Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beast and 2AM

Ok...just a little quick update on Beast and 2AM

Those of you who have been following Universal Music's facebook, you would have seen the announcement from them about some upcoming plans. I believe an announcement will be made before the end of the week. Cross your fingers, those of you who didn't managed to get tickets to the showcase and autograph session. Hopefully it's good news. (I know many of you will be crossing your fingers, toes and whatever you can cross ^^). In the meantime, please be patient. It's not easy organising an event...there are many parties involved, the Korean management, the artistes themselves, the sponsors, the organisers etc. It's not just a logistics nightmare but a 101 lessons in PR as everyone has to be pleased...in particular, the fans. Just be a little more patient and check out their FB often. I will of course also announce any updates on my site and twitter.

And now, just a teeny, tiny update on 2AM. Again, unofficial hor. But I know there are lots and lots of fans out there who are really, really keen to see them.


This is about the Sheng Siong show. Someone has left a comment on Dasmond Koh's FB that she has managed to get confirmation to 2AM's show. Though the date has yet to be officially announced, you can write in and state the artiste's name instead of the date. It should be on a first-come-first-served basis.

So better go NOW!!!!

Details on how to write in for the tcikets has been posted on my previous post here

Good luck! ^^


gdbong said...

hi eliza here...the tickets are all out...so no use sending in...i can't even get tickets for the fanclub and myself ><

tiffany said...

Hi Eliza

I'm sor sorry to hear this. I guess everyone must have started to write in the moment they heard 2PM was going to be on the show....