Wednesday, September 22, 2010

F&N's Breaking the Groove

I'm always amazed how my love of things Korean leads me to paths and events that I would never have ever come in contact with otherwise.

Last Saturday, at the invitaion of F&N, I attended the finals for Breaking the Groove. As mention earlier here, this contest is held in conjuction with Jay Park's showcase this coming Saturday and the winner gets to battle it out with Jay Park and AOM (Art of Movement).

Whilst I still can't say I truely appreciate and understand this dance genre, I was very impressed with the energy, the camaraderie and the slick moves by these people.

The little boy whizzing round on the floor was the youngest participant...he is only 10 years old. Amazing!

I had expected to see a grand stage or make-up room or competitive teams huddling amongst themselves as they geared up for the battle. What I greeted me was a totally different scenario. It was all very easy-going, no pretense, no staged moves. I was told that they had to co-ordinate their dance moves with whatever music was being played. I guess this is all very in-line with the nature of hip-hop, street music/ dance- free-form. It doesn't mean they had no dance moves or were un-co-ordinated though, just that you have to think fast on your feet.

The stage and backdrop- extremely colourful.

During breaktime, whilst waiting for results, the boys were just having a good time, daancing around. Who says there is no fun in competition? ^^ Catch the clip here or watch it below.

And these 2 are the judges...unfortunately, I don't know who they are...but hor...they are good.

Catch a glimpse of their brief performance here or below:

It was finally down to 2 teams- Radikal Forze and Harold and Skittles.. Catch their glimpse of their showdown here or watch the clip below:

Actually, what really striked me is the fact that the team members for Harold and Skittles has a mixture of Malay, Chinese and Indian (I think). Not only that, the members' ages varied. I'm sure the 2 boys were probably about 12-13. It was amazing how the team could work so well together.

Unfortunately, there could only be one winner...

But there was no hard least none that I could see. Everyone was just smiling away and slapping each other's back. ^^

The runner-up team- Harold and Skittles

and the winner- Radikal Forze

You can check out more photos and clips on F&N's FB. You can also look at the 8 teams who made it to the finals on Saturday here on F&N's youtube channel.

Tickets to Jay Park's concert is on sale via Sistic. It seems viikii, a subbing channel has tied up with Team Jay Park. You can get $21 off the ticket price. Err... I'm not sure when it is valid until, but no harm trying. Check out the details here.

Personally, I think the runner-up team should get a chance to battle with Jay Park and AOM too. I guess I'm a little partial towards Harold and Skittlles. Hehe! Still, those of you who are going to be at the concert on Wave House this Saturday, remember to cheer our local boys ok?

I can see why now F&N would like to connect and associate themselves with these people- these people know how to have fun. ^^

Just found out from Diva Productions' twitter- Jay Park will arrive on Thursday, 2.15pm via SQ603. Give the boys a warm welcome. ^^


Vivian said...

Means its tommorow ??!?! D:

tiffany said...

Hi Vivian...yes, tomorrow, according to Diva Production's tweet... ^^

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhmmyygooddd!!! I just saw jaypark!!! Thanks to you!!thankyou so much!! Really appreciate alot!! Oh yeah when will the arrival news of "Korean pop night concert 2010" be announced?!?! So excited!!!!!

tiffany said...

Glad you saw Jay Park live. ^^ I only reposted the infor from the organiser.

The press con post will be up soon but in the meantime, the video clips are all up on youtube. You can check under tiffanysj