Friday, August 13, 2010

Celebrations @ Marina- a little update

Have been busy with work and sorting out all the photos and video clips for the various events. Those following me on my twitter will know. ^^ It takes forever to upload to youtube after editing. :(

Speaking of youtube, there were some intense moments over at the Samsung facebook a couple of days ago, when everyone was rushing to upload their clips to win that exclusive VVIP tickets and extremely rare back-stage passes to see Beast and 4Minute. I could see from the various comments that the contestants were literally biting their nails as they waited for their clips to be uploaded in time before the deadline. Well, the results are out and there are 4 winners! Go check out their winning entries at Samsung's facebook. ^^ I think they are well done. Clap! Clap!

To all those who have been leaving comments here or emailing to me about their flight details.....sorry, I don't have any official information. I believe the organiser and CUBE do not wish to reveal it as their schedule is rather tight. But I'm sure fans will still be able to find out. However, I believe they will be going through the VIP route at the airport.

For those heading down to Marina Promontory tomorow, maybe you would like to take note of a couple of things.

1) The nearest mrt exit is Raffles Place mrt. It is within walking distance.
2) It is free seating within the sections. So the later you are there...the further you will be.
3) This concert is held in conjunction with the Youth is not a Beast/ 4Minute concert (though I guess many people will be there tomorrow night because of them). There will be other artistes performing too, so do go down and support them. They have all worked hard.
4) Also, do support the Youth Olympic Flame relay team on their final leg.
5) Mr Ng Ser Ming will end the relay at the Marina Promontory.
6) MM Lee Kuan Yew will light the community cauldron at the venue and officially open Celebrations @ Marina which is presented by Samsung.

So that means, security will be there will be many other important officials there as well. So people, enjoy but remember to be nice too, ok? I believe there will be huge screens put up so everyone, with or without tickets will be able to see what's happening on the stage.

Now...I wonder if MM Lee will stay until Beast/ 4Minute performs at 9.30pm. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of them. Will he tap like 'Shock' and I My Me Mine? ^^ And oh, Samsung has mentioned that the combined performance will be at least an hour, so fans...rejoice.

See you all there later.....

Me off to bed.

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