Monday, September 06, 2010

April Snow concert- reliving the memories

All these talk about concerts have brought back some memories of my first and only K Pop concert in Korea- April Snow concert for BYJ's movie, April Snow.

It was held in April (really) in 2005. Of course, most of the people attending were BYJ fans, but there were also some students from Yonsei University. For that was where the concert was held.

Korean universities are well known for holding concerts round about the beginning of the term time and many, many well known artistes often performed at these concerts as they are great for reaching out to their target audience.

But the April Snow concert was a little different as it was part of the movie that BYJ was filming. I guess it's like the ANJELL concert that was held. Anyway, there were quite a few well known names, including SG Wannabe, Min Woo of Shinwa and Jo Sung Mo.

I believe Jo Sung Mo sang the theme song for 'Lovers in Paris' that night, which aired in 2004 and was extremely popular.

It was very cold that night but so totally enjoyable.

And this was the only decent photo I managed to take of BYJ. Can you find him? Hehe!

Better to watch this clip here or below. : )

Speaking of Jo Sung Mo, he's back with a new album. I'm still reserving my verdict about his latest style. I did a double take when I heard it coz it made me think of 2PM, Beast etc but not the Jo Sung Mo that I know. I can't say it's a bad song and it's certainly been gaining popularity in Korea. What do you think? You can watch it here on youtube or below.

I've actually written about my trip back then and posted it on JF's site. But I will be reposting it here on my site soon as JF's site will also undergo changes...hopefully soon.

bb, my friend also went for this trip and we shared some lovely memories. Btw, she also wrote about the K Pop concert chaos. Check out her site here

And as a sort of update, the sales for Cat 3 & Cat 4 for the K Pop concert has been rescheduled. No word on when the sales will commence. I guess they are still trying to find a less painful way for all partites involved to sell the tickets to the fans.

Will upload the rest of the clips tomorrow night.

Good night all.


Anonymous said...

wow ! that's already 5 years back
but definitely still fresh in mind for those who attended. Perhaps, is time to have another concert maybe for his new drama "Dream high" ^^ Let's hope ^^


tiffany said...

Yeah..very long time ago.....
He will probably only have a cameo role in Dream High... :(