Saturday, May 01, 2010

Zuno's showcase...are you ready?

Quite a few of you are asking if tickets are still available. I've checked, yes, tickets are still available but only for Category B ($150). Both Category A & C are sold out. So you can either buy the tickets via this site here OR buy the ticket on the spot at the venue tomorrow.

I will only accept orders and payment up till 10.30am and the special price of $130 remains. Tnereafter, you can purchase the ticket at the door. Sales counter should open at 3.30pm tomorrow. Only cash is accepted. No credit card or nets hor. And before I forget, Zuno's items like his single, figurine etc will also be on sale.

I had a teeny, tiny glimpse of he showcase at the rehearsal tonight.

Remember I said I'm not a DBSK fan because I don't know much about them? Well, I'm still not a fan yet BUT I must admit...Jun Su can sing. The song, 'Greatest Love of All' isn't exactly the easiest the sing and he did it well enough, with just a couple of mispronounciation. And my advise to his fans who are going to be at the showcase tomorrow? Keep quiet so that you can enjoy his singing. He is singing only one song and one song only. So do't missed the opportunity by screaming your head off. You can do that when he finish singing.

As for Zuno, I do think he will be putting up a great performance. The dancers are ex DBSK dancers and I think everyone has been practicing hard. They were still polishing their moves at the rehearsal earlier. Although I still think it would be better if he sings in Korean. Well, you never know...they may surprise us yet.

And personally, I think Zuno is better looking....hehe! Ok, ok, this is just a personal opinion. I've taken some photos at the rehearsal but unfortunately, I can't upload them due to copyright issue.

Ok, people I'm going to catch some zzz..... as it will be a long day tomorrow as I'm sure it is for many fans.

Remember, if you are buying the ticket via this site, then email me at You have up till 10.30am tomorrow. Otherwise, you can buy them at the venue itself. Quest will have a sales counter there tomorrow. I understand there are only 100+ tickets left for Category B.

See you people in a few hours' time.

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stephh said...

oh no its 10.33 and i just happened to chance across this blog!!! is it possible to still get tickets? :X

Joyce said...

Yes, Junsu can definitely sing, and very well at that <3
Enjoy yourself today! I'm sure everyone will have a blast (:
Kim brothers hwaiting! ♥

P.S Wish I could go but nevertheless... Glad they're here ♥

L said...

yeah, i agreed that Zuno is better looking that Jun Su.... ^_^

i think he will always be under the shadow of his more famous brother for the time being..hope he will be able to be recognised as a solo soon and not as Jun Su twin bro...

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you'll be bowed over by dbsk aka tohoshinki one day :) because they sound beautiful together. junho and junsu! fighting! have fun at the showcase everyone!

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you'll be a dbsk aka tohoshinki's fan one day :) because they look good and sound so beautiful together. junho and junsu fighting! have fun at the showcase everyone!

tiffany said...


It will take a while before Jun Ho can move out of Jun Su's shadow. But if he's lucky enough to have a hit song will make the transition much easier.

And I'm glad you agree with me about Jun Ho looking better. ^^