Monday, September 20, 2010

Korea Plaza re-opening and launch of WAH Club

How many of you were at Korea Plaza for their re-opening on Wednesday night? Judging from the seemed that almost all Korean lovers were there. In fact, it was so crowded that they had to reserve TCC next door for media and VIPs.

Many were there to pick up their WAH membership card or to sign up for it. I'm sure a good proportion was there for the lucky draw (the exclusive hard-to-get K Pop tickets leh!) and the free dinner. hehehe!

Wonder why Korea is always associated with winter. Anyway, the 2 snowman was walking around in the Singapore heat. It's a wonder they didn't melt. Wahaha! I wonder why we always associate Korea with snow and winter?

Anyway, the staff of KTO has been working tirelessly for weeks for this event and it was graced by the presence of all the BIG shots...from the President of Korea Tourism Organisaion, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Singapore Korean Embassy to the President of Korean Association of Singapore. Not only that, they also had a glam factor in the form of celebrity, Ms Suzzane Jung (the CNA's presentator).

And of course, the other group of important people- the committee members of WAH supporters club. These people are going to act as the bridge between the fans and lovers of things Korean and the KTO. Very important people with important tasks. So do give them your support. ^^

The event started off with a performance by Ms Josephine Hung, who was the winner of K Pop talent contest organised by the Korean Embassy in 2008. Wah... she is good leh...Check it out. (Sorry... the clip turned out rather dark and small but trust me, she was good).

The various VIPs gave their speeches and of course, the last to do so was Mr Charm Lee. Like I've mentioned before, Mr Lee is a naturalised Korean and some may recognised him from the drama, 'Stairways to Heaven'> starring Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo. Here's a clip from that drama that I found finally with Mr Lee in it. Hehehe! It seems he charmed quite a few girls that night too.

Mr Charm Lee was very witty and obviously a natural speaker. He spoke passionately about Korea and things Korean and kept inviting us to go over to Korea to experience the 'Qi' (气). I would definitely love to take him up his offer...but got free tickets or not hor? : )

By the end of his speech, we were all very hungry. At least I was. So I was quite thrilled to see this big bowl of.....bibimbap.

But before we could eat it, the bibimbap had to be mixed first by the VIPs....

and then by the CMs of the WAH Club....

Don't you think the girls show a lot more enthusiasm mixing the rice? hehe!

And here's a very happy picture of the WAH committte members together with Mr Charm Lee.

Look at the crowd...and Bae Yong Joon.......standee looking on. Hehehe!

Woudn't it have been great if he was at the event as well? Tiffany dreaming away.....

And here's a hard working KTO staff, serving up bowls of bibimbap with a smile. Congratulations to all the staff at KTO who made this event such a success..

Not sure when it ended coz the Q for the food (which looked pretty good) was soooooo long that we couldn't wait anymore. But I know there was a fashion runway contest. Anyway, the 4 of us went out for a Korean restaurant of course! Hehe!

2010-2012 is Visit Korea Year. Throughtout these 3 years, there will be a hots of activities in Korea and outside Korea. So do keep a look out for it. I may even write about them later. Anyway, 3 special adverts were created to target the different sectors...Asia, Europe & USA and Japan. Here's one for Europe/USA. The drums are amazing. The following one is for Asia. And finally, this is for Japan alone...starrng my man, Bae Yong Joon. ^^

But I'm trying to find out what is this for...

How many 'stars'can you recognise?

Side note:
My relationship with KTO started in 2002 because of work. Later, it was because of the fan club, Joon's Family and Bae Yong Joon. Mr Steve Yong is the 4th director at KTO that I know. I've also seen the office move from the old one @ Clifford Centre to the present location @ Samsung Hub. From an office just providing brochures and information to one where dance/ cooking and language classes are now provided on a regular basis. As I write this, I feel rather old....

BUT, KTO and its staff have come a long way and I'm sure many would agree that it's more exciting now.

So here's to a even more interesting and exciting future for all lovers of things Korean.

Hmm.... perhaps a fashion show or food fair? ^^

Korea Tourism Organisation- Singapore and Indonesia's branch FB, click here
Korea Tourism Organisation FB, click here

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nana said...

Isn't HARU a new upcoming drama?

tiffany said...

Hi nana

Yup, I just found out that Haru is an interactive new 'drama' by KTO. Starting on n24th Sep..