Thursday, June 24, 2010

A little note

Ít's 4am now and I got to be up in 3 hours' time. :(

Did you all enjoyed themselves at the Hi-5 session? It must be thrilling to actually 'touch'your idols. ^^ I wonder how the boys feel about 'touching' so many female fans? Must ask them if I have the chance. hehe!

I'm still waiting for the photos for the Hi-5 session to come through. In the meantime, I've uploaded the videos. The links are indicated on my twitter. Will write once I have the accompanying photos.

The Wonder Girls press conference should be up tomorrow (or rather today) too. There was a slight technical glitch. Sorry for the delay.

Just a little thought about our Changi airport on Tueday night (22nd June).

Beast was arriving.
U Kiss was leaving.
Wonder Girls was leaving.

Not sure which terminal the Wonder Girls were in but I believe U Kiss and Beast were in Terminal 2. (Am I correct?)

And all 3 were in the airport about the same time I think????

Now wouldn't it be a shocking, wonderful, kissing experience if the 3 groups performed together at the airport?


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juma said...

Wow, wondergirl are leaving on tuesday? So that mean they here in singapore for quite sometime apart from having a press conference for sony ericsson. Wonder what they did here for the past few days after their press conference?