Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Beast showcase, 24 June 2010

If there was a surprise for this showcase that night, it would be the fact that we were all audience for the recording of the show, Entertainment! on 5. Beast was of course the guest star for that night, together with our very own lovely Kit Chan.

So that was why they couldn't accomodate more than 1,000 pax (though they managed to squeeze in about 1,200 pax in the end). I know some fans complained that they couldn't take photos, videos, raised their placards etc. But compared to many other venues for showcase, it was probably one of the best, with elevated seats and 2 big screens.

What also surprised me was the number of male fans at the showcase. Of course, the female fans outnumbered easily the male fans...but at least there were enough guys for me to take notice. ^^ Of course, they were the ones who cheered more loudly than anyone when 4Minute's mv was played on the screen.

Finally, after teasing the crowd for a good 20 was showtime!

Beast Is The B2ST

Errr... I know, it's abit difficult to hear them coz the fans' screaming. I guess that's what fans do. ^^

There was a very short interview by Li Yi. And then Beast sang the following 2 songs

Bad Girl


By now, the fans were truely hyped up and excited. ^^ They sang a few more songs but sorry, can't remember what they were already.

The one part I did remember most clearly was the one where they serenaded to one of their fan. Initially, I thought it was by random (she was sitting right in front). But I found later that this handpicked fan was the first in queue- a good 33 hours before the show. That means at about 6am , Wednesday, 23 June she had started queuing. I think she definitely deserves to be serenaded to (I believe the song was Oasis).

Throughout the whole song, I thought she was going to burst in tears any moment. She was really, truely overwhelmed. I guess it must be almost every fan's dream. I'm sure she would continue to have sweet dreams for a very long time to come.

The showcase ended with their signature song, 'Shock'. Not too many clips on youtube coz recording not allowed but you can catch some parts of the early showcase here.

And then is was recording time for the show, Entertainment on 5.

The audience was again cued on when to clap or shout. No more random shouting and screaming. Personally, I thought it was great as I could finally hear them sing live clearly. And they sounded good.

But before Beast came on, Kit Chan and her friends from the musical show, 'December Rains' were interviewed first. I like Kit Chan. She has a fantastic voice. 'December Rains' will show at The Esplanade in August. Do support the show. You can catch the promotional trailer here. (err...I'm not sure about the red red lipstick).

And then it was Beast to go on stage. And yes, the applause was really enthusiastic. The show is hosted by Kui Jien. Ok lah, he quite a good host.

All the guests were asked to give away one item. Kit Chan had given an umbrella earlier. What did the boys give? Sunglasses, necaklace, atuographed t-shirt (this was from Yo Seob) etc. Each time the boys took something out, the audience screamed. And then there was Q&A session, lots of banter and some action. I don't want to spoil the fun for those who's going to watch it tonight. But let's just say, there was singing, rapping and dancing and one of the members took his clothes off. hehe!

Oh..there was another fun game with the audience again. A fan was picked. And she was asked to pick her fav Beast member. She was then blind folded and told to pick up her fav member by touch. Aha! Did I get your imagination racing? Where and how did she touch the boys? Watch the show lah.

They finished the show by singing 'Shock' and 'Bad Girl' again. I do think the fans got quite alot for just $25 (which was the price of the album they had to buy to attend this showcase).

Again, because the security was tightly controlled, the fans were led out in a very orderly manner afte the show ended. Otherwise, under normal situation, there would have been a mad dash for the doors the second these boys left the satge.

So were you one of the fans there that night?

Then you must remember to watch the show on Channel 5 tonight ok? 8.30pm, 7 July. Repeats on Sunday, 11th June, 6-7pm. Here's a little teaser for all the fans.

I can't wait to watch it either. ^^

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nana said...

haha. the girl(who got serenaded to) and her group of friends actually came later than my group of friends and simply just cut the queue. tsk tsk.

Alvinlyt said...

HAHA! I'm one of the fan boy! Btw, i manage to sneak up my camera to take some good photos. Do let me know if you need them :)

juma48 said...

@nana OMG is that true, so that mean after all she not waiting for 33hrs then tsk, tsk tsk so bad of her. Actually i will prefer it if they had it a lucky draw instead of just pulling the front girl out at least its more fairier to everyone...oh well anyway its over. Get to watch them on EO5 juz now and it reminisce me of the showcase haha...

Anonymous said...

Hello Tiff

I may have an upcoming kpop concert that I'd like to invite you to. Do you think you can email me asap please? Thanks!


tiffany said...

Hi nana..

I'm sorry to hear that.....

tiffany said...


Hey thanks for your offer. I just realised that you wrote on my twitter too. Sorry, I've been swamped. Thanks so much for the offer. How do I contact you?

Anonymous said...

Nana, I heard that she queue the correct venue and you guys were just hanging around . She wanted to let th 6am-ers be infront of her but someone disagree . Anyway, it's over . I hope you enjoyed the showcase :)