Saturday, June 12, 2010

2AM in Singapore

Wow! I've never had so many requests to update on someone before. So though I don't have much news, here's whatever I do know. Now, most of the news are unofficial and unverified, so please do check it out and confirm on your own.

One of the reason why i haven't written much is because the organiser has yet to release any official news and I haven't contacted them yet. Then again, they may not release any news to me now either if things are still not totally firmed up.

2AM will be in Singapore next month.
They will appear on the channel 8 Chinese variety show, The Sheng Siong show.
There will be a showcase.

Dates in Singapore- between 10th to 12th July (????????)
Appearing on The Sheng Siong show on the 11th July (depends on the above)

Now, the above are unverified, so please don't stranggle me if it's wrong. As for getting tickets to The Sheng Siong's show, let me quote from Dasmond Koh's FB. Dasmond is the host of the show.

If you want ticket, send a request ( attached with a return envelope of ur own address ) to Sheng Siong Supermarket, 3000 Marsiling Road, Singapore 739108.

As the date has yet to be officially released, I'm not sure if you can 'request' for tickets to the show yet. I'm just letting you know how it is done. Btw, the tickets to the Sheng Siong show with U-Kiss in it have all been snapped up. So no need to try anymore. They will be on the show on the 20th June, 9pm, Channel 8. So keep a lookout for it.

I will be covering Wonder Girls and Beast. At the moment, I won't be covering U-Kiss because err... the organiser says only major media press invited wor and I'm obviously not major enough.

At this point, I must express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the nice people who have been kind enough to recognise this humble site here to invite me to the official events as well as the tie-ups and promotions. Thank you! ^^

So people, you will have to look out for infor, news and video coverage on U-Kiss mainly from SPH and Mediacorp. Unless the organiser changes its mind or I managed to get invited by someone else, somehow.... But then, I'm sure many of their fans will also be able to gte first hand news. : )

Ok...that's all folks, have a great weekend! ^^



thanks so much for the info!
Can't wait for further updates on 2am appearing in singapore :)

juma said...

thank you so much for the info, hope to get more update on u and u so lucky to get the coverage on the upcoming artiste esp beast hehe...btw can i ask for the sheng shiong variety show do we need to pay for the tix? If need how much is it and how the method of payment is like?

Anonymous said...

juma, the tickets for the sheng shiong show is free, you just need to write in and request for it...

juma said...

Thanks anonymous for the reply. Wow its free, so good...maybe i should try to request for it also hehe...

Anonymous said...

for the k-club it is from what age to what age??

tiffany said...

I will update when I can but it all really depends on the organiser if they want to be nice and release the information. ^^

tiffany said...


Anonymous has already answered your quesiton. Good luck!

Thanks anonymous. ^^

tiffany said...

Sorry, were you asking about the K Club day/ party that I mentioned in earlier post? It was held last Saturday and the age limit is 14 years old. You should really check out their site for udpates. ^^

Cadence said...

Selling pair of 2AM sheng siong tickets. interested pls email and offer price ty! :B

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this information. anyway do you have any idea whats their flight no?:)) thanks!love!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys... We haveof 2AM show tickets to sell away. It is for the 9.45pm show tonight at The Grand Cathay.

Pls sms me at 83885099. Self collect at Tai Seng. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys... We haveof 2AM show tickets to sell away. It is for the 9.45pm show tonight 05/09/2011 at The Grand Cathay.

Pls sms me at 83885099. Self collect at Tai Seng. :) Alien

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