Friday, September 17, 2010

F&N's Breaking the Groove- Battle with Jay Park

With so much K Pop events going on, Singapore is turning into a mini Korea. Now all we need is some street food. hehe!

Korea is one of the country well known for its B-Boys and many of them have been in Singapore before, like the Sundown Festival last year. Whilst I can't say I understand the whole dance movement completely, I do admire these dancers for their flexibility and moves.

F&N, in conjunction with Jay Park's Fan Meet next week, has organised a dance contest for our very own local aspiring dancers to battle it out with Jay Park and his B-Boys team, Art of Movement next week. And the winning team will be selected tomorrow!

Date: Saturday, September 18, 2010
Venue: Recognize Studios, Level 5, Orchard Central
Time: 12pm - 4pm

The winning team will get a chance to be on stage with Jay Park. How cool is that? (but I think I'll get stage fright performing live on stage with him)

Anyway, the finals tomorrow is open to the public! So do go down and support your friends and our local teams. You can view the contestants on F&N's youtube.

Catch a teaser clip of his Asia Tour Fan meet here.

And for those of you who are extremely broke or extremely lucky, you can try and win the tickets from F&N. Just collect 2 x 500ml F&N Sparkling Drinks labels or F&N Orange 6s barcode. Send it to F&N by 5pm, 20th September. They are giving away 20 pairs of concert tix and 4 exclusive meet-and-greet access.

How times have changed... I've always associated F&N Orange, Grape, Cherry with Chinese New Year. I guess it's one way of changing and keeping up with the times.

For information on the contest, refer to F&N's FB.

Jay Park is of course the ex-leader of 2PM. Having left 2PM and JYP under much controversy some 9 months ago, he has come back very strongly. Whilst he was away, he uploaded quite a few clips onto youtube to keep in contact with his fans. Many of these clips seemed to be recorded in his bathroom/ toilet. During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly on KBS, he was asked if he had thought he might be coming back (into the entertainment scene/ Korea). Jay Park replied that he didn't or he wouldn't have recorded the clips in the bathroom/ toilet. He also said that he would very much like to be friends and keep in contact with the members of 2PM. I guess he does miss those guys.

You never the entertainment world, anything is possible. So let's hope one day, we may see Jay Park and the 6 members of 2Pm performing on stage again. In the meantime, enjoy one of his 'toilet' clip. hehe! And do remember to support ou local teams tomorrow.

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