Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7Up Presents Sundown Festival 2010- After School

I think I only became aware of this group after their latest hit, 'Bang'.

I like the strong beat and rhythm of the song. Of course, the drums (which is one of my favrourite musical instrument) play a big part.

I'm sure many of the K fans would have known the history of this group by now. But in case you are like me and are still a little blur, here's a brief description.

After School originally started off as a 5 member girl group, deubuting in January 2009 with the song, 'Ah'. Along the way, 3 new members, Uee, Raina and Nana joined the group and one member, So Young left. In March this year, a new member, Lizzy joined After School, making the group 8-members girl group, just one short of the biggest girl group- SNSD.

They've released 3 mini albums so far, mostly fast tracks. But their song, 'Beacuse of you' in their '2nd Single' is a mid-tempo ballad and I rather like it.

Like many big K pop bands nowadays, After School has also been divided into sub-groups and Orange Caramel (consisting of Raina, Nana and Lizzy) is the first to be formed. Their image in this sub group is in stark contrast to After School. Where After School is sexy, slightly mature, Orane Caramel is cute and saccharine sweet. I'm not sure if I like it but then again, image can change. Listen to their song, Magic Girl and judge for yourself. Singing reminds me of J Pop and the decor amkes me think of Andy Pandy (sorry, been watching alot of children's programmes...not by choice)

After School has also started their own variety/ reality show called, 'Play Girlz School'. Nope, haven't watched it yet so can't comment.

One of the better known member of the group, Uee has been quite active on the TV, her most famous role as He Yi in 'You Are Beautiful'. She has been busy filiming for hew new drama, 'Birdie Buddy' starring Lee Yong Woo (last seen in 'Style'. So it seems she would not be able to make it here for the Sundown Festival this Saturday. But guess what? The organiser has just announced that she will be here. So that means, it will be the full 8-members group performing. That's good isn't it?

Watch their greetings for Singapore here. Bekha's English is good.

If you want to practice your 'Bang' dance steps, take a few pointers from the original dancers, After School, here. And this is quite funny,, Hee Chul dancing to the song 'Bang', whilst hosting his radio show, Young Street.

Tickets on sale at Sistic.

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Fid said...

Would love to meet them but I won't pay more than $100 just to see one group. :S

Btw about the group members, they will soon have 9 members! Pledis is auditioning for a new member. Haiz hopefully people don't start comparing them to SNSD. It'd be very annoying >__>

xoxo said...

Hey i think you got the info wrong. Its not boys over flowers its You're Beautiful.

Sya said...

yup, was just abt to mention what xoxo said. also, Bekah's english is good cause she originally lived in Hawaii so she speaks fluent english. (:

tiffany said...

Hi Fid

Yeah, I read that Pledis auditioning for a new member but I thought it's not totally comfirmed it's for After School? Didn't it say something like from 10-21 years old?

I think the comparisons will be inevitable. But if they can produc their own hits and hold their own, there will be no worries about the competition.

tiffany said...

Hi xoxo and Sya

Thanks for pointing out my mistkae. It's been corrected. ^^

Fid said...

It's not really competition that I'm worried about but more like will be annoyed by stupid comments made by people.

Some Sones elitists think that only their SNSD can have 9 members. I don't get why they take the number so seriously. Any female groups with 9 members will surely be bashed and said to be copying SNSD, which I think is really stupid. It's just a number!!! D:

tiffany said...

Hi Fid

Really? That's silly. You are right, it's just a number. There are many groups with 4 or 5 members. Though groups with large members are a little rare...only because it's hard to give equal screen time to so many members.

Oh well, just keep your cool and don't read the silly comments?

Fid said...

"Oh well, just keep your cool and don't read the silly comments?"
/nods. Yeah I shall do just that.

Anyway you're going for Sundown press con or Sundown? Take lots of good pictures if you're going! Especially AS/AS Lizzy! :P