Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Upcoming events

Just a quick post before I head to bed. I'm still nursing a bad flu and all the recent late nights have taken a toll on me. :(

Those who have followed me on my twitter would have known by now about some of the upcoming events to look out for. Although, I think some of you are probably aware of them already.^^

Remember my post here? Well, some of them have already been here (4Minute) and some of them are now confirmed.

Kim Hyung Jun (Baby) of SS501 will be here on the 29th August for a mini showcase and a fan meet. The showcase will be held at Republic Poly TRCC Theatre at 3pm whilst the fan meet will be held at IMM Garden Plaza at 7.30pm. Tickets are on sale now at both CD Rama- Bras Basah and HMV- @313 Somerset. Ticket priced at $180, $160 and $50. For more information, please check out Warner Music FB.

Promotional clip by Kim Hyung Jun here.

Note- Republic Poly is at Woodlands. IMM is at Jurong. Kim Hyung Jun will get to 'tour' Singapore on the 29th August. ^^

Jay Park, the ex-leader of 2PM will be in Singapore for a showcase on the 25th September at Wave House Sentosa. This showcase cum fan meet will start at 1pm. Tickets priced at $120 are available from sistic and have been on sale since July.

Note- Jay Park has been in the news alot recently for his strong comeback in the music and movie industry. His song, 'Nothing on You' has also been having lots of air time recently. Check out his mv here.

ZE:A, the 9 members boy band will be in Singapore for a showcase. Brought in by Sony Music, the date and venue have yet to be announced (though I suspect it will be in September). Tickets are priced at $188 and $88 and you can pre order your tickets from Sony Music directly. Go to Sony Music FB for more information.

Note- I will be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about this group beyond the fact that I have heard of them. For an ajuma like me, it's a constant struggle to keep up and remember all these groups. Check out their latest single, 'Level up' here. Errr... how do you pronounce their name? Z-Ah? ZEE?

Korean Pop Night
Remember the Korean Music concert in 2008? It was a major concert with the likes of Jun Jin and Andy from Shinhwa, Jewelry, VOS, Chae Yeon, 2PM and Wonder Girls. There has never been another major concert since (well, the 2009 Sundown Festival came pretty close). To be held on the 23rd October, it will be organised by Proof Label, the same people who brought in CNBlue recently. The venue, pricing and artistes lined-up have yet to be announced. BUT, there will be 6 groups. I believe details will be announced by the end of this month. You can find out more details from their FB here.

Note- From what I understand, they are major groups that will sure to excite the many K POP fans here. It should consists of both girl and boy bands.

This is also another concert that is being eagerly anticipated by many- Super Junior Super Show 3. Although the concert will only be held in January 2011, there is already plenty of hype and publicity. The Chinese newspaper, Wan Bao has been introducing a member of the group for each night. Brought in by Running into the Sun, which is part of Fly Entertainment, the show will probably be able to sell a couple of thousands of tickets easily. The details of the concert is supposed to be announced at the end of August. For more information, check out Running into the Sun FB.

Note- Instead of 13 members, Super Junior will only have 10 members (well, 11 members if Ki Bum comes back as announced). Kang In is in the army now and Hankyung has already left the band. Have they settled the lawsuit? Hmmm... Hankyung or Hang Geng, whichs is his Chinese name, will be in Singapore for a showcase and to promote his first Chinese album. His showcase will be on 3rd October, to be held at The Esplanade Concert Hall. Tickets on sale now at sistic. His songs have also received alot of airplay recently.

That about wraps up my post for now. I'm sure there will be more Korean artistes heading to our shore. Is this good news? Seriously and personally, I don't know. There is such a thing as overdose and burning too big a hole in the pocket. If there are 3-4 showcase each month, I will have to decide carefully which one to go. But if there was only one showcase or event per month, then I will probably attend that one.

If there are any event organisers reading this post- maybe can save some goodies for next year? ^^


juma48 said...

The 5 out of 6 group has alrdy been announced by proof label for kpop nite concert. Big bang, SNSD, shinee, FT island and infinite was among them. Really big shot name huh that came this year haha...

Anonymous said...

who will be the no.6 group?? Anyone out there know? Wow the susupense is killing everyone now...hahaha...anyone know please tell! keke^^ I think must be some even big bigshot coz until now they don't want to reveal it...hmmmmmm...

tiffany said...

Hi Juma
Yes, it was officially announced last night and I've tweeted about it last night as well. Will do up as post when all 6 groups are confirmed.

tiffany said...

Hi anonymous

I heard it might be 2PM but then again I also hear from another source that they are not free to come..so who knows. And from PL's twitter, the hints seemed to indicate 2N1.

But then again, with these 4 big groups here at the concert, I believe it's worthwhile attending the concert already. ^^

Anonymous said...

i dun tink proof label can handle. they dun hv experience except cn blue. surely got problems one.

juma48 said...

Finally the 6 group has been revealed it was D-NA. Haha feel we getting fooled and thought it was a big shot name. But then again almost 4 out 6 groups are a veteran and quite a famous group in korea, so i think this year kpop nite concert were goin to be crazy & i hope this time round there no ticketing problem juz like cn blue case....

Anonymous said...

Hi is there anymore k-star showcase scheduled this month or next?

tiffany said...

This month? I assume you meant September?

Well, Z:EA just came. Jay Park on the 25th September and G.NA will be on the 29th September. I will be doing a round up of the October events soon.

tiffany said...


There's 7 groups. ^^ Z:EA was the last group to be announced.

tiffany said...

Hi anonymous

For the sake of all the concert goers, I do hope there won't be too much problem..but then as with any event, especially large scale events, some hiccups are normal and expected. Let's give them some support and faith.