Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beast arrival details

In case you haven't read Juma's posting on my comments page last night or checked out my twitter, or read the newspapers, here are the arrival details for Beast.

Date: 22 June
Flight no: KE641, T2
Time: 9.20pm

They will depart on the 26th June.

Have fun people and give them a warm welcome. ^^

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Elle said...

hihi 26th morning or night?

juma said...

@Elle, it should be morning since they havin a showcase or fansign at nite on that day

juma said...

Wow i didnt i was being mention in your blog haha...anyway beast had safely arrive here in sg at 11.40pm as their flight was being delay, hopefully they enjoy themselves here ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi is the departure details confirmed already??

Vivian said...

I really appreciate you guys of telling us their arrival and everything, really thankyou^^ anws,which kind of newspapers should we get to check arrival details and all?? thanks(:

tiffany said...

Hi Vivian

If the organiser wants to release the info, it will be in the newspapers and their website. Normally, the Chinese evening newspapers are better at releasing such infor.

Vivian said...

Thanks alot! ^^