Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beast- Hi-5 coupons contest

So has everyone bought their special package to attend Beast Hi-5 session at IMM? Or did you missed out on your chanace again? If you did or am extremely broke after the avalanche of K Pop stars this month (and next month), then I've got good news for you. The very nice people at Universal Music has given me 6 passes to Beast Hi-5 session on the 23rd June at IMM. Yup, you don't have to spend any money except maybe buy me a cup of tea? hehehe! Just kidddling lah. No need for that because this present is from Universal Music.

Please take note that only the coupon is given away in this contest. You will still get an exclusive Beast (B2ST) Singapore Edition A2 sized poster handed to you by Beast. You will still be entitled to the lucky draw where you may win an autographed A2 size poster.

You will not get the t-shirt, cd or the folded poster.

How to win one of these coupons? Just answer the following question:

Q) BEAST is an a acronym. What does it stand for? ie, what is hte actual name of BEAST?

Email your answer to with the following details:

1) Your name (as in i/c or passport)
2) Your i/c number
3) Your contact number

Contest ends on 21st June 2359. Winners will be notified via email and announced here on 22nd June. Coupons to be collected on 23rd June, the day of the Hi-5 session.

For more infor on Beast in Singapore, please refer to Universal Music Facebook.

Good luck!

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0415_grace said...

hi tiffany!!
thanks for holding this contest...
i seriously have no luck in getting the tix for any kpop artiste these few times.. (suju, u-kiss >.<)
hope i can get the coupon! kekeke

Thanks for all the updates as well!!^^

rainbowtavern said...

thanks for holding the contests .. i also don't have no luck in winning such contests :(

hope i can get the coupon ..^^

ZhiXin said...

You have the same name as my fave KPOP girl!
SNSD's Tiffany! XD
Okay anyways, thanks for holding this contest!
Hope I wasn't too late... XD
Good luck to all the other participants!
Oh! Are you going to the Hi-5 session too?

juma said...

haha like others say...i also one of those pple who do not have luck on whatever contest held, but no harm trying it so gd luck for those pple who get...:)

Anonymous said...

Do you know their arrival details?

kei said...

Thank you !!
I have tried all the contests I can for Beast hi-5 events. luck is not on my side. ): good luck to everyone!

Anyway, thanks for everything.

juma said...

@fidott..i manage to get their flight detail and share with u here..
Date:22 June
Flight:KE641 T2

Elle said...

Omg almost missed this. Thanks:DDDD just sent. Hope i get it! AHHH i needa be lucky!

minwoo said...

i enter the contest just nw in the evening. hope u got the mail i sent! :DD

@juma thanks for the flight details