Friday, July 30, 2010

7Up Presents Sundown Festival 2010- F.Cuz

I have to admit, this group is really quite alien to me though I have heard of them. Please don't throw stones at me. This ajuma here cannot keep up with all the young boy bands anymore.

F.Cuz only debut in January this year, which makes them about 6 months old. A baby really in the entertainment world. Individually, they all have some experience in the K Pop scene. Jinon was the main lead in SG Wannabe's Gashiri. He looks rather matured in the mv and give me a good vibe. Lee U also sang the Listen to You in the drama, 'Gourmet'

Like many of the boy bands, their debut songs are all fast tracks, I guess to better appeal to the young fans. But having listen to Lee U's voice, I think they should try some ballads. He's got a good voice.

Here's one of their song, No One. But I guess their more well-known song would be Jiggy. There's actually 2 versions, but I prefer the second one.

Beside the original version, there's also a chipmunk version (which is really funny) and a Chinese version.

In the Chinese version, Yao Yao, a Taiwanese model also appeared in the mv, as they belong to the same Taiwan agency.

I don't know, I still think I prefer their orginal version. It's not easy to sing in another language. Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau took years before they perfected their Chinese. Up till now, I can still hear hints of their Cantonese accent in their Chinese songs. Still, I guess if you want to go international, you got to release albums either in Chinese or English. And the Chinese market is big.

Here are a couple fan cams from the airport when theyr arrived. No, not by me the fans. Me going to sleep now as I have to attend the press conference tomorrow. ^^

Fan cam 1
Fan cam 2

And to end it all, here are the boys message for Singapore fans.

Quite cute when they say, 我想你, 我愛你。

Maybe they will give selected fans a hug, like in the photo. hehe

See you all at the Sundown Festival.

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