October.

Jung Jun Ho in Singapore
Jung Joon Ho, the 'rival' of Lee Byung Hun in Iris & the lead in Last Scandal of My Life will be in Singapore on 22nd October Gala Premiere for the Korean Film Festival. Still trying to get more information, so will update when I can. ^^

Whew! Looks like there is no slowing down of the avalanche of K wave for the next few months. I've heard rumours of at least 2 concerts and now I just heard that there will be another concert at Fort Canning on the 4th and 5th December, combining Korean and Taiwan singers. Will it go ahead? I'm sure we will hear more in the weeks to come. But hor...sounds like Sundown Festival leh.....

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