Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brothers Were Brave Musical coming to Singapore

I was so excited when I saw this yesterday on Sundown Festival's FB, that I twitted about it immediately. The reason for my excitement?


I tried to remember when I became aware of this singer...I guess it must be April Snow, where Group S sang the song, Breath. That would have been 5 years ago. I subsequently saw him in some dramas like Bille Jean, Look at Me and Hello Miss where he was the main lead. I must admit, I was not impressed with his acting skills then. He seemed rather stiff but then again, the script for both dramas were pretty awful too so it didn't help.

I think he was much better in his last drama, Can't Stop Now, I guess experience helps.

But his voice...I fell in love with his voice...Watch his mv, Sorry my Heart from his last album, The Classic in 2008 here.

Unfortunately, he hasn't release any new albums since 2008 as he has been very busy with musicals for the last 2 years. Yup, musicals have been hot in Korea for the last few years and many singers and actors have crossed over to this genre. It really isn't easy to do stage shows and even more difficult doing a musical, where you have to act and sing at the same time. And even pop singers like Jessica of SNSD, Park Jung Min of SS501 have cossed over as well. I guess it is one way of of learning and proving to critics that they are not just pretty boys/ girls.

And for this musical, Onew of SHINee was also casted together with Lee Ji Hoon for the same role. But I guess he is still busy with SHINee's latest album promotions. It would have been nice if all the original cast could be here but then again...if Onew was here, it may be difficult to get tickets to the musical. In any case, I am very, very happy that Lee Ji Hoon is coming. I was told that there would be English sub titles, so I should be able to follow the show. ^^

Synopsis (courtesy of Sundown Festival):
Suk-bong and Ju-bong are brothers who pull each other’s leg all the time. After hearing the news about their father’s death they return to their hometown where they start to wrangle with each other continuously. A ghost in form of a mysterious woman named Ro-ra Au appears just in time for the quarrel to send them both on a mission. With her charm, Ro-ra Au convinces the two brothers to find the lottery ticket that their deceased father had left behind. Suk-bong and Ju-bong are competing to win Ro-ra Au’s charm and at the same time struggle to leave their hometown to find the lottery ticket. In the midst of their bitter fighting, the secret about the death of their mother is revealed.

Date: 13th November 2010
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre
Booking via Sistic

Watch part of the ending here or below. Lee Ji Hoon appears at about 3min onwards. Sorry, SHINee fans, this clip got no Onew... but there's plenty on youtube already. ^^

Side Note:
I watched Dick Lee's Fried Rice Paradise recently and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Taufik's singing was a little uneven, ie, he was good at ballads but not as great at the fast numbers but generally overal, his singing was ok. ^^ Great round of applause to our local production!

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